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Chapter 8

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This is the end dear friends. How will it play out?

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The four figures bolted into the room and suddenly Beckett gave out a loud scream. Sam turned and saw that he had a long arrow sticking out of his shoulder. He was grabbing at the wound, not trying to remove the arrow but just grabbing aimlessly at what was there. He stumbled back into the wall and slumped against it. His breathing was laboured and he was hissing quietly, still holding his wound.

"Dead man's blood bitch." Frank spat, hoisting the crossbow over his shoulder.

Ray walked over to Gerard and helped him up off the floor. Once again Gerard found himself wiping blood off his lip.

Gerard turned to face the four intruders. "Thank you." He said, pulling them all into some semblance of a hug.

"No problem Gee. You know we're always here to save the day." Said the one with the cross bow.

"Frank just wanted to try out his cross bow." Said the tallest one.

Gerard raised an eyebrow in amusement. Ray was probably right about Frank wanting to test his new weaponry. That's just the way he was.

Suddenly Sam let out a yell and they all turned to look at what she was screaming about. Beckett had removed the arrow from his shoulder and was now advancing on the group with renewed rage in his eyes. He looked much more the part of the living dead than he ever had before.

"Maybe we should run." Mikey said softly.

Frank nodded.


They ran as quickly as they could through the house, just trying to get away from the now angrier Beckett. They reached the end of the hallway and the furthest point from their persuer.

"Quick, get in here!" Ray yelled, ushering them all into a room. He locked the door, but not thinking that was enough, slid a dresser in front of it and then dragged the bed against that. Hopefully Beckett wouldn't be able to get through it.

"Wait! Fuck, where's Gee..." Mikey suddenly spoke. "...And that girl."

There was only four of them in the room, Ray, Frank, Mikey and their fourth companion, Bob. Gerard and Sam were no where to be found and none of the group could remember them getting lost in the run through the house.

"Man, this is so screwed." Frank said, running a hand through his hair. "We should go back out there and look for them."

They all knew that would be a stupid thing to do, but they were out there in the other part of the house, with Beckett. They could only hope that Beckett didn't know that yet.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

William Beckett knew.

He could smell Gerard's scent. He could feel his prescence elsewhere than behind the door that the group had just barricaded. Gerard wasn't in that room so Beckett could see no point in destroying their barricade except to destroy them. A side dish perhaps because Gerard's little girly Sam was the main meal. She stole Gerard away from him.

She had to die. Someone like her was certainly expendible. Her parents were.

Yes, that's right. He had killed her parents. They had got in the way, and after all they were only vampire hunters and they had been hunting him. So, I guess you could say he had done what he could to survive. It was them or him.

He wandered away from where he had chased them to the bedroom and walked back down the hallway. His wound still ached, ached wasn't even the right word. The pain was close to insufferable, but William Beckett was fuelled by revenge, anger, rage. Nothing would stop him.

He would find Gerard's little girlfriend and kill her. He would kill her while Gerard watched on, that alone would be punishment for him. But it wouldn't be enough. He deserved more than just to watch her die.

He rounded the corner and whispers met his ears. They had been found.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Sam, are you alright?" Gerard asked worriedly. He was holding her by the shoulders, trying to find any wounds on her. He expected her to be injured after falling.

"I'm fine, Gerard. But we're not going to be okay if that bastard finds us. Let's just, please find somewhere to hide."

Gerard stood from his crouching position beside her and helped her to her feet. Sam was right, they had to hide somewhere or Beckett would surely find them and kill them. He was angry and that alone made him capable of anything.

They turned to head into the kitchen when they heard movement behind them.

"Where do you think you're going?"

There stood Beckett. His suit was still impeccable but it was covered in blood. If he had been human, losing that much blood would mean was a dead man. But he wasn't human and he wasn't dying.

He lifted his arm so it could rest on his hip, his lips pursed and his shiny black shoe tapped on the floor in impatience. This pose hurt his injured shoulder more but pain was no longer an issue.

"So, Gee? Where are you going?" He repeated. "You never should've left. Then all of this wouldn't have ever happened. Everything could've been as it always was."

As it always was? Gerard didn't want things to be as the always had been. Beckett would inflict pain upon him every single night, he would beat him, cut him, burn him and so many other things that were unimaginable to a sane person's mind. He had scars covering almost every inch of his body. They always reminded him of /the way it was/. He didn't want that anymore. He had never wanted it He had never wished for this life, if it could even be called that. Beckett turned him without even stopping to ask whether Gerard wanted to become a vampire or not.

"No where." Gerard finally replied. His voice was quiet and it was taking every single fibre in his being to be civil even though Beckett didn't deserve it.

A smirk grew on William's face as he walked towards Gerard and Sam. Gerard pushed Sam behind him, to keep distance between her and Beckett because Gerard knew to punish him he would hurt her.

"The whore has to die Gerard." Beckett said calmly, almost as if he was saying the most simply obvious thing in the world.

"Fuck you." Gerard spat. He wasn't going to let Beckett do any such thing. He ran for him and dug his fingers into Beckett's shoulder which caused William to scream and stumble backwards into a wall.

"Bastard." William spat back. "I never thought you'd be so stupid. I thought you would know better by now."

He ran at Gerard and smashed him backwards into the wall. The impact caused the breath to leave Gerard's lungs. Even injured, Beckett was still stronger than him.

William dragged Gerard to the ground, pinning him beneath him. Gerard could feel a knee in his ribs and he felt a fist collide with the side of his face. A sickening crack resounded from a broken cheek bone. The pain seared through the side of his face. It would heal, Gerard thought. He was only intent on bringing on the demise of William Beckett.

Gerard grabbed at Beckett's throat. He was trying to get Beckett off him. His weight was beginning to feel crushing and he could feel the breath become incapable to enter his lungs.

Suddenly Gerard felt the weight lift. He drew in a deep breath, finally being able to. Sam had pulled Beckett off Gerard and was now grappling with him a few metres away.

She smacked him across the face, trying to get him away from her. She had saved Gerard only to endanger herself. Now that Beckett had the chance to kill her, he was trying his best. She backed away from him but he caught her wrist, pulled her close and sunk his teeth into her neck.

She gasped and struggled trying to get away from him. Gerard couldn't let this happen, he wouldn't. He ran forward to try and dislodge Beckett's teeth from Sam's neck and just as he grabbed Beckett, Sam drove a pointed wooden object into William's chest. He immediately fell back, his limp form hit the ground. He looked deader than he ever had before.

Bob, Ray, Frank and Mikey came running down the hallway alerted by the yells and banging sounds. They weren't in time to help though, that much was obvious.

Gerard moved closer to Sam, who was sitting on the ground with her hands to her bleeding neck. Gerard hoped that she hadn't been turned. Oh, dear God, he hoped.

She looked up at him as he approached. Their eyes meeting. Then she flashed him a weak smile.

But it was too late. She had already been turned.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

[A/N:] Well, that was the end. I am so sorry it took this long to update at all. School has been unfortunately hectic and I've just been too tired to write. I changed the ending to this several times but I've settled with this one. I tried my very best to write a decent fight scene, but I'm not the best at writing them.
Thank you everyone for reading and reviewing throughout the time I was writing this. I appreciate it greatly. Your reviews always make me smile.
Thank you again. I hope you enjoyed this fic.
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