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Home in time for Christmas

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OT3 - Once again completely ignoring Episode 25 "Yes. Get him home. In time for Christmas." The general placed a finger to the side of his nose. They didn't need to be told twice. They almost ran ...

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Home in Time for Christmas
For Fireun whom I love more than slashy fanfic.
Arakawa sensei's, not mine, though a girl could dream...

He stared out the front windshield, blinking sleep-sanded eyes as he peered at what passed for a road in this part of the world. He had a promise to keep; one he didn't dare break. His best, and sometimes he thought his only friend's wife would fillet him and served him for dinner.

He looked at the general like he had grown a second head. "We're getting leave?" He glanced sideways at Maes, who looked back as if to say "Is it cold in hell?"

"Yes. Get him home. In time for Christmas." The general placed a finger to the side of his nose. They didn't need to be told twice. They almost ran from the room.

He looked in the rear view mirror, the tiniest of smiles crossing his face at the sight of his friend's face, open mouth and drooling slightly as he snored. He still couldn't figure out why Gracia had taken him in, let him into her heart and her family, letting him stay with Maes, made him stay with the both of them.

Maes pinned him to the side of the car, kissing him hard, hands running through and messing his hair. "I've wanted to do that since the general kicked us out..."

Roy moaned, kissing him back almost desperately.

He reached into his coat pocket, glancing again at the man sleeping in the back seat to make sure he never, ever saw this. He took the picture out and looked at it.

Gracia laughed, pulling him into the picture at the last moment, her arms around both him ad Maes as she smiled at the camera; the answer to Maes' cheesy grin and his own pole-axed look.

He touched the faces with his fingers, still trying to figure out why and how it worked. He knew he shouldn't, he wouldn't stay for tonight. This was their day, not his. He would get Maes there, and he would go home. Alone.

Memories of the horrors of the war passed before his eyes like a film, making his hands tighten on the wheel. There was no way that he deserved a merry Christmas. Maes made a noise in the backseat, and Roy glanced, startled to see Maes looking at him, smile on his face and worry in his eyes.

"You aren't even thinking of going back to that damn bunk house are you, old man?" Maes sat up and leaned forward, kissing hims softly on the neck. "Gracia will kill me if you don't come in." Roy startled; he kept forgetting that Maes could read him like an open book. He was one of only two that could do that. The other was waiting for her husband.

"I can't get in the way." Roy turned his eyes back to the road, not trusting himself to look in Maes' eyes. He would hold to this. It was the least he could do for the two people that kept him sane.

Maes kissed his neck again, biting then soothing the mark with an soft lick. Roy shuddered "Roy, you would be more in the way if you weren't there." Roy felt arms slip around his shoulders as the drove through the outskirts of Central. "You still don't understand that do you..."

Roy didn't answer as he turned down the road that led home. He looked in the rear view, watching Maes watch him. He lost. "I'll walk to the door."

He parked the car.

Gracia opened the door, smiling at both of them, eyes shining, "Welcome home." She caught Roy around the waist as she kissed her husband, Maes' arm slipping around to help hold him there.

"What, you aren't breaking the tradition, are you?" Maes pointed up; there above the doorway was a sprig of mistletoe. Roy couldn't help it, he laughed, and leaned in to make good on tradition. Gracia returned it, a smile on her lips, and the turned him toward Maes.

"There's more than one person beneath it Roy. " Roy shivered, kissing Maes as Gracia shut the door.

"Merry Christmas, Roy." Roy looked at both of them and smiled for the first time in 400 miles.

"Yes, it is."
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