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The Weird And Wonderful World Of MCR Welcomes Willow

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Or not...

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The Weird And Wonderful World Of MCR Welcomes Willow

Surprisingly (or not) Ray, Gerard and Bob didn't feel like getting off the bus when they dropped Willow off. Ray because she'd hurt him, Gerard because he still couldn't quite face her after the accusing incident and Bob, well, Bob liked the Bus. Bob wanted to stay on the bus forever and ever and ever.


As Willow hugged Frank goodbye she grinned at him. "Oh by the way I found these brilliant albums by a completely unknown band." He tipped his head to one side. "Go on," he prompted.
"Well, I think the CDS were I Brought You My bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Three cheers for Sweet revenge. Oh and The Black Parade." If it was physically possible as she named the CDs her grin got that little bit wider. He grinned back at her.
"I've heard them. They're not bad are they?" he asked.
She shook her head. "They're not. I might even go as far to say that they're pretty damn amazing." She smiled. "See ya Frank." She turned and headed towards where her suitcases and Mikey stood. He watched them confer for a couple of seconds. No doubt Mikey was offering to carry her bag or something. He was nice like that Mikey was. Frank smiled to himself as he watched the two disappear into the building. And that was when he allowed himself to jump and punch the air in celebration. In a manly way of course.


As Mikey placed her bag next to the hotel door Willow smiled at him.
"Thanks," she said. Mikey grinned at her, making his accent more pronounced and drawled, "Well I couldn't let a little lady like you carry a heavy bag like that." Willow giggled almost involuntarily and she put a hand over her mouth. Mikey dropped his gaze to the floor and nervously scratched the back of his neck. "So I, er, guess I'll see you around," he half asked, as his gaze met hers. She nodded then briefly hugged him. "Yeah," she told him quietly.

The sad thing was neither of them had seen the teenager with the video camera. The one who was filming the whole exchange. Not that he could pick up the sound. But he could zoom in on them and that was enough.

And the thousands of people on Youtube later that day saw Mikey Way carrying the bag of an unknown girl who wasn't Alicia Simmons. They saw what looked like flirty banter. They saw the brief hug. They saw the lanky rock star instigating a kiss with the unknown girl who wasn't Alicia Simmons. And that was where the clip ended. So the thousands of people on Youtube later that day didn't see her push him away. Or see him sprint down the hallway. Or see her go inside the room. And no-one saw the lonely tear meandering down her cheek.


Mikey thundered down the stairs and burst out of the hotel into the pale sunlight, his heart pounding. He couldn't believe what he'd just done. Especially after what he'd seen between her and Ray on the bus. As he stepped onto the tour bus his face flushed scarlet. He'd just remembered one tiny little detail of his life. He was engaged.

It was about 10 o' clock when Mikey found out that they'd been filmed. His phone had rung and his fiancée was on the other end. Let's just say she wasn't very happy. Let's just say he had grovelled. Let's just say they were still engaged.

Oh and then he had the ordeal of being bawled out by Brian via phone, Gerard in person, Bob remained indifferent Frank blanked him and Ray, well, Ray had retreated to a corner of the tourbus and was refusing to talk to anyone.

Let's just say that Willow wasn't very popular in MCR that night.

And I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me
The same way I think of you
This is a love song in my own way
Happily ever after below the waist


An: Hope you liked.
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