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When Jared looses the love of his life Shannon must be there to keep him sane.

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Hope you like it...took me a while to finish.
No one noticed the blood on the walls. The blood stained on the kitchen table where he held her down. They only noticed the body of a young girl. Too young to have deserved what had happened to her. They wouldn't let them see her. All they told them is what happened to her. The younger one fell to the floor in shock, his big brother sitting with him, trying to comfort him with no success. They couldn't believe what her father did to her. The older of the two was ready to find her father and do as much harm to him as her father did to her. He stood up, ready to leave. But the younger brother wouldn't let him, not because he didn't want him to hurt her father, but because he needed him. So the older of the two was back down by his little brother and continued in his attempt to comfort him until two other people arrived. They were told by the police what happened and they walked over to the two brother, also in shock. They all sat across from the room where her body laid until the coroner arrived with a stretcher.
The younger brother walked over to the coroner and asked him if he could see her body. The coroner thought for a second and then uncovered the body of the young girl that he had just asked to marry him. He stumbled back a couple steps. He couldn't believe that her father did what he did to her. The older brother rushed over to his little brother as he started to faint. The older brother caught him just as he fell. They all sat with the young brother as he started to break down. It hurt the older brother to see his baby brother crying. It broke his heart to see him suffer. This provoked him to want to hurt her father more. The two guys that arrived earlier told him that they'd take his little brother home and try to comfort him until he got there. He nodded and they tried to get the younger brother to go with them. But all he did was put his arms around his big brother's waist and cried some more. The older brother just put his arms around the frame of his little brother and told the other two that he's take him home. So when the other two left the two brother sat there and the older rocked them both until the police left and offered them a ride home. The older brother declined it, telling them that he had a car. The police officers bid them good night and the two brothers walked down to the older brother's car. It had been a long day for both of them. Plus his baby brother lost his fiancé to her crazy abusive, alcoholic father.
The next several weeks were horrible. The younger brother sulked around all day. He was extremely silent at the funeral, with her father there acting all sad that someone killed his little girl (surprise surprise). The younger brother thought that his big brother was going to attack her father when he saw him there. But he didn't. After the funeral the younger brother barricaded himself in his room and played old movies that reminded him of her. He was unhealthy looking, too skinny for a man of 35. He barely ate, barely slept. He was worrying those closest to him, especially his brother.
Music was always blaring from his room, too loud for him to hear anyone tell him to turn it down.
In the middle of the night you could hear him crying. It broke his brother's heart so much that one night when his brother was alone crying he walked into his room and laid down right next to his brother, not caring who saw his at all. All he cared about was the fact the his baby brother was heartbroken over losing his fiancé because her abusive, alcoholic father was too much of a prick to see his daughter happy with the man she loved. He just laid there rocking his brother back and forth in his bed trying his hardest to calm him down enough to get him to sleep. It never worked, but his little brother was at least happy to have his big brother with him. But it would never fill the empty place in his heart where her father ripped her out of his life.
And the drugs were a problem to the point where they had the young man see a psychiatrist. It helped for a while. But then he stopped seeing him and before any of them knew it he was back on the drugs and started getting really fond of alcohol. The only thing that got him to quit his drug and alcohol problem was having his big brother tell him that those two things that he was so fond of were the reason his fiancé was dead. He really didn't was to go to that extreme, but it was the only way to get him to stop. He eventually stopped. But then it was replaced with something worse.
That was when they found the note.

I'm sorry for doing this to you. I just can't take the pain of losing her anymore. It's killing me. Tell Matt and Tomo I'm sorry. That I care about you guys more than anything I have at this moment. And don't try to stop me. Because I'm doing this. Nothing will change my mind. I'm willing to anything right now to see her face again. I love her so much.

I'm so sorry Shanny. I love you so much. Please forgive me.


They couldn't believe it. The older brother ran out to his car and told the other two to stay behind in case he comes back to call him. They nodded and the older brother drove off.
He felt like he had been driving for hours when he saw someone standing on the edge of the bridge. That's when he heard the singing of a man he'd recognize anywhere. And then the younger brother saw him. His eyes as big a plates he stepped closer to the edge. The older brother yelled for him not to jump. He thought of what he think you convince his little brother not to jump. Then he thought of it. He yelled to his little brother that this isn't what his fiancé would want him to do. That she loved him and doing this would only make things worse for everyone. The older brother thought for a second that his brother was going to jump. So he ran out of his car and ran as fast as his legs would take him. He grabbed his brother's shirt by the collar and got him off the edge. He pulled his brother into his arms as his brother broke down in his arms. It was tearing him up to see that his little brother almost jumped. He looked into the eyes of his little brother and told him to never do that to him or the guys ever again. His little brother nodded and the two of them got into his car and rode home silently.
He knew that his little brother wouldn't have jumped. He also knew that he wasn't gonna get over her death that easily, but all he had to do was be there for his little brother and he hoped that everything would be as okay as it can get.
Hope you liked it.
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