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Clearing Things Up

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Hiei begins to court Kazuma Kuwabara in the traditional time honored human fashion. He'll need help though. Sequel to Role Reversal

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Anon: I was surprised at all the positive feedback I recieved for 'Role Reversal', considering it was originally just some pointless spur of the moment excuse to have Hiei use some really cheesy line then kiss Kuwabara. I dedicate this first chapter to Kazima Kuwabara, who writes amazing Hiei/Kuwabara fics that helped inspire me. Bored chattering now, moving on.

Disclaimer: You really have to ask? Fine, they're not mine and I'm not making so much as half a penny using them. Heck, I'm losing money even, buying the DVDs, manga, a keychain and a plushie. So they have to let me let the boys play, don't you think?;)

Summary: After unofficially stating his desire for the human in 'Role Reversal', Hiei does so again officially and begins to court Kazuma in the traditional, time honored human fashion. He's gonna need some help, though. Sequel to 'Role Reversal', obviously.

Rating: PG this chapter for Hiei's dirty mouth. Might go up later on though.



'Okay, keep cool, Kazuma, just keep cool.' Kuwabara thought to himself after jumping at a noise for the eighth time in less than an hour. He was in his room pacing back and forth as his mind continuously went over the events that had taken place that day.

Late this morning he'd been captured by demons to be used as a sacrifice for some sort of ritual but was saved by Hiei early afternoon. And then he'd kissed him. Hiei, the cold silent fire demon who had insulted and argued with Kuwabara since they'd first met, Hiei, who claimed to hate humans but Kuwabara most of all, had kissed him. Not just kissed him, but had tackled him, called him a damsel, then kissed him!

Rubbing his face with his hands Kuwabara finally stopped pacing and sat down on the bed. It just made no sense! After a minute he perked up when an idea struck him.

'Maybe all that incense crap they were burning acts like some sort of afrowhatchamacallit for certain demons! And that's why Shorty kissed me! Oh man, if that's true then I better go take another shower and use extra shampoo this time in case the smells still in my hair!' With this in mind he quickly got up and went to do so.

Elsewhere, Hiei was silently berating himself for that one brief moment of weakness. For the past hour after the incident he'd been training furiously in an attempt to distract his mind and prevent it from going over and over the scene.

'Damn. I should have had more control! It's not as if that was the first time I've seen him without his shirt on. Although, it was the first time I've seen him without those damn bandages(1) covering his abs. His smooth, toned, well muscled, FUCK!'

(admit it, the idea of Hiei's mind wandering is both hilarious and frightening) Hiei growled aloud in frustration and increased the speed of his swings, the thin blade of his katana whistling sharply.

'With any luck the noise will attract any demons in the area, then I'll actually have something interesting to do.'

"I take it from the ferocity of your training that you were just as surprised to initiate that kiss as Kuwabara was to recieve it. Though I think it was that damsel line that really caught him off guard." a familiar voice stated with barely suppresed mirth from his left, causing Hiei to growl again in annoyance.

'When I asked for demons to show up this isn't what I had in mind.' he thought as he stopped and sheathed his sword before turning towards the kitsune.

"You have nothing better to do than spy on people then?" Hiei asked calmly.

"Well originally we were making sure that the rescue went successfully, but I'll admit our curiousity got the best of us afterwards."

"We?" Though his face betrayed nothing Hiei dreaded the answer.

"Yes, Botan, George and myself were in the room at the time, though I'm sure that by now Koenma's seen the tape."

"Tape?" Crimson eyes blazing in fury, his hand was at the handle of his sword in less than the blink of an eye.

"Calm down, I made certain that it could only be played once then it would melt. Now before this conversation goes any further or off topic even I'd like to ask you something." Kurama saw Hiei's eyes narrow in suspicion, but when the younger demon said nothing he continued.

"What are you going to do now? Kuwabara is smarter than most people give him credit for, and I doubt he's just going to let you act as though nothing happened. And I know you well enough to know you won't simply avoid him for the rest of his life because that would be considered running away."

"..." Hiei averted his gaze and remained silent for a moment before leaping into the trees, indicating that the conversation was over. Kurama sighed and walked away.

'I hope things work out for both of you.'

Kuwabara spared a glance at the twilight sky as he walked down the sidewalk, taking in as much of the beautiful array of colors as the sun bid farewell for the night before turning his attention back to what was in front of him. After showering and washing and rewashing his entire body several times he was certain that all traces of whatever had set Hiei off were gone, so now he was on his way to Kuramas house to ask the fox if he knew where Hiei was.

True, the short demon had a way of grating every nerve in his body, but Kazuma Kuwabaras honor code refused to allow him to possibly let Hiei suffer from self-confusion because of that kiss.

'Was it really even a kiss? It had happened so quickly that it just felt like a really fast pressure only just hard enough to be more than a mere brush. Whatever it was it sure felt nice. What the!' Kuwabara stopped dead in his tracks, eyes wide open as he went over that thought again.

'Did I really just think that? Oh man, maybe the fumes went to my head too!' Kuwabara shook his head furiously in attempt to clear it, when suddenly his Spirit Awareness made him feel a familiar aura nearby watching him.

He stopped and turned to look towards the forest, up into a fairly tall aspen. He gave a very small nod, knowing it would still be seen, and after checking for cars he casually walked across the street. The presence moved farther away, but was still close enough for him to sense so he continued. Kuwabara may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he knew perfectly well that Hiei was leading him to a more secluded area, away from prying eyes and ears.

When they were deep within the center of the forest, Hiei finally jumped down about a foot away from the tall human. Even though he'd been expecting it, he still startled at the speed and suddenness of it.

"Hey Hiei. Look, about that kiss, I just wanted to let you know that I understand completley that you didn't mean to do it. I think what happened is that some of that stuff those demons were burning worked as some kind of lust potion and you couldn't help it. So, you know, no need for any awkwardness or anything like that."

Kuwabara looked away and scratched the back of his head in embarrasment; Hiei was staring at him with such an intensity, and for the third time that day he felt a chill run down his spine. But this time, he somehow knew it had nothing to do with the evening temperature drop.

"So you think I was under the influence of an aphrodisiac and that's why I kissed you?" Hiei surmised.

"Yeah, but don't worry, I'm pretty sure I washed it all out. I took two showers and I must have washed my hair at least a dozen times, so that should be enough, right?" Kuwabara finally looked back at the dragon weilder and saw that he had turned his head away to the side and closed his eyes. There was a small smile playing on his lips and his shoulders were shaking slightly; Hiei was laughing! Kuwabara was about to say something when Hiei opened his eyes again and the red head felt another chill when the firey eyes met his own baby blues(2).

"I'm glad you were so thorough in your cleansing, Kazuma-chan." As Hiei said this he took a step forward. Kuwabara instantly recognized the look; all cat owners know that look. When a predator has it's prey trapped in a corner.

'Uh oh.' Kuwabara gulped and very slowly put one foot behind the other in preperation to step away. Unfortunatley this tactic didn't go unnoticed and in a flash he found himself pinned to a tree by a man at least a few heads shorter than himself.

"Ubu na baka." Hiei said softly, almost affectionatly, as he looked up into the humans eyes. "Had there been an aphrodisiac involved I would have done much more than a quick peck on the lips." he chuckled. Loosening his hold, he gently stroked Kuwabaras firm arm though the soft, thick fabric of his sweater.

"No Kazuma, I kissed you because," Hiei stopped right there and lowered his gaze to the chest in front of him. He'd spent his entire life alone and rejected, pushing people away to avoid pain. Even his own sister didn't know they were related. These past years he'd tried to deny any attraction he held for the human by focusing and exploiting his faults and weaknesses, mixing insults into his compliments.

'No going back now though.' Hiei thought and tilted his head back up. "Because I'm attracted to you." He reached up and grabbed the collar of Kuwabaras sweater, yanked him down and kissed him.

Kuwabara froze in place, eyes wide open. This kiss was longer, alot longer and most definetly noticable. Hiei's lips were so warm, soft, inviting... Slowly, Kuwabaras eyes drifted shut and he hesitantly tried to return the kiss. Hiei let go of the sweater collar and allowed his hand to drift up to rest on the back of Kuwabara's neck while his other hand resumed stroking the young mans arm.

Eventually the relatively innocent kiss came to an end from lack of air, and when they broke apart they just stood there for a moment, watching each other.

"Um, Hiei," Kuwabara began, his voice barely above a whisper. "Why me? I thought-" Hiei placed a finger on the ningens lips to silence him.

"I'll admit it wasn't that foolish story book nonsense of 'love at first sight'. I'm not sure when or how it happened but it did." he said thoughtfully. Kuwabara blinked as his brain digested this new information, but he remained silent until Hiei removed the digit.

"So, uh, what happens now? I mean this is the first time anyone's told me they were attracted to me, espeacially another guy, so I'm pretty new at this." As he said this he felt his cheeks growing warm.

'Oh man, I hope he doesn't notice me blushing!'

'Damn. Kurama told me about the ningens stupid fear of same gender mating.' Hiei thought, misinterpreting the flush of the young mans face. 'If his Spirit Awareness didn't pick up telepathy I could see what he's thinking. But he hasn't outright rejected the idea, so maybe...'

"That's up to you." the half-koorime said nonchalantly. "You now know of my attraction for you. We can either stop here and go back to something similar to how things were before, or, we can begin a courtship."

"Courtship? Oh, you mean dating?" Kuwabaras eyes widened in surprise, and Hiei very carefully studied his expression, looking for any sign of fear, disgust, dissaproval, anything that might put an end to the whole thing before it even started.

Shock? Definetly. Confusion? Yes. Curiousity? Yes, there was a tinge of curiousity mixed into his expression.

"You and me? Going out? Together? I never really thought I'd ever consider dating a guy, but," Kuwabara paused and scratched his cheek. "I never thought I'd be helping save the world and kicking demon butt with a Spirit Sword!" he laughed.

'He talks a lot.' Hiei thought as he sweat-dropped.

"I don't really see any problem with it, and you're not too bad when you're not insulting me, so sure. Why not." Kuwabara nodded.

'He's actually agreeing to it!' Hiei's eyes widened a small fraction, but other than that he kept his expression neutral.

"Meet me here at noon three days from now, then." Once again, Hiei ended a conversation by jumping into the trees without another word.

Kuwabara found himself alone and confused in the middle of the woods. He'd just agreed to go on a date three days from now with a guy. Hiei, in fact. They'd been at each others throats for almost five years and they were going on a date.

"Oh man, what a day." he groaned and buried his face in his hands. "I need to lie down. Hey, wait a sec, I better check something before I forget! He said three days from now at noon, today's Wednsday so that means it's on Saturday. Phew, that's a relief; Sis'd knock me into next week if she found out I was skipping classes to go on a date." Relieved that whatever it was Hiei had planned would take place on his day off, Kuwabara began his long walk home.

Anon: Ack, Hiei was soooo OOC this chapter! We're talking maple flavored cotton candy here! I went over it and over it but this is the best I could come up with. Turned out a lot better than I originally thought it would though. Longer too.

Mr. L: Maple flavored cotton candy?

Anon: Means it was sweet, sappy and fluffy. It's a new term I invented!

Mr. L: ...

Anon: Anyway, please review! Next chapter should be better.

(1): I've only gotten to Vol. 5 in the manga so I don't know about there, but in the series Kuwabara always has bandages wrapped around his lower stomach at the belly button when he takes his shirt off. My theory is it's some kind of padding for when he gets punched.

(2):There seems to be some controversy over Kuwa's eye color; some say blue, some say brown, they looked kind of grey in ep. 76. I'm saying they're blue.


Ubu na baka: Naive fool

Deto: Date I know, crappy title. Gimme a break, all the good ones were taken.
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