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Gee, Gerard, and Frankie

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A bigger mind-f**k than my other story. Contains some sexual violence, kind of. Not really, though. Written for aiIenzo. A Gerard Way/Gee Way, Gee Way/Frank, Gerard Way/Frank slash. Confused yet? J...

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- Disclaimer- Damn...the only thing I own is the plot. Which I'm very proud of. laughs**

A/N- Okay, after aiIenzo wrote me that LOVELY zombie fic, I had to repay her. So, here ya go. A lovely, Gerard Way/Gee Way, Frank/Gerard Way, Frank/Gee Way slash fic that is ever so slightly crack-ish. Kinda rape. I guess. Really freaky. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy. (And my computer time has been severely cut down on so...don't expect updates to be regular. nods) Enjoy...

The day started off normal. It really did. Gerard's internal alarm woke him up at around seven o' clock, and he opened his eyes and yawned. He stretched his limbs like a cat would, and rolled out of bed.

He walked to the bathroom, stared at disgust at what he'd become in the mirror, and tried to wash it all away in the shower. Like always, it didn't work. Shivering in the cold, he wrapped a towel around his waist and rubbed a hand over his now short, bleached blonde hair.

Then, he walked into his bedroom and chose what he was going to wear. He got dressed, yawned again, and, grabbing his cell phone and his cigarettes, walked into the living room.

Frank was sitting on the couch, like always, a huge grin on his face. But, what was on his lap...that DEFINITELY was not routine.

Gerard gasped, his cigarettes, cell phone, and his jaw dropping all at the same time.

"Can we keep him?" Frank asked, bouncing It up and down. It giggled, and waved coyly at Gerard. Gerard gaped open mouthed, not understanding why Frank hadn't found that.../thing/ the least bit strange.

"What...what...what...?" Gerard stuttered, confused.

"I found him outside this morning. We can call him Gee, and you can be Gerard," Frank explained, smiling at the imposter.

Gerard was too bewildered to remind Frank that he was already Gerard, and that this was insane.

"Hello," It said, coming off of Frank's lap and wrapping It's arms around Gerard. Gerard stumbled back, and stared at /himself/.

It was him, three years ago. Long black hair, white make-up, way too much eyeliner, black suit, red tie. Sparkling hazel eyes. It was everything Gerard hated about himself, and yet...It was everything Gerard wanted to have back.

"That wasn't nice," It said in the high pitched, young Gerard voice as It crossed his arms over his chest and made a indignant noise in the back of It's throat.

Gerard blinked.

"I'm sorry. I think...Frank, did you, like, drug me again? 'Cause it wasn't funny last time, and it's definitely not funny this time."

Frank shook his head, and wrapped his arms around It's waist from behind.

"Nah, man, I didn't drug you. Why are you freaking out? He doesn't have a home, he can stay with us. What's the problem?"

Gerard blinked again, and opened his mouth. Frank shot him a pleading, puppy-dog eyed look that Gerard couldn't say no to. He closed his mouth and sighed, rubbing his blonde head.

"Fine. It...I mean, he can stay until somebody realizes how f**ked this is."

Everyone welcomed Gee with open arms. For some strange reason, Gerard was the only one who thought that this was crazy, hell, physically impossible.

But Gerard kept quiet, because Frank was happy with Gee. It hurt to see Frank holding someone Gerard used to be so tightly, and he couldn't help but be jealous.

The first time he heard the 'noises' from the bedroom next door, Gerard had frozen, envy welling in his chest and choking him. But, like always, Gerard said nothing. He wanted Frank to be happy. But he didn't get any sleep that night. Nor the next, and the next, and the next. And neither did Gee or Frank, apparently.

Gerard had silently receded into the background as Gee became the center of attention. He was all the good of Gerard before the alcohol and drug problems. He was fun, he was cool, he was good-looking.

Gerard watched on, wanting so badly to scream, "Goddammit, people! I AM that person! I'm just more mature now."

But he didn't. He wanted the best for his family and friends, and apparently, that was Gee.

Gerard lay on his bed, reading some obscure comic book. He didn't know where anyone was, and frankly, he didn't care. His door was wide open, and the daylight streamed in from the window and from the hallway.

He heard some footsteps, and didn't look up until he saw the black pants and black dress shoes an inch in front of his face.

Slowly, his eyes traveled upwards until they met his own eyes.

He grinned at Gerard, wiggling the tips of his fingers in a cutesy wave.

"What do you want?" Gerard asked gruffly, dropping his eyes back to the comic. A second later, the comic was torn from his hands and thrown to the floor. Gerard stared at it, before sitting up.

"What the hell, man? I was reading that!" Gerard exclaimed.

Gee grabbed Gerard's face, and gripped it tightly. A sick grin grew on his lips, and he climbed onto Gerard's lap, straddling him.

Gerard tried to twist away, but he was shoved roughly back onto the bed.

"Why are you so scared of yourself, Gerard?" Gee asked, petting Gerard's short hair. Gerard tried once again to break away, but Gee had repositioned his body so that his knees were on Gerard's elbows. Gerard was pinned.

"Huh? Answer my question, Gerard. Why are you scared of the past? Are you afraid that you'll become what you were before? A drunken monster, once again? Huh?" Gee hissed, leaning forward so that their noses were touching.

"What are you doing?" Gerard gasped, struggling slightly.

"Don't you want to be me again? Stop trying to escape yourself. I'm right here, come and get me," he laughed, almost insanely. Gerard whimpered, turning his face to the side as Gee leaned down and ran his tongue along Gerard's cheek. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to think of how strange this was.

Gee slowly discarded Gerard's clothes, and then his own.

And then, Gerard was raped by himself.

"Oh my God, Gerard! What the f**k happened???"

Gerard slowly opened his eyes as the familiar voice filtered into his mind. A blurred figure stood over Gerard, and Gerard whimpered as a hand ran along his cheek.

"No...," he mumbled, turning his head away. He couldn't move. It hurt too much.

He tried to clear his vision, and the face of Frank suddenly came into view.

"Gerard, oh my God, who hurt you? Oh Jesus, say something Gerard. Please, say anything," Frank begged, wrapping his arms around Gerard's bare shoulders and pulling the older man into his lap.

"Do you have any idea how f**ked up this is?" Gerard laughed bitterly.

Frank blinked back tears, and choked out, "Who did this to you, baby?"

"It was Gee," he said softly. He didn't cry. He couldn't cry. As much as he wanted to, no tears would be shed. He had to at least keep his dignity.

Frank stared at Gerard, and asked, "Who?"

Gerard let out a choked sob.

"What are you talking about? Gee, my look-alike that showed up a month ago?"

"Gerard, what the f**k are you going on about? That's it, you're going to a hospital."

Frank took Gerard to the hospital. The blood that the doctors found on Gerard was definitely his own, but the doctors could find no wound. He was perfectly fine.

No one, not even Gerard, could figure out why Gerard had been found unconscious, naked, and covered n his own blood, especially with no wounds.

No one, besides Gerard, remembered 'Gee'. Gerard had decided that he had just been a side-affect of being drunk for two straight years of his life.

They all forgot about the incident, a silent agreement amongst themselves to never bring it up again.

The only good that came out of this was while Gerard was in the hospital being tested, Frank came out and told Gerard how much he loved him. Gerard had smiled to himself, and told Frank that he felt the same.

They were together now.

Some good DID turn out of that insane month-long mind-f**k.

A/N- Damn...that turned out...weird. Really, very weird. Sorry if it freaked anyone out. I'm actually kinda freaked out now. So, yeah. Review, and tell me what a freak I am. shakes head and walks off**
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