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You wanted it folks, and you got it. This is THE SEQUEL to Sing Until Your Lungs Give Out. We're back with Becca and the guys three years later, and people seem to have grown up (seem being the key...

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A/N: OK so here it is. I know I promised to work on Thank You for the Venom, but I lied. So here's a little taste of what's to come. Tell me what you think and suggestions are always welcome. Of course, the prologue is in third person, but I have no clue whether to keep it in third person or not. OH YEAH: one last thing. This story will contain a HUGE shocker. Be warned.

Also, this one will have a lot less My Chem. in it. They're limited to some guest appearances in chapters. Sorry if I have disappointed you.


Once again, Becca sat on her bed, waiting and thinking. She remembered everything that had happened the last time they had come into her life, and all of the damage that was caused. But did she ever make any moves to stop them from coming back? Of course not.

This time, Becca had no boyfriend. She wasn't tied down, but she still felt compelled to stay in Chicago. She remembered how happy Patrick was when she said she was going back, so she stayed to keep him pleased. He was, after all, her best friend. Gerard had grudgingly sent all of her stuff back to her, and she was so grateful to him. He was the only one from My Chemical Romance that knew where she was. Hell, he was the only one except Patrick who knew where she was.

Where was she? In a small house in the suburbs of Glenview. In her small house in the suburbs of Glenview, I should say. She had changed a lot in the three years that had been spent apart from everyone else. She had gained weight, making her look healthier than normal. She had grown out her hair and gotten rid of the purple streaks. She had stopped going to so many shows, and started eating healthier. She had a steady job for a newspaper, and she had new friends. Their names were Gabby and Kate, and they were her self-proclaimed best friends. Becca didn't have the heart to tell them her past, thinking it would only drive them away.

There was something else too. Something so huge, she was surprised she had been able to keep it a secret for so long. She couldn't keep it any longer, though, and she realized that. This was why Patrick and the boys were coming to visit. Sure, they wanted to see her and she wanted to see them, but she was planning on unveiling her secret to all of them.

There was the inevitable ringing of the doorbell, and Becca stood to get the door. On the other side, Joe was asking Patrick if he had the right place, looking around at the suburbs in awe. Patrick merely shrugged and waited. Becca came to the door, smiling.

"Hey, guys, there's something-" she started. But her secret got out before she could say it.

"Mommy, who's there?" a little girl's voice called out as she came running to the door. The four men looked on in shock as Becca picked up the little girl.

"Um, guys? This is my daughter, Allison," she said nervously. All of their jaws dropped simultaneously. "Maybe you should come inside." Becca stood aside as they filed in. This was going to be one interesting visit.


A/N: Here you go. Tell me what you think.
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