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Chapter 2

The next day, Larissa was first to wake up around 2 pm which was no surprise. Immediately, Larissa started shaking her two companions. "Mmm... what?" Ari murmured, "Wake up! It's the day of the show! We're going to meet Fall Out Boy tonight!!!" Larissa said with anticipation. Katherine screamed when she remembered what was going to happen 4 hours from then. "We have to get ready now!" Katherine exclaimed, "But why do we have to get ready so friggin' early you guys?" Ari asked. See, Ari has always been the tom-boyish kind of girl who just throws on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans without any make-up. "We have to look appealing when we meet the boys. Plus Ari, I bet you want to knock Andy and Joe off of their feet just a bit?" Katherine explained to her. "Yeah Ari. Just for once, can you let Katherine and I make you uber pretty, not that you aren't already pretty." Larissa said sympathetically since for years they've been trying to style her hair and put some make up on her. "You guys have got a point. Oh fine... Just this once." Ari had finally given in after years of persuasion. So they got out of their sleeping bags to go under the shower one by one. While one of the girls was in the shower, the other two would eat their breakfast/lunch and so on and so on.

Once the three had eaten and gotten dressed, the transformation on Ari had begun. First came her beautiful dark brown hair that was never styled, only roughly brushed. The girls decided to straighten her hair and since Katherine studied hair, she gave Ari a beautiful layered haircut. Damn, she looked good. Next came the make up. Since Ari had a beautiful olive skin complexion with a tad bit of freckles, we gave her dramatic eyeliner with a bit of rosy blush and coral eyes. The overall appearance would have knocked the boots off of any band member.Lastly, Ari was dressed in a Star Wars galactic shirt(one of her loves) with some tight, dark, sexy, skinny jeans. Afterwards, it was time for Larissa and Katherine to take care of themselves. Katherine put on a Joy Division shirt with a pear of black pants while Larissa wore her favorite pair of black skinny jeans along with a hello kitty fitted tee that she loved. They two straightened their hair and put on their eyeliner. And then all three of them put on their vans and they were off to the club that they were going to meet the loves of their life(besides Larissa and her sweetheart Zach). Not a moment went by that she didn't think of him as well.

They got in Larissa's Jeep SUV with much anticipation on what the following hours would bring them. The girls knew that the boys were going to treat them just like any group of fan girls, but at least they would get to meet them, right? "I'm scared of what they are going to think of us. I mean especially Patrick since he is the most amazing person ever." Katherine raved. "Yeah but I mean, what if they just don't care and just give us a few hugs and waves and pictures and that's it? I mean... I just wish I could at least talk to the band, especially Pete since we have so much in common. And not in just some teenaged obsessed way." Larissa responded rather melancholy. "Awww, I think Larissa's in love. How cute." Ari teased. "Oh my gosh Ari, you know I love Zach more than anything. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me." Larissa said sounding more confident than ever. "Whatever you say Larissa. Don't forget, I've known you since the kindergarten." Ari imposed. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever." Larissa shook it off. It was about 5 o'clock which was exactly an hour and a half from show time. The doors would be opening in about fifteen minutes which made Larissa drive even faster since they were about 10 minutes away. "You know, since we got backstage, we don't have to get there as early as we would for general admission pit tickets." Katherine explained. "I know, but I still want to show the guys that we're dedicated fans and that we aren't some stuck up snobs who are only going to have Pete's babies." Larissa replied. The other two girls nodded. "So, are you guys ready to see Fall Out Boy?!" Larissa asked with excitement. "YEAH BITCH" Ari replied "Yeah, what she said." Katherine yelled with a nod. They all chuckled at Ari's rare use of curse words. After hearing the girls respond, Larissa blasted Saturday on the car stereo.

Before they knew it, the girls had parked the car, and they were finally there. Larissa's heart was beating at a million miles an hour because she was so nervous. She honestly thought she was going to vomit. "Guys, I don't feel so good. Do you really want to do this?" Larissa doubted, "Are you kidding me Larissa?" Ari responded. "You've loved Fall Out Boy for years now and it has been your dream to meet them. Don't give up on them now over some stupid butterflies." Katherine explained. "You're right. It's been my dream to meet the guys, especially Peter so you know what? I am. Right now. Let's run!" The girls ran to the backdoor where they knew they were supposed to enter through. The bouncer greeted them, "Hello girls. May I ask why you are coming through here?" Larissa then answered, "Oh we have backstage access to see the boys along with Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, The Academy Is..., and Cobra Starship." Larissa showed him the three tickets. "Alrighty girls, all I have to do is see your ID's just for security and you're in." the bouncer responded. The girls each got out their identification and before they knew it, they were beyond the normal world and into dreamland.
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