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Waking up together is wonderful...

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Mugen breathed a sigh of contentment. It felt so good to be with his companions again. He felt Fuus' warm body curled up next to his. Man, he didn't think he'd ever felt anything so nice. Most of the people he knew would rather spit at you than cuddle with you. This was definitely unique in his world. He remembered that prostitute he'd met up with after he had separated from these two. She'd been loud and crass, but the perfect woman for him, or at least that's what he'd thought. He'd spent many nights with her trying to forget what it was like to actually be cared about. She'd sure as shit done a good job making him forget that feeling for a little while. One night, after she'd gone to sleep, he'd tried to put his arm around her and pull her close. He'd thought that maybe, just maybe, in her sleep she'd let him pretend that she cared about him. After all, she'd never know, she was asleep! Well HELL NO! The second he'd wrapped his arms around her she'd woken up cussing and snarling...

"What the fucking HELL do you think you're doing ya bum! I ain't no fancy woman to be all sugared up! I got me own man to do that and don't need none of it from the likes of you!"

She'd smacked him and rolled back over onto her own side then. What the hell....women were only good for one thing and he'd do well to remember that.

"Ah hell..." It was hard to keep that thought in mind with Fuus' body snuggled in to his. Rolling on his side he brushed the hair out of her face. She looked so peaceful sleeping, as if she hadn't a care in the world, which was amazing considering what she'd been through. He really hoped that never changed about her, but life was rarely what you'd hope it would be.

Jin came awake quickly. Holding still he felt something warm pressed against his back. Had one of the assassins come after him in his sleep? No...he couldn't believe that, he slept lightly for a reason. What could it be then. A soft sigh from the person behind him jogged his memory. Fuu! Now he remembered. They'd all curled up and slept together at her request. He didn't know if he'd ever admit to her what a nice idea that had been...or how good it felt. He was so warm, for once in his life he felt genuinely warm. It seemed he'd always been cold before. He'd never felt cared for, not really. His old sensei had certainly appreciated him, until the end, but he'd never had that bone deep feeling of companionship that he was now experiencing. Even with Shino. There had been a fire, and it had burned brightly for awhile, only to fade. He still cared for her well being, but it was hard to care for a person with so little history between them. After the fire had cooled there wasn't much for them to share. He would remember her fondly but without any pressing need to go to her again. His only regret was that Fuu probably thought he loved her.

"Ghost Boy, you awake?"

Jin silently cursed his pale skin.


"This is freaking crazy isn't it. Who would ever have thought this would happen?"


"What the hell man...say something!"

Mugen just had to kill the idyllic moment.

"Some of us prefer to just enjoy the peace and quiet."

"What a wuss. You just have to be all girly don't ya."

He could hear Mugen scratching. That idiot just couldn't be still. If he was awake he had some innate need to move.

Stretching her arms above her head, Fuu awoke with a smile on her face. It had been wonderful sleeping between her two best friends. She hadn't felt that safe and protected since her mother died. It was amazing! Fuus' arms froze in midair as she realized she really was rather pressed against the two of them...then came the realization that that was not necessarily a bad thing. Mugens' warm frame was relaxed and welcoming against her front, and Jins' equally warm but somewhat stiffer frame felt wonderful against her back. Fuu blushed as she felt the heat swell in her middle. She had never felt that except in the presence of these two fighters. Only these two, vastly different, men aroused these feelings in her.

...I wonder what they would say if they knew?...she thought to herself.

...I know what Mugen would say...or rather do she snickered silently, even as she felt herself warming even more at the thought...

...hmmm...I wonder if Jin would do the same....

The warmth became very pronounced at this point. Fuu heard herself sigh and brought her arms down.

...Probably best to just not let them know your train of thought Fuu!...she reprimanded herself, and discreetly rubbed her thighs together.

"Good morning you two, what a beautiful day!"

Her voice sounded deeper, even to her own ears.

Coughing a little, Fuu rolled over onto her back.

"Isn't this great you guys?"

"Whatever," Mugen grumbled with his usual could-care-less attitude.

"Hmm," Jin mumbled.

Sighing to herself, Fuu watched the clouds roll lazily by. It really was beautiful here in the forest. She could hear the woodland creatures busily going about their day. If only she could wake up like this every morning, she wished to herself. The rumbling of Mugens' stomach ended the moment and seemed to set everyone into motion.

"Damn! What's for breakfast?" Mugen grumbled.

"You baka! Go find some firewood and I'll start cooking!"

"I'll start what wood was left from last night," Jin said in his usual cool monotones, all traces of sleep already washed away by the bright light of day. He got up and walked towards the remnants of last nights' fire as Mugen jumped up and walked into the forest.

Finding herself alone now, Fuu allowed herself one more leisurely stretch before getting up to start the day. If anyone looked at her now, they would see the smile, so big that it seemed to swallow her face, following her two companions as they started their chores.
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