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Finally Together

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The defeat of Naraku is not as happy as the group of comrades thought the event would be. With one of their own on deaths door and guilt creeping in the hearts of them all. Will love flourish or wi...

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I do not own Inuyasha, I am simply an over obsessed fan!
Miroku and Sango are my favorite characters, and I love reading fic's about them in dire situations. I write about what I like to read sooo, no complaining lol.

The wind was strong and eminent, chilly as the new born sun graced the cerulean sky with it presence. The mismatched knit of comrades that had gone to hell an back numerous times together rested peacefully in each others presence.

Inuyasha rested against a seemingly ancient elm tree Indian style. His tan arms sprawled across his precious family heir-loom, from hilt, to tip of blade. His head lay back against the trees rough trunk and he snored softly. He was consumed with fatigue, and surprisingly had agreed to rest with his companions without complication. The object of the Hanyou's affection slept peacefully a few feet away from him in her futuristic sleeping bag. The child of the group, Shippou, was wrapped tightly in her arms. Soft hissing escaping his lips as he slept. Kirara, Sango's loyal Neko-Youkai of many years was curled up into an off-white ball of fluff near the fire at the center of the camp. The shy flames pulling her deeper and deeper into her dreams. Sango the strong Taijiya lay near the fading fire as well, a few feet away from Kirara. Her beautiful raven hair fanning across her face and shoulders as she slept. Miroku the cursed Monk sat much similar to Inuyasha, but instead, was at the opposite end of the camp. Leaning against an elm tree just as grand as the one occupied by Inuyasha. His head lay heavily against the thick tree trunk, resting with eyes closed, but not welcoming sleep just yet.

He slowly opened his tired, striking violet eyes, and peered at the fleeing night and the piercing sun. A heavy pained sigh escaping the troubled boy's chest as he felt darkness inching into his bones. A demonic aura?? His eye brows crossed as his mind probed the thought. But slowly his muscles relaxed and the distressing aura seemed to elude him. "Hmm." He outstretched a hand and grabbed his familiar Shakujo from his side, and silently, while grasping its metallic rings, rested it on his crossed legs. He huffed another sigh and attempted to relax as his eyes drifted shut, and finally he was graced by sleep.

"Houshi-Sama... Houshi-Sama?" a soft warm touch stroked his hand gently when his name did not rouse him, and it had done its job. His eyes fluttered open to find Sango gazing at him. She smiled warmly. "Breakfast is ready, Houshi-Sama", her sweet smile causing his heart to beat just a little faster.

"Alas, thank you my dear Sango," He smiled back. She gave out her hand to help him up and he gratefully accepted. "Thanks," he said patting the dirt and grass from his robes. They walked together to the rest of the group. Inuyasha and Shippou were downing ramen barely breathing between gulps.

"Do you two really have to eat so fast?" Kagome said annoyed. Inuyasha attempted to say something but quickly chocked in the process. "What did I tell you!" Was all Kagome said as she patted the boys back.

"Good morning Kagome." Miroku said breaking the hectic scene.

"Good morning Miroku, your food is already served along with Sango's. Eat up!" She grinned happily. Kagome loved to cook for them, and despite Inuyasha's table manners she loved to see him ravage it down.

They all sat down next to the fire, now finished with their breakfast. Allowing some down time before they continued their journey. Miroku was leaning forward, his head resting on his propped arm, thinking deeply about many things. Sango watched him discreetly out of the corner of her eyes. Consumed by those deep troubled violet eyes of his. When his eye brows suddenly furrowed and his body tensed she turned to fully gaze him.

"Houshi-Sama, is everything ok?" She was obviously concerned.

"I sense an evil presence-" He said calmly. "-A demonic aura has been lingering not far from here since last night, I hadn't felt it while we were eating, but it has returned." Inuyasha's ears twitched at the news and he instantly lost his composure.

"What?!" Inuyasha exclaimed.

"There is a demon close by Inuyasha." Miroku said again.

"Dammit Miroku, you could have told me this earlier." Inuyasha murmured as he clenched his fist.

"I wanted you all to be well rested, I stayed awake all night long. So don't worry. I wasn't about to let anything happen." Miroku gave a little laugh as he waved his hands.

"I don't care, we should have all been aware you stupid letch!' Inuyasha growled.

"Inuyasha! C'mon stop being such a jerk!" Kagome rested a hand on Miroku's shoulder. "It's ok Miroku, thanks for keeping watch all night." She smiled warmly at her companion.

"Kagome why the heck are you defending him? What I'm saying is the truth!" He stood up as he was surely getting irritated with the situation. "Miroku, you know well enough that the new moon is tonight! Your using the loss of my senses for your own gain. So you can sit here like a bum and not go after the jewel shards!"

"Is that how you think of me Inuyasha!? Why the hell have I been fighting at your side all this time if all I wanted to do was sit around and watch this curse devour me?!" By this time Miroku was equally infuriated by Inuyasha's rudeness. And stood up and stomped towards him. Shoving himself inches away from the belligerent Hanyou's face.

"Get the fuck closer and I'll punch your lights out!" Inuyasha grunted at the monk. He was obviously in a sour mood because of many things and was looking for something to let his frustration out on. Even his closest friend.

"Oh really." Miroku glared at him.

"You think I'm joking! Maybe we should just abandon you with that slut Koharu. Maybe we can all have some peace without your stupid ass around." Inuyasha didn't know what compelled him to say that. Maybe it was just the frustration of loosing his powers. But either way he had sad it, no matter how much he regretted it.

"You filthy half-breed." Was all that left the boys lips before he had thrown the first punch, and it all went down hill from there. In mere seconds they were on the floor beating the... well crap out of each other.

"Miroku, Inuyasha calm down please." Sango pleaded. She was so frightened at Miroku's anger that she even slipped his name. He pulled himself away, a little taken aback as his name caught his ears. He turned to see Sango with tears in her eyes and felt his heart sink. He instantly got up, a shamed look covered his face as he realized what he was doing.

"I'm sorry Sango. I'm... sorry for causing you all such trouble. I must go." He stuttered, and quickly fled into the forest. Inuyasha sat on the ground fuming as he nursed a bruise on his cheek.

"Inuyasha what the hell was that for!" Kagome had knelt down beside him and had a firm grip on his shoulders as she glared deeply into his golden eyes. She didn't even know what was holding her back from saying the S word, maybe she just didn't want more violence.

"I'm in a bad mood, just leave me alone" A hint of guilt had caught to his words, and he turned away avoiding her eyes.

"Inuyasha! Miroku has been awfully distant lately, something is obviously bothering him. But you had no right to say what you did!"

"I didn't mean to," he growled. "Whatever he'll get over it!"

"We should go after him!" Sango's soft voice caught both their attentions. Her left hand softly laid over her heart as she spoke, she looked worried "He shouldn't be on his own, should he?"

"I think it would be best to just let him cool off." Kagome smiled as she grasped Sango's hand.

"Look I'm sorry ok-" Inuyasha said flatly as he shakily stood up. "I just don't want us being vulnerable. We rely on him at times like these, he can't go acting all high and mighty. Especially with Naraku still out there."

He does have a point. Kagome thought to herself. "But still Inuyasha, to bring up Koharu?"

"I sad I was sorry-" he turned crouching and then leapt into a near by tree. "I'll have a talk with him later when he's cooled off." He grumbled, planting himself into a comfortable position and then rubbing his bruised cheek. Damn that guy can throw a punch.


"What an ass hole!" Miroku growled as he stomped down to the near by creek. How could he say that! He clenched his fist, fell to his knees and began to berate the earth with punches. Sango, I never meant to frighten you. His thoughts swirled to her face as she pleaded with them to stop. Is that really what I am to all of you. A nuisance? He dropped his head wearily as the depressing thoughts took over him. "Maybe I should just leave, they don't need me anyway." He mumbled. Just as he was about to wallow in self pity something brought him back to reality. A deep demonic aura began to envelop the area.

"What the-" He got up from near the creek and took a look around, irritated at the fact that he had left his Shakujo at camp in his fit of anger. Now all he had was his wind tunnel and ofuda.

"Ha ha ha ha ha." A low evil laugh came from behind him. Twigs snapped as the figure came ever closer. The hairs on the back of Miroku's neck sprung up as the demonic aura he had been sensing fully engulfed his body. The presence stronger than ever before.

"Naraku..." he whispered as he turned around, clenching his jaw in fury. The sole person responsible for all the misery in his life stood before him. It was almost unbelievable.

"Hello monk!'' His voice reverberated all through the area. Miroku just stood still, silently glaring at the demon before him.

"Oh, am I not welcomed?" He taunted as he lifted a finger and traced Miroku's jaw bone. Again he just stood glaring into Naraku's eyes, anger drawing from his blood. And then, almost mechanically a fist planted itself into Naraku's neck, the force seemingly knocking the wind out of him.

"You wretch!" He howled as a dark orb of mist shot from his hand straight for Miroku. The attack was so fast that he didn't even have a second to react. The orb webbed its way around the Monk binding him in the air inside of a toxin filled barrier. I can't breath! he thought as adrenaline coursed through his veins. He began to cough hard as he breathed in the toxic gas. Fright crawling through is body, but him being the highly trained Monk that he was began to meditate and focused on keeping calm, taking in slow deep breaths.

"Naraku! What do you want with me?" His voice cracked as he was engulfed in a coughing fit. His body not cooperating wheezed for air that was not present in the space. He was suffocating, and he knew that if the others didn't get there soon, he'd be dead.

"You are going to be bate." Naraku chuckled. "With you missing your comrades will be lured here, and once and for all I'll get rid of all of you."

"N-eve-r" he stammered as he tried to break free from his bonds, but it was futile. His body slumped at the exertion and he began sucking the toxin in erratically. "They'd never fall... to someone... as pathetic as you!" He shouted with the little breath he could muster.

"Save your strength boy, I want you to see them all perish at the hands of me." His voice was evil and unearthly.


"Jewel shards!" Kagome exclaimed.

"What??" Inuyasha was at her side in a stride.

"Jewel shards, a lot of them! I sense them in the direction Miroku went off in!"

"Oh no." Sango murmured and quickly went to change into her demon slayer suit with Kirara.

"Is Miroku ok?" Shippou cried.

"Of course he is you little runt." Inuyasha scowled at the child.

"But he left is staff" The little fox demon began to cry.

"It's ok Shippo, he's strong he'll be fine." Kagome reassured him as she cradled the crying boy. "I want you to stay here ok."

"Ok" He nodded in her arms, as she wiped the tears from his eyes. Sango was quickly back in a flash with Kirara on her shoulders fully changed into her battle attire.

"Ok lets go!" They began running as fast as they possible could in the direction Miroku had stormed off in. Kagome on Inuyasha's back, Sango keeping pace at the Hanyo's side, and Kirara transformed, flying through the air.

"Houshi-Sama!' Sango cried out. He better be all right.


Sango's voice was faintly heard in the area that Naraku occupied, and Miroku cringed as his ears picked up the cry. Please stay away.

"Just as I planned." Naraku smirked.

"You filthy bastard-" He forced himself to shout, but his sentence was cut short as a hacked cough caught in his throat. He couldn't endure the barrier any longer, and knew he had minutes before his lungs would finally give out. He's making me suffer. I'm dying in the most agonizing way he could possibly fashion. A single tear disconnected from his violet eyes. I'm never going to say all the things I wanted to say. I'm never going to be able to touch her again.

"Miroku!" His head snapped to Inuyasha who broke through the mass of forest trees. He gave him a weak grin as his body began to wheeze heavily again.

"What is that?!" Sango's voice was laced with fright.

"It looks like a barrier of poison." Kagome whispered. Without another word Sango had run straight to Miroku' side, as the others began to fight Naraku head on. Once she got to him she tried to reach him through the transparent darkness but the barrier was to strong, and it crackled with electric power.

"Miroku!" She murmured. "How can I get you out?!?!" She pleaded to his dizzying body. She could see his lips turning blue as he hung in the darkness, oxygen deprived.

"You m-must defeat...Naraku." He began to shake as his body begged for air, his eye lids fluttering open and close as he tried to steady his blurring vision. She could see him helplessly staring at her while he suffocated, and there was nothing she could do. Tears welled in her eyes. "San...go I have s-something" He wheezed a bit. "To tell you."

"No no!" She cried. "Your going to be fine. We're going to get you out and you can tell me then!" She weakly smiled. "Please hang on!" And with that she was on Kirara and heading for the center of the fight. She whizzed past Kagome and Inuyasha and let her vast weapon fly. "Hiraikotsu!" It scurried through the air with such force that even she was surprised with the power it possessed. She watched it as it flew closer and closer to Naraku's jugular and forced his attention away from the Hanyo and Miko as he attempted to block the attack with his tentacles. But he was stunned as the Hiraikotsu broke through them like butter, injuring his body badly. He screamed in anger and lurched towards her but she swiftly dodged, wounding him again with her Katana in the process. Inuyasha took his chance while Sango kept him occupied. He readjusted his grip on Tetsusaiga and mustered up all his energy for the blow.

"Sango get out of the way!" He howled. She quickly did as he said as the incredible energy began to move towards its mark. Naraku had been cornered. "Kagome your arrow!" The girl had notched an arrow in a second and it was cutting through the air, the pure energy growing stronger as it neared its wounded target. Both energies ripped through his body before he even had a chance to comprehend the situation. Cries flooded the air, as his body was ripped to shreds, they watched him disintegrate, and listened till the cries muffled to nothing. Was it over? Was it finally over? Kagome and Inuyasha searched through the thick air for any signs of the demon, but it was over, it truly was. At the center of the burned out space lay his share of the sacred jewel shard. Completely purified as Kagome grasped it in her hands.

"Miroku!" Inuyasha growled as his eyes left the almost completed Jewel in Kagome's hands. Sango was already running towards Miroku. The smoke was so thick she could barely find him. When she did, she felt her heart lurch up into her throat.

"Miroku!" She screamed at the limp asphyxiated unmoving body sprawled on the earth. She knew he needed air, he'd only been in the barrier for a few minutes since she last saw him. Kagome yelped and hot tears danced down her face as she fully took in the situation.

"That bastard." Inuyasha scowled cracking his fingers. "We defeated him to late." His voice cracked a little, one of the few occasions when it was ever to do so.

Sango was on the floor in a heart beat. Turning Miroku onto his back, and desperately trying to get him to breath. To suck in the sweet life he'd been deprived of. She took her hand and slapped him hard, trying to get him to respond, begging his lungs to move. But his head simply lolled to his side.

"Damn you, Breath!" She stammered as the tears she had been holding back finally broke free. She remembered a distant time when Kagome had tried to teach them first aid in case they ran into a situation similar to the one they were in now. And without another thought she grabbed his chin tenderly and pushed it up forcing his lips to part, and with her other hand pinched his nose shut. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes as she clasped her mouth over his now cold purple lips. She exhaled into him pushing the air into his uncooperative lungs. Until she could see his chest rise, and could hear the sound of air filling his lungs. She let go and looked him over. His head fell to his side and he did not stir. "Breath!" She cried desperately as she folded her hands over his chest, and began compressions. His head bobbed as she pumped his heart for him. She stopped, and again lifted his chin, pinched his nose shut, and desperately pushed air into his lungs.

"Miroku." She heard Inuyasha whisper helplessly. "Don't you die on us."
She pushed the air through his mouth until his chest rose, then parted from his lips once again. The air left his mouth and his head fell to his side. She waited for a response but there was nothing. A knot formed in her throat and she promptly swallowed it as she began to pump his chest again. 1...2...3...4...5...6... She stopped and looked him over. Nothing again. "Dammit, I wont let you leave me!" She cried. And she was pushing his head back pinching his nose shut and pushing precious oxygen through his lips once again. She stopped. And delivered another breath. It had gone on to long and Inuyasha knew it. It was hard, and even harder to see Sango fighting for his life in vain.

"Sango, just stop." Inuyasha was before her placing a hand on her shoulder. "We're to late."

"No, no... I won't give up on him!" She shoved him away angrily and began punching the Monks chest with everything she had. "Your not going to leave me." She shouted. She gave him a breath and resumed pounding on his chest. "I love you-" She murmured. "You can't leave before I tell you that." Kagome and Inuyasha were heart broken at the site. Inuyasha was even on the verge of tears.
"Please Miroku." She pulled his head back, pinched his nose and exhaled into his lips. His chest rose once again and suddenly his body convulsed and he began coughing and sputtering. "Thank God!" Sango cried and she scooped him up and embraced him, hot tears streaming down her face. But they were happy tears. Kagome was crying as well with a huge grin on her face.

"It truly is a miracle." She whispered to the boy beside her.

Inuyasha was obviously relieved, and he gave the girl beside him a deserving embrace. He knelt down beside Miroku as his breathing started to become regular. "Damn Miroku did you give us a scare!" He stared at the monk angrily. "Don't ever do something so stupid again." Miroku was in shock and was about to counter his words when Inuyasha's scowl broke into a rare grin and he gave his companion and best friends a rough hug. "I'm glad your ok." He said, patting his shoulder and returning to Kagome's side.

"I'm s-orry" He said sheepishly, a cough sneaking up on him. Sango rubbed his back comfortingly.

"There's nothing to be sorry about Miroku." Sango said with a smile.

"You- you said my name?" Miroku's eyes sparkled as he realized that indeed she had.

"Now, what was it you wanted to tell me." Sango smirked as she caught him of guard.

"Uhh Uhh-" He was promptly shut up as her lips met him, and they passionately embraced each other.

"Sango..." He whispered breathlessly as they disconnected for breath.

"Don't ever do that to me again." She whispered back. And this time it was him stealing her lips.

Inuyasha and Kagome were thoroughly uncomfortable standing right behind them, and decided to head back. Leaving the two lovers to themselves.


"They are finally together." Kagome whispered with her hands clasped together as she walked back to camp with Inuyasha at her side.

"Kagome." Inuyasha whispered drawing her from her excitement.

"Yes Inuyasha." She stared at him but he did not look at her. After a moment she felt his hand grasp hers gently.

"So are we."


Ok well I hope you guys liked this story. I know the characters might have been a bit OOC but whatever. I think it was a drama filled and cute, fluffy little story. Please review and I hope you all enjoyed it.
Love Jaide
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