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Family over fate

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We knew who Ace is, right? Or their is more in him then what we saw. Take a glimps in his family and fate... - Stand by me (film)-

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Warning, A/N: Non-native English speaker bad grammer and other mistaks likely in the story. (Ace here 15/16)

Warning: child-abuse,

Chapter 1

Ace Merril laid on the cold floor, blood pen-up beside his unmoving body. His T-shirt and jeans was ripped apart, on his pale skin could be seen the vivid blue and black marks.

"Ace" whispered a tiny voice from the cupboard, but nobody answered. A small blond haired child looked out thought the small cracking of the cupboard's door. His blue eyes widen significantly when he saw his brother bleeding form. He risked a look toward the door, seeing nobody he opened the door and rushed to his fallen brother.

"Ace." He shook the older boy's shoulder in a desperate attempt to wake him up. His only response was a pain field moan. But it was enough because it meant Ace was alive, the young boy's whole body trembled as the night's event caught up with him. He laid down beside Ace and snuggled closer the injured boy. He felt he was safe, he knew his brother would protect him. He rested his head on his brother's chest and fallen a sleep.


Next morning, Ace waken up, he stared up to the ceiling and tried to categorize his injuries from his body's dull ache. His head hurt pretty bad, his left arm felt like someone poked it with burning metal rode, it most probably was broken. The pain flared up in his chest every time, he take a deeper breath. His stomach and neither region hurt as well but it was nothing special, just like usually.

Tommy was on his chest sleeping peacefully, he hadn't got the hart to wake him up, not that he himself had the strength to move just yet. Few minuets later he felt he was ready, to what he was not sure it was either to pass out or get up. He felt he had not got too much opinion, but he would hate it if someone find him like this, what would the guys thought or what would became about his reputation. He gathered his strength and nudged his younger brother.

"Hey Tommy, it's time to wake up." Sleepy mumble was his only replay. Ace take a deep breath and regretted it almost instantly as pain flared up in his chest, but he tried to not to notice it as he pulled himself upright. "Tommy" called his brother again.


"Come on. Get up."

"Am up"

"Sure you are." They both climbed to their feet, Ace stretched his sore muscles as much as he dared, he grimaced at the pain he felt. He noticed Tommy watching him from the corner of his eye. "Go down and make some breakfast, I need to fresh up. I will be down soon." Tommy just nodded before he raced out the room.

Ace walked in the bathroom to take closer look at his injures. He cleaned up methodically, he pulled out a semi-clean dark T-shirt before headed down to join his brother. Another ordinary day just started in his life.
Ace and Eyeball was clearly drunk at the time they run in the four younger boys, one of them was Eyeball's brother Chris. The Cobras liked to harass the younger boys just for the fun, it was a good way to let down some stress. Not that the little shits did not went out their way to piss them off. Ace knew it was a power struggled, to claim a place in the life, or in their game in the town.

So the fight was fast Ace and Eyeball won, again, the kiddies run away, again, so life was good. Only the damn ache would easy up in his head, they crashed at Billy's place for an hour or so before they headed home. Ace needed to pick up Tommy from his brother's friends' house before he could go home. He once tried to left Tommy there, when he knew it would not be good for any of them's health to go home. But the little imp managed to came home on his own which caused bigger trouble for them when their Farther found out. Oh man it was not a pretty sight.

He pulled the car over at the Johnson's house and piped/honked to indicate his presence. He did not want to go inside, not that he did not like the family, they were nice, middle classed family, but asked to much questions which he didn't want to answer. Tommy raced to his car, and jumped inside, dirtying his car seat. With anyone else Ace would have gone ballistic, expect Tommy wasn't everyone else, he was his little brother. He screw at him good naturely, before pulling away, making their way toward their home.

Usually they would just hang out with Ace's boys, or in one of the bars, but not today. Their Father ordered them home at dinner. It was strange.Very starenge indeed. The old man most of the time did not even want to spend a minuet or so in their presence, but now he wanted to dinner with them.
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