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Misery Loves Company

by Quillian 2 reviews

One-shot! Palpatine's POV of a scene from RotS... (Rated just to be safe)

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own /Star Wars/, duh.

SUMMARY: What was Palpatine thinking as he was fixing up Darth Vader after the events on Mustafar? Here's one possibility...

/"Misery Loves Company,"/

By Quillian

"Misery loves company." -Aesop, "The Fox Without a Tail"

Scarred. That's how my face looks now. However, I wear it as a badge of courage, rather than a mark of shame. My new face looks absolutely evil, enough to scare people, even.

Then again, that can be used to my advantage...

That's a skill one develops as a Sith: The ability to twist and use just about everything and anything to their advantage.

However, why should I be the only Sith with a terrible face?

There lies my apprentice, Anakin Skywalker - pardon, /Darth Vader/. Nearly all his limbs severed, burned alive, he lies on the table, like zombie or undead. Robotic prosthetics are now attached, looking almost like limbs ripped off of other lifeless bodies. A life-support system is attached to his chest, helping with his breathing. A skull-like mask comes down over his face, with an ever-snarling expression on it. Finally, down comes the helmet, completing my apprentice's new look.

Ahh, my creation. So powerful, so menacing, so terrifying, so...


It's also a very good way to keep him under control... especially if he wants to stay alive.

But, to be an apprentice to Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, is certainly no iron-clad guarantee of loyalty from said Dark Lord. In order to survive, a Sith master must always have the best apprentice he can. Darth Vader is indeed powerful, but should one even more powerful than him come along...

...Well, at least his nice black suit will make a nice shroud, and his helmet a death-mask, should that ever happen.


A/N: So how was that? When I watched that scene in the movie theater, I was fiercely reminded of "Frankenstein," with the monster coming to life. Anyone else also get that vibe? -Quillian

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