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This chapter is rated NC - 17. M/M Its called lust peeps!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Erotica, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2007-03-03 - Updated: 2007-03-03 - 673 words

I scream running through the door of Gerard and Mikey's house.
I hear him ask from his room.
I burst through his door and get a faceful of Gerard's ass.
I stare dumbfounded at him.
"Hey, man!"
He yells covering himself with a towel.
I smirk up at him.
"Nice ass."
I say.
He blushes and stares at me.
Then regains his composure.
He asks.
"I wanna see whats- I mean, wanna hang?"
I ask mentally kicking my own ass for about saying what I really wanted.
Sadly I didn't kick myself hard enough to turn back time.
Gerard stares at me for a moment, his emotions unreadable.
"Sorry, Frank. I only fuck myself."
I actually pout when he says that.
Though the idea definatly turns me on.
Makes it a little obvious when theres a huge bulge in the front of my pants.
"Does that really get you off?"
He asks.
"Well it does you!"
I say glaring at the tent in the front his towel.
He blushes deeper than before.
Then smirks.
"Wanna help me?"
I swear I died right there.
I close the door behind me and his smirk widens as he drops his towel.
I gasp at his size.
And I thought he looked like a sex god with his pants on.
Let me tell ya, he IS a sex god with them off.
My knees get weak and I have to tear my eyes from his erection to stay upright.
"It's not gonna be like that forever."
He says rather impatiently.
I nod, mostly to tell myself this wasn't a dream.
I get on my knees infront of him and look up at him once more.
He raises his eyebrows expactantly at me.
I blush placing my hands on his hips.
I'd wanted this forever, why was it so hard now?
I kiss the tip of his hard cock, closing my eyes in concentration.
"God Frank, don't go so slow."
He groans.
It's my turn to smirk.
I look at him and he glares at me for making him wait.
It dissapears when I take his entire dick into my mouth in one swift move.
He throws his head back and moans.
His hands snake their way into my hair.
I start to hum around his engorged penis.
He gasps and grips my hair.
Were people meant to taste so good?
It was like eating fucking chocolate.
My tounge runs along the underside of his cock as I pull off slowly.
I glance up at him.
God he's beautiful like that.
His head thrown back in ectasy, sweat beading all over his body.
He whines.
I groan and start to rub myself through my pants.
God, this is driving us both nuts.
I take his erection in my mouth again, sucking harder this time.
He starts to moan my name over and over again.
I rub myself harder.
I don't think I've ever been this hard in my life.
He starts to thrust his hips into my hot mouth.
I let him.
It's just too damn good.
I undo my pants and start jacking off violently.
I hear him chuckle and crack one of my eyes open.
"Don't hurt yourself."
He says.
I growl and bite down on his cock.
He yells, but it couldn't have been that bad, cause he cummed right after I did it.
He falls to his knees infront of me.
He reaches down and grabs my cock, squeezing it.
I cry out in pain and pleasure.
Squeezing tighter.
Oh My God Tighter.
He growls in my ear.
I all but scream as my orgasm over takes me.
I gasp in breaths and lay back on the floor.
I put up a shakey thumb to let him know he'd been heard.
He smirked and picked me up setting me lightly on his bed.
Hehe...I love Gee and Frank. See that's why it's rated Nc-17. =D
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