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Hunny/Mori Just WAY fluffy, but with Hunny in it, what could you expect?

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Don't own em, please don't sue.

Hunny grinned up at Mori, who sat down on the white down comforter.

"This is from your bed?" Mori knew that the wet grass would ruin the thick blanket.

"Yup! I couldn't find a 'picnic blanket'..." Hunny pouted slightly; Haruhi had said a blanket...

Mori picked up the little china bowl. "What is this?" jiggled.

Hunny grinned hugely. "It's pudding, Takashi! Its good! Here, you eat it with..." Hunny searched the basket he had brought with him.

"Ano...I forgot the spoons..." Tears welled in Hunny's eyes before he had a brilliant idea.

"Here!" He scooped a finger full of the pudding and held it out to Mori.

"Try it...please?" Hunny's eyes sparkled as Mori rolled his eyes slightly and sucked Hunny's finger into his mouth, blushing slightly, though he dutifully held out a finger full of his own for Hunny to eat.
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