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Smoke and Mirrors

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pete's pov

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Thirty-four:
Smoke and Mirrors
"I've been sneaking glances, and writing lines about you."


I'm a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart. I can't get Natalie out of my head. It seems I'm almost broken down on memory lane. I'm so empty without her. But she said I need to be strong. I need to raise Charlie, baby girl with eyes the size of baby worlds. But I'm stuck in this bullet proof loneliness.
I keep reading the headlines: "Emo's Queen Dead!" to "Punk Princess is Gone!" to "Natalie Hunter Wentz the Princess Diana of the Underground Emo World." People will dissect us till it doesn't mean a thing anymore.
Patrick seems to be getting through this rather harshly. He'll be singing along to his guitar, and it seems he's trying to sing till his lungs give out.
Oh, Natalie what are we going to do without you? The guys are taking it pretty hard. We can't seem to see the future because this crystal ball is cloudy except for when I look into the past. Thanks for the memories, but the only thing I want is to wake up next to you.
What have you taught us, Natalie? Maybe the best way to make it through is with hearts and wrists in tact. But I can't help but keep thinking, sometimes we take chances, and sometimes we take pills. We were a teenage vow in a parking lot, so long live the car crash hearts.
Please, God, tell me how cruel is the golden rule? The only thing I haven't done yet is die, and it's me and my plus one in the afterlife. My head is such a prison. I just want to turn the off switch.
I remember when they were laying her coffin into the grave. Joe was holding Charlie who was dressed in a Clandestine Industries black dress. She had no idea what was happening, oh, the innocence of a child.
We were all crying. I could remember what was written on her tombstone:

I would have stayed with you all night if I knew how to save your life.

A/N: Okay that's it. I'm sorry the ending is sad, and kind of brief. Disclaimer to come next. And like I said look forward to my new story I'm going to revise the first two chapters then post them, and then the third and fourth will follow after. I'll try to see if I can post them in pairs.
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