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A Twisted Reality

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Just another clique slash fan fiction, or is it? A car crash changes everything for Brendon and Ryan and I mean really changes everything.

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I paced up and down the corridor outside Ryan's dressing room. Tell him. Don't tell him. Confess my love for him or continue to secretly watch him wistfully, from afar. A sudden surge of courage shot through my body.

I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. As soon as I heard his voice I wanted to run away again.

"Who is it?" He asked. I did contemplate turning around and rushing back to my dressing room but suddenly the door opened.

"Oh, hey Brendon." He said smiling at me as he opened the door wider. He didn't have a shirt on, just black, skinny jeans.

"Can we go for a drive?" I asked straining to get the words out.

"Sure, hang on." He said grabbing a white shirt and pulling it over his head.

He shut the door as he followed me out to the parking lot. I opened the passenger side door for him. He thanked me and got in. I continued around to the drivers side door and got in too. Grabbing for the keys out of my jacket pocket, I started the car and reversed out of the lot.

"So..." Ryan said tapping his long fingers on his knee. The burst of courage came back all of a sudden.

"Ryan, I think I'm in love with someone I'm not meant to have these feelings for." I said turning a corner.

He looked up at me, searching to find the right thing to say.

"Well," he said. "I think Spencer is more for this type of thing." He said looking away again.

"Ryan, its you. I'm in love with you, R..." I began but didn't finish as Ryan interupted me by shouting my name and pointing a head of us. I looked away from him to see bright head lights growing bigger and bigger and the loud beeping of a car horn.


I woke up in a dark room, nothing like a hospital room. I got up a little too quick to take in my new surroundings but the sudden movement cause a sharp pain in my arm and well, what do you know, I look down and I didn't have one from the elbow down.

"My arm!" I screamed at the top of my lungs shaking my stump. Suddenly a young nurse came in, she was dressed all black and looked sickly pale.

"Mr. Urie, calm down. Its okay." She said trying to push me down into the bed.

"Where am I and where the hell is my arm?!" I demanded loudly wriggling free and jumping out of bed. She hit a button on the door and two other nurses came in. One had a needle in her hand, she was edging towards me.

"I'm calm. I'm calm!" I said backing into a corner, she jabbed me in the stomach. I started to feel dizzy and my vision blurred. They picked me up and carried me over to the bed.

"Are you calm now Mr. Urie?" The first nurse asked grabbing something from under the bed.

I nodded only half hearing her, the next thing I know my arm is being stitched back on but hey, I was totally out of it. They drugged me with some friggin' happy gas or something. It wore off within 15 minutes but they had finished with my arm by that time. I rubbed my eyes, the room was clear again.

"Okay, Mr. Urie. You're okay to leave now." She said passing me my clothes.

"But what happened? Is Ryan okay? Did we crash or something?" I asked suddenly looking down at my hand. "How the fuck did you put that back on?" I added that to my list of questions.

"Mr. Urie, you don't know where you are?" The nurse asked looking down.

"No, tell me. Come on your killing me here!" I demanded for an answer.

"Well Mr. Urie, I can't be killing you because you're already dead. Welcome to the underworld." She said.

"The what..." I said dropping my neatly folded clothes in a pile. "No fucking way." I said running my uninjured hand through my hair.

"No fucking way!" I said louder pacing the room. "I need to get back to Ryan. I love him."

[A/N] okay, well I don't know if i'm going to finish this story or not. review and tell me if i should. its inspirated by the nightmare before christmas.
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