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When it comes to the Lord of the Hats, Sheena doesn't hesitate to engage in a cat fight with her rivalette. More or less.

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17. Rowr

It's been almost a week since I had confronted Patrick with the whole Joe aff-... that's not a good choice of words, the whole Joe thing. The whole Joe thing that didn't mean anything and that I still felt guilty about.

Yes, yes. I know I should be feeling guilty.

But I want my Patrick back.

Under different circumstances (the cirumstances of a bored author perhaps) I would have found it interesting that it started out with me feeling neglected and left alone and now he was the one that felt not only that but also betrayed. A very bad case of backfiring.

I can't even imagine how I would be feeling if Patrick had done this to me. Maybe it was because people who betray have little faith in other people's honesty or more the fear of him doing something stupid to get even with me - either way, I surely wasn't going to take any chances with this Mjoozikesards viper.

I knocked at her office door and awaited her disgustingly chirpy "Come in!"

I entered and she spun around on her chair, her face in shock upon registering who she had just let it.

"You..." my daughter's teacher narrowed her eyes at me, trying to look menacingly. The only thing slightly menacing about her was her gaudy make-up. Like many other people, I've always found clowns somewhat scary.

"That's right. Me. Mrs Stump," I replied coldly and closed the door behind me. "The wife of the man you're trying to fulfill your ridiculous fan girl fantasies with."

"What do you want?"

I wanted her little unprotected neck between my hands.

It wasn't so much that she had sent Patrick the pictures, it was that he had mentioned she had made a move on him. I still didn't know what had happened or how often they had met, even though I had a feeling that it had been more than once, but I knew that my husband could be incredibly oblivious to females crushing on him. And on one occasion, oblivious to a male plumber undressing him with his eyes.

Due to this obliviousness I considered him to be extremely prone to get tangled up in a net that a celebrity-hungry manipulative had spun. I never seriously doubted his faithfulness but still, it just didn't feel good to know that this younger woman with a slimer waist than I was preying on him.

"Two things, sleaze," I said. " First, stop coming on to my husband. Two, stop snooping around after me."

"For somebody who is getting it on with Patrick's friend you are quite possessive of him. I believe you're the rag bag here."

"You know nothing of our life so stay out of it. You are not part of this. Stop while you still have some dignity left."

She cackled mockingly.

Why wasn't I punching her in her obnoxious face yet?

"We were just talking about a possible Fall Out Boy reunion and that they could be playing at prom this year," she giggled.

I saw myself pulling up my purse, making a few steps towards her and grabbing her shoulders hard. Then I shook her violently.

"Leave. My. Husband. Alone. Goddamnit," I hissed agressively.

She smirked smugly, "Pshhh."

She pushed me away and checked her hair in the black monitor of her computer.

"I think Patrick should decide who he wants," she said, fixating me with her stare.

This was enough to tick me off, I stormed towards her and pulled her off her chair. She squeaked loudly and tried to grab my hair. Before she could yank it I tripped her up. Unfortunately she pulled me down with her and I landed on top of her.

"Get off me, get off me!" she yelled hysterically and pounded her hands against my chest.

"Wrong Stump on top of you, huh?" I shot back.

Next I pinned her hands to the floor and had her squirm in place for a while. She wriggled like a fish on land. I loved it. What a lightweighted baby. Her screams for help were muffled by the bell and the students who rushed out of their classrooms.

After a while she whimpered, "Let me go, let me go. I will leave him alone."

And all was well.

This happens when jealous, insecure wives day-dream.

What actually happened was me emitting some half-hearted threats about making her lose her job on account of trying to ruin the marriage of one of her student's parents. Without bitch-slapping her even once. Geez, I couldn't even bring myself to hit her in my day-dream.


I know that sometimes all it takes to forgive someone is time. Yet, I was growing more and more worried about Patrick's reluctance about communicating with me. I wasn't sure if he was slowly getting over my mistake or was planning on kicking me out of his life for good.

He had never been aware of his charisma, always insecure about the way he looked. If you're not confident about yourself, other people telling you that you are good-looking, interesting, whatever doesn't mean anything to you. So his wife kissing another man must have been especially tough for him to digest.

I wanted him to understand that this hadn't been about physical attraction at all. (I mean how could I be seriously into a guy with curls?!) So I wrote him a letter and slid it through his office door in hope that he would give it a shot and read it:

Dear Patrick,

I love you. I miss you.

You never gave me the opportunity to explain myself to you. I don't want to make excuses, I just want to- maybe I just want to relieve my conscience. I guess worrying that you might find me selfish is superfluous after what I've done.

Yes, I was selfish. But I really wished it would've been you, Patrick. That you had paid more attention to me, tried to make me laugh. Tried to play a bigger part in Kyle's upbringing.
It's my fault, I take full credit for what I've done. I just want to make you understand why the kiss happened. You make me feel like I've been having a fully-fledge love-affair for weeks or months. Please, try to relate. I felt alone, you weren't there. You were there physically but your thoughts were always engaged in something else. Work, mostly.

I'm not attracted to Joe or anybody other than you for that matter. But I need my husband to show me he cares. We used to make each other happy and I just want that back. Don't you?

Please, talk to me. I want to tell you so many things to your face. Please, don't give up on me. I don't ever want to give up on us.


P.S.: I miss your snoring.

I heard his foot steps and him picking up the letter. I really hoped this would change our current situation.
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