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Emilee One

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Over the course of one night, Emilee, lovingly called Millee, threatens suicide but decides to spend one last night with her best friends. And so they- Brynn, Patrick, Charlee, Matt, Sammy and Spen...

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I pushed my bangs out of my eyes and read the note over and over again.

I love you, you know that?
But this is too much.
We can't be together.
Best friends forever, remember?
Not lovers. Friends.

xx- Spencer

I couldn't take it anymore. Who did Spencer think he was? He was the one that swore on a million starving children- his choice of expression, not mine- that he loved me like a lover and not a friend. Oh, he wanted me, he needed me, and he'd die without me. What a load of shit. I was pissed at myself for believing it, too. I tore the crumpled paper into a million tiny pieces and threw them up in the air, watching them fall like confetti onto the carpet of my bedroom floor. I tried to compress the bubbling emotions from within, trying not to transform into Drama Queen Millee, as my friends called me. Millee was my nickname- Emilee was so old fashioned. I spun around on the spot once or twice, trying to calm down. I needed to talk to someone, I needed Brynn, or Charlee, or Patrick, I needed someone right away. I ran to my computer, rousing it from 'Sleep' mode and signing onto MSN. Only Brynn was online. I stared straight ahead at the screen; my once white-blonde hair was now raven black, cut chin length into choppy layers, bangs tumbling into my eyes. I liked my eyes; they were outlined in black mascara and eyeliner, which magnified the intensity of their deep blue; my stare was piercing to all those who received it. I had a little silver ring stuck in the right side of my lower lip.I was scene queen of Downtown Millersborrow, and goddamn proud.

_brynn Xx- Millee! Sup?
Queen of the Scene- My life is over
_brynn Xx- aww, mil, dnt say that. Wat now?
Queen of the Scene- Spencer broke it off
_brynn Xx- nooo! Y?
Queen of the Scene- 'Cause he wants things to go back to the way they were. Lay off the chatspeak, loser
_brynn Xx- aww millee muffin. =( want me 2 cum ova?
Queen of the Scene- Not if you can't fucking type properly
_brynn Xx- Sheesh. Happee?
Queen of the Scene- You spelt 'Happy' wrong
_brynn Xx- Mill!
Queen of the Scene- rolls eyes Brynn, it's over.
_brynn Xx- Er...wat is?
Queen of the scene- Me. Life. Everything.
_brynn Xx- Mill, dnt talk lyk dat
Queen of the Scene- I swear. This is my last night in the city. On earth.
_brynn Xx- Millee, ur scarin me
Queen of the Scene- See ya, Brynn
_brynn Xx- Wait, no, Emilee
This user appears to be offline. Your message will be delivered the next time they are online

I drew a shaky breath as she switched off her computer. Had I really just threatened suicide? I felt nervous. Did I really mean it? Tear stung my eyes, slipping over the edges and smudging my eyeliner. I hastily grabbed my purse, throwing my cell phone and keys into it and heading for the window. One more night on the town, one more night with the guys. Then it's be over.

"Hey, Trick."
"Millee! It's not a practice night, watcha doing here?" he inquired.
Patrick was my favorite person in the world. He was drop dead gorgeous, bleached blonde hair with jet-black roots, cut in that choppy, short 'emo boy' style, with bangs covering his entire right eye. You could tell by just glancing at him that that boy owned a straightener. He had super thick, black framed glasses and a stud just under his lower lip. He wore girl jeans and a skintight black-and-white stripped tee shirt under a black military style jacket, also very tight. Every girl in town wanted to make out with that boy; too bad he was gay as the day is long.
"Ah, I know, I just wanted to hang out with you guys." I shrugged.
"Understandable, m'dear." He said as I sat down next to him in the booth, and he put his arm around my shoulder.
"Where are Matt and Sammy?" I asked.
"Getting us some French fries. You can share."
"Hey, Millee!" someone called my name, and I looked up; Matt and Sammy were coming towards our booth, holding a basket of fries and three sodas. I grinned at my band mates. Matt played guitar; he hand long, slender fingers and shoulder length layered brown hair. Sammy was shorter than I was, with blonde skater hair and big blue eyes. He played drums like nobody's business, though. Patrick sang, and I was on bass. The four of us made up West and 34th, the most kick ass band in town. Dumb name, I know. We'd been together since we were all thirteen, and at the time it had been the coolest name on earth. But it stuck; we were seventeen now, and we were local legends. Couldn't just change something like that.
"Heyyy, Matty, Sammers!" I laughed, and they placed the food on the table.
"No coke, so, Mil." Sammy sighed.
"S'ok, Sam, you didn't know I was here."
"I thought you and Spence were going to that pasta place tonight?"
I felt my eyes cloud over, and I glared straight ahead as I replied;
"No. Spencer decided to break it off on Valentine's day."
Gasps and cries of protest flew from their mouths, and Patrick pulled me into a one-armed hug, muttering;
"Awh, hun, it's okay, he's an asshole, I'll kill him, I swear..."
I felt tears once again, but quickly wiped them away. I couldn't be sad little emo girl here, in front of the guys. My guys.
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