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Created To Destroy

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AU...and another one-shot. I really like this one; reviews make me smile and stuff.

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The raindrops smash with incredible force against the solid pavement, angrily hitting any surface that is made accessible. The noise it makes as it hits the tin roof is almost like a moan, as if it is begging to be let in to the house it contains; to be let in to the house's secrets.

And Ryan Ross, he lies there on the empty wood floor, writhing in a dreamless sleep. His scrawny features scream for anything to wake him, but the rain only pushes him further into delusion.

On top of that, Suzy Mitchell, she is sitting on the windowsill, legs hanging out the open window and watching the water battle with the concrete. Suzy is biting her lip, a frequent habit, her face indicative that a million girls would kill for her spot right now.

and all Suzy can think about is why she is where she is now, and that's okay because when she thinks of her childhood, she realizes how much she would kill to have been one of those millions of girls.

and the rain intoxicates her, ripping perniciously at anything she might have once called her sanity, it is fueling her to scream, to let out all the words that her conscience has reminded her to hold back.

and instead of screaming, all Suzy can do is cry.

Take a moment here to venture into the past; to delve into the story of Suzy Mitchell.

Picture a nineteen year old girl, crying, gently cradling a sweet infant in her anorexic arms. In other words, picture Suzy's mother.

Jump to Suzy at ten years old. See a young girl with braces and a weak sad grin sprawled across a secondhand couch, wishing herself happy birthday. She is watching a black and white antenna television and trying desperately to ignore the muffled moans and screams from three doors down. Her mother emerges topless; clutching a Jack Daniels, protecting it with her life. Suzy can only smile and wonder if all mothers do this. She has never known anything else.

See Suzy at thirteen years old. She is now called Zee, just Zee, and she is now slumped up against the wall her skirt torn so far up the sides she may as well have been her mother. A match lights the cancer pursed between her lips, and she can only smile at the thought of unparalleled rebellion. Removing the cigarette and replacing it with a nail between her once-perfect teeth, she cannot help but feel completely and utterly... alone. Paranoia creeps under her skin, getting comfortable with it's new surroundings.

Was it the drug high or the sugar high? Zee couldn't tell the difference anymore.
Zee's only friend was her heroin.

Enter the Mother.
Contrition has made her come home early, her face a blanket of sobs and regret, dried saline coating her flushed cheeks. She cries and cries. She swears on her life that she has tried. She has tried so hard.
But Zee was not in the mood. Zee did not want a sob story.
Zee wanted a mother.

Picture Zee at sixteen years old.
Zee has yet again become our friend Suzy, and Zee has finally said goodbye to her, for a long time, only friend.
Suzy, she clutches her knees, she is shaking, convulsing, rocking back and forth on the bathroom floor. Suzy, she cringes as she wipes the sweat off of her forehead, taking along with it some of the concealer that is caked onto her pale skin. Her headache, it pounds, ricocheting off of the walls of Suzy's skull, working it's way through to her brain. Suzy bites her lip, the tears crashing on her rosy cheeks.

So this is how it feels to let go.
Enter Ryan.
Commence the beginning of "New Suzy", if you will.

Jump back to the present and give yourself a pat on the back for making your way through Suzy's story; through her childhood, without shedding a tear. At least ten points for honesty.

Cue Ryan.
Ryan Ross, he comes out of his sleep with a jolt, his heart racing and his breath hanging, heavy and fast on his chest. His eyes fly open as his torso becomes perpendicular to his legs. He lets out the most ear-shattering scream.

And Suzy, she can't hear a thing.

Ryan, he moves in a catlike manner, snaking up behind Suzy, placing his head in the crook of her neck.

and Ryan and Suzy, they stare out the open window and listen to the roaring pitter-patter of the drops which so occasionally hit Suzy's feet. Ryan lays a chaste kiss on Suzy's neck, and she smiles, gazing up at the sky, fighting her tears. They needn't fall tonight.

Suzy, she turns, clinging to Ryan's wrists, leading him out the window onto the concrete porch, but in Suzy's eyes, anything Ryan touches turns to pure gold right in front of her eyes.

Her hair retains water as it cascades down her back, imprinting that feeling of being needed; a feeling she never felt before sixteen. She can barely open her eyes, it is so torrential, and yet, it comforts her to see Ryan standing there, soaked as well.

He runs and holds her closer, their bodies clinging together, dancing alone on the terrace. She opens her eyes, for a split second, and the summer rain is creating a river flowing down the porch, singing a harsh and yet somehow sweet lullaby for Ryan and Suzy to enjoy. She looks into Ryan's golden eyes; they shimmer with the ecstasy of holding her so close.

He leans down to connect their adolescent lips, and lightning is going off with the electricity between them. And you are suddenly taken aback, and for just one moment, among the furious rain thrashing against the ground, you seem to realize that they are meant to be.
Ryan Ross, he is a boy.
And Suzy Mitchell, she is a girl.
And together they are a catastrophe, destined to be.
Created to destroy.
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