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Angel of Light, Angel of Life

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Clan Fantasy. A clan known throughout Ivalice. It's leader appeared out of nowhere. Just like Marche, but how are they the same? Why is she so cold? Rated for language and some violence in future c...

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"Oh! Hello there miss. Can I help you?" The pub owner said to the girl walking up to the bar. She had white hair that came down to her waist and golden eyes. Her outfit consisted of black pants with a belt that had a raiper attached to it and a black tank top. She had a black trench choat over that that had whit angel wing designs on the back. On the front of her trench coat was a badge that showed she was a leader of a clan.
"Hello. I would like to see if there are any new missions." She said, her voice reminding the pub owner of a harp. He took out a book that had the current mission notifications.
"Well, the only thing here is that a criminal is on the loose in Sprohm and they need two clans to take care of it. Clan Fantasy has signed up already, but they need another clan." He said. The girl thought about the mission for a bit.
"Ok. Sounds fun. How much for the info?"
"40,000 gil" the pub owner said. The girl handed him the gil and walked out of the pub, heading to the ferry that would take her to Sprohm. She was not suprised that she passed mostly moogle on her way. She was, after all, in Baguba Port. She looked up as she came to te airship center. Three airships were there. She walked up to the last one, the smallest, and looked at a veira as it ran up to her. The veira was dressed in red mage clothes, showing what job she had, and on the heart of her outfit was her clan's crest, a dragon wraped around a sword.
"We are reay to leave to our destanation at anytime, Lady Shamsheil." The Veira maiden said. Shamsheil looked up at her and smiled.
"Good, we are heading to Sprohm to help Clan Fantasy fight and capture a criminal there. Get Katie ready, alright Daryle?" Shamsheil said to the veira, Daryle. Katie was the only other member of their clan other than a moogle named Joshua who was their engeneir and pilot. Although Daryle was a master assasin, she was learning red magic right now. Daryle saluted Shamsheil and got on board the airship, intending to awaken the other sleeping veira. Shamsheil looked at the side of the red airship as she climed on board as well.
The ship was called Star Ocean, a video game Shamsheil loved to play before her world was turned into this look-a-like of Final Fantasy. Shamsheil chuckled.

people and places:
Shamsheil- a 16 year old clan leader of Clan Final. A master of magic, assasin abilities and the bow. Despite that she currently is in a class of her on and uses a lance.
Katie- a veira that i had in my clan in the game. She is a fencer. A bit lazy and is picked on by Joshua.
Daryle- a veira i had in my clan in the game. A master of everything but is learning magic now. Like an older sister to Shamsheil.
Joshua- a moogle i had in the game. Engeneir of The Star Ocean. an Engenier. Loves to play pranks on Katie.

things and terms of intrest:
Star Ocean- in this, a ship named after a game (Star ocean: Till the end of time) that Shamsheil loved to play in the real world. raises questions huh?
Clan Fantasy- The name of Marche's clan in my game (i also named it CLan Doned, Ritz, dusty, and clan Star)
Clan Final- Shamsheil's clan. Has one human (Shamsheil), two Veira (katie and Daryle), and a moogle (Joshua)
Shamsheil- the name of the angel of sunlight (i read it somewhere). This isnt the girl's real name, she changed her real name to hide who she really is becouse she couldnt staned her past. Her real name (which i will not reviel to you now) plays a key role in this story.
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