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No Escape From Destiny

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Harry finds himself in strange situation as another destiny is revealed to him.

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Chapter Two

No Escape From Destiny

Bolting to his feet, Harry snatched his wand from his dresser and scurried to the door. With his ear pressed to the cheap wood paneling, he could hear his uncle charge from his room, irate at the disturbance. Still not sure what to expect, he poked his head into the hallway in time to hear his uncle's enraged ranting end suddenly with an audible spell, leaving him numb in dread. This was no friendly order visit like last year, and if he wasn't mistaken, his uncle had just been hit with the killing curse. Swearing silently at his bad luck, he crept over to the landing and began to descend as silently as he could. There were no order members here, he was all alone, and he knew that he would most likely be expelled from Hogwarts for sure this time, but he had to do something.

He had almost reached the bottom of the stairs, when he heard his Aunt call from her bedroom, "Vernon, what is it, was that Freak down there again? And why is it so quiet?" Furious at his Aunt's stupidity, Harry spun around and raced back up only to be faced with a nervous Aunt Petunia and a blurry eyed Dudley.

"Run you idiots, there are death eaters down there, they will kill you if they see you!" From the look on Harry's face, realization dawned as Petunia instantly grabbed Dudley and attempted to pull him back to his room. Before she could get far, a jet of green light enveloped her and she crumpled to the floor lifeless, a second stream claimed Dudley barely a second later. Pure rage overshadowed the shock at seeing his entire family murdered. Slowly, he turned to see a pleased Lucius Malfoy with his wand trained on Harry's chest, "Someone would like a word with you, Potter. But first, I think a little fun is in order. Crucio! "Before Harry even had a chance to respond, he was hit with such intense pain that it took all of his control not to scream out loud. As the seconds ticked by, his rage began to grow and the effects of the curse began to dwindle.

In all of his years of service to his master, he had never seen anyone throw off a Crustatios curse, nor a face of such anger and power. Attempting to strengthen the spell was no use, fear began to rise in his gut as he saw the 'helpless' boy rise to his feet. A slight flick of the Harry's wrist and Malfoy Sr. was thrown down the stairs like a rag doll, the deatheaters climbing up behind were also knocked back. Wand forgotten, he descended the stairs in a towering rage. Calmly side stepping the unconscious forms of his attackers, he advanced menacingly upon the cowering Malfoy.

To Harry this all seemed like an out-of-body experience, he could see himself, but couldn't seem to gain any control over his actions. He saw himself lift Malfoy up by the neck and slam him into wall, while at the same time knowing distantly in the back of his mind that he shouldn't be able to do any of this. Just as he raised his other hand to cast a spell, he felt a white hot pain travel down his spine, knocking him to the ground in convolutions. Seeing his chance, Malfoy scrambled for the nearest exit as Harry's haunting scream followed him. He had just reached the open back door when a force picked him up off of his feet and blew him out the door at an incredible speed.


In the office of Albus Dumbledore an alarm started going off from a small pewter box. At the sound, the elderly Headmaster grew visibly pale, his hands started shaking and he stated to look all of his one hundred and fifty odd years. "No... No, this can't be, this is impossible!" In the blink of an eye, Dumbledore sped over to his fireplace and vanished in a swirl of green flames.

Seconds later, he appeared amid complete chaos, he stepped from the flames to find order members scurrying around trying to find why the alarms were going off. Others attempted to calm each other as well as quiet the wailing portrait of Mrs. Black. A plump, red haired woman spotted Dumbledore and started over, followed quickly by the rest of the group. "Albus what is going on, what are those alarms for? We couldn't find a threat anywhere."

By now the others had noticed the look on Dumbledore's face and had started to share very uneasy glances. "I am afraid that I have some bad news, those alarms are for the blood wards surrounding Harry Potter's home. Tonks, Kingsley; gather a small group of aurors and head over, I will meet you there. I am afraid that this may be a very grave night indeed, those wards will only go off if there is no living blood relative left, including Harry."

At these words there was complete silence, then all hell broke out again as Tonks and Kingsley tripped over each other in their hurry to the fireplace. A pale Ron and Hermione slumped to the floor in shock while Ginny remained standing in the back, wearing a rather confused look on her pale face. At the time, Dumbledore thought that was rather unusual, especially since one of her best friends had just gone missing, if he wasn't dead already. Shoving this little bit of information into the back of his mind, he quickly headed for number four, Privet Drive, muttering the whole time, "Please no...Please no..."


At the site of what used to be number four, Privet Drive, was now a large crater. Surprisingly, there was little debris considering the sheer magnitude of the blast. Apparating from behind an overturned dumpster, Dumbledore appeared with a grave Professor McGonagall following right behind him. "Albus... There is no way he could have survived that, no one could." she whispered in horror while taking in her surroundings, or lack there of.

At that moment, aurors began to pop in and clear the crowd with selective memory charms. After a few minutes of work, a selective few were able to join Dumbledore at the edge of the crater. Giving him the time and space he needed to finish his spells, they glumly awaited the results of their young hero's fate. After a few minutes, Dumbledore slumped to the ground in a rare show of grief, "Voldemort will be celebrating tonight, we had best head to headquarters before the muggle 'po-men' arrive."


When the group arrived back at headquarters, everybody was either pacing the floor with Remus Lupin or making forced small talk to pass the time. As soon as everyone had cleared the fireplace, they were mobbed on all sides about the whereabouts of Harry. Dumbledore raised his hands for silence before he slowly spoke, "I have some very bad news my friends, it appears that Voldemort had discovered the location of Harry's relatives. From what I could gather, a group of deatheaters attacked and successfully murdered at least Petunia Dursley before destroying everything... I...I was not able to detect Harry's life force anywhere." He paused slightly before continuing in an even more strained voice. "The force of the blast would leave little chance of survival... Even for Voldemort."

By this time, everyone was either crying openly or had tears streaming down their faces. Ron was holding both a hysterical Hermione and a silent Ginny, while tears streamed down his cheeks unchecked.


"Is he going to be ok? I can't believe that he was being attacked the same time, what rotten luck. "

"He should be fine, Xander, he just needs to rest. The potions should start kicking in soon."

Harry felt as if his bones were rattling inside, pain was everywhere; even his hair felt like it was throbbing. Slowly, he felt the pain recede and his eyes began to focus on his surroundings. He was lying on an unfamiliar bed and in an exquisitely decorated room, definitely not where he was before. Sitting up quickly, he instantly regretted it as his head throbbed in protest. "Wh...where am I?"

Strong hands gently grabbed him and pushed him back down on the bed, as a kind looking matriarch figure buzzed around the room collecting bottles and gauze to place on the table next to him. Looking up to the owner of the hands, he found himself looking at a scruffy, middle aged man with black curly hair, but with a kind smile and a small twinkle in his olive green eyes.

"Oh, leave the boy alone, he has already been through enough tonight without having to see your ugly face. Here dear, drink this; this should help your headache. A bump like that is sure to cause some pain." The kind looking woman lifted his head up as he gulped down the neon blue concoction, surprisingly it tasted like a cross between a pear and a green pepper.

At Harry's confused and slightly annoyed look, the woman decided to take pity on him. "Mr. Potter, yes, I know who you are, and I understand that you are undeniably confused right now. If you could hold your questions for just a little bit longer, our leader here, will be able to answer them. Just know that we mean you no harm, we are here to help you."

Harry nodded sullenly, as the two finished their work and left so he could get some rest. In what seemed like mere moments, he awoke to find a note and a set of green robes at the foot of his bed. Dressing quickly, Harry picked up the note;

Mr. Potter,

You will find a set of robes along with this note. Please feel free to join us in the room outside when you are ready; it is time to know your true destiny.


'Great, another thing to add to my list of destinies... Why me?" Harry changed and reluctantly headed toward the single door in the room, nervously he opened it to find a large table brimming with food and people. At his entrance the room grew silent, then Xander - as Harry recalled - rose and beckoned him to join them. Realizing how hungry he really was, but determined to find out what was going on first. Harry took the offered seat, but stared expectantly at Xander until he decided to speak, never taking his eyes away from the table.

"Harry, what you are about to hear is something that no other wizard has heard in over a thousand years. I ask that you save your questions until our story has been told if you would." At Harry's nod he continued. "Long ago, before the time of the founders of your school, there were two different types of magical wielding humans. There was the type that relied on using a wand to draw the power from their magic core, also known as a wizard. The second type did not need to use a wand, and was by far more powerful than the average wizard. At one time they were able to live together in peace, but a select few wizards began to grow jealous of the sorcerer's powers. They were led into an ambush, and many of their kind died that day. The few survivors left fled to this realm, but not before their leader, his general, and their families were captured. The leader and his family had a severe block placed on their powers, so powerful in fact, that they became like muggles. Their memories were erased and they were sent out into the muggle world to survive. The general and his family had a less severe block placed on them, and their powers were limited to those of a wizard, a memory charm was placed on them as well."

"Every record of the sorcerers was destroyed, and people began to think of sorcerers as myths or legends over the centuries. But the General's descendants thrived and built a name for themselves as a powerful pureblood wizard family. When your Lord Voldemort came into power, the line was nearly wiped out since they would not join him, only one survived as he was at school at the time."

"The leader's family on the other hand, never knew of their magical background, so it came as a real surprise to learn that a daughter had magical powers. Somehow the block had weakened over time, allowing a portion of their true heritage to seep through. Unfortunately, Lord Voldemort wiped out the General's line when they would not serve him. He went after the last son and daughter soon after."

At this point Xander looked Harry straight in the eye and asked. "Harry, do you know the names of those families?" Harry shook his head, but he felt that maybe he should. "The name of the General was Godric Gryffindor, his descendants later married into the Potter family. The name of the Leader was Brian Evans. Harry, you are the direct descendant of our leader and his general, you are a full blooded sorcerer in all aspects."

Harry was speechless, at first he thought that they were putting him on, but the looks on everyone's faces was enough to dissuade that idea rather quickly. When words were finally able to come, the only thing he could utter was, "Why?"

Xander chuckled softly at the dumbfounded look on the young man in front of him. "I'm sure that you are getting tired of hearing about your destiny, but that is exactly what this is. We believe that when the two lines crossed, the block on their magic was lifted partially. What happened on your birthday was the magical growth spurt that everyone gets around their sixteenth birthday; it seems that yours was very exact. But, what we also believe is that your growth spurt completely destroyed that block. What you should also know right now is that those two particular lines where already very strong sorcerers. Harry, as it is, you are by far the strongest sorcerer in this room."

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