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A Home Fit For A Ninja

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is she brye uchiha or is she sakurochi mashi? is she good or is she evil. where is she from. does she even know herself?

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I am Sakurochi mashie from the hidden sound village. I am 12 years old and I have seen more than a Jonin. I am a wanderer, rouge; I left my village 2 years ago because I hated the life I lived so I wandered away. People are after me but now hold secrets of my Past secrets that could get people killed.
"Hey, a city, oh the village hidden in the leaves, cool I might like it here I just hope someone will give me a place to stay. Shoot, there are guards I hope they let me in maybe If I through myself at there mercy they will let me in." I said a loud
"Halt state your business here traveler" said the one ninja to me.
"Umm well mister I need a place to stay you see I am from the hidden sound village and I ran away please let me see lord Hokage I need to talk about a place to stay." He, he, he the innocent little girl act that always works wait the konoha and the sound hate each other darn it I hate being stupid now they will think I'm a spy or something Grr.
"Uh the Hokage is very busy you see there was an incident_" he was cut off by the other guard
"Gene she doesn't need to know every thing she is a rouge she maybe small but small can be powerful ok miss we will get an escort to take you wait here" he went inside and when he came back out he was with a tall man with white hair and his hole face was covered except one eye then he said.
"Miono is this her?"
"Yes Kakashi sir she clamed to be from the sound village." said Miono to the man named Kakashi.
"Ok then I will take her to lord Hokage he IS very busy but for you brye I am sure he can make time," said Kakashi. I stopped dead staring at him
"Hey wait what did you call me?" I said with much confusion in my voice.
"I said brye that is your name right?" he said
"No my name is Sakurochi mashie of the hidden sound village." I replied.
"Well then you a lot like a girl named brye uchiha who happens to be a rouge too." Kakashi responded.
Brye uchiha sound familiar but from where? And why does he insist on calling me brye my name is Sakurochi a name given to me by Orochimaru.
I continued on It took about 25 minutes to get to lord Hokage's place. Kakashi said that he was the leader of the land of fire yady yada and I was to respect him as such and all that stuff. There were guards at the door and Kakashi told them that he was delivering brye to lord Hokage and they let us in. I tried telling him I was Sakurochi but he would not listen we went to the main hall and lord Hokage was standing there staring at the fire place valiantly lit he said without turning.
"Ah brye welcome now what brings you to the land of fire certainly not Orochimaru?"
"Hey how do you know him and my name is Sakurochi sir?" I asked
Great now the wrinkly old hokage thinks I am this brye uchiha but it still sounds so familiar AHH IT IS ANNOYING ME!
"Everyone knows him he is the most wanted missing Nin in all the land and one of the legendary Sainin." said the old man
"What? I don't know where he is I ran away 2 years ago he defiantly moved since then he moved a lot."
"Well if you wish to start a new life here you need a place to stay that will be hard of coarse you would need a skilled ninja to watch over you and make sure you stay here and don't run away again." he said
"Yes sir I understand but I'm sure I can stay by my self I am not evil I just don't like being treated like that ok Orochimaru is evil just because he is doesn't mean I am I am sorry if I sound rude sir but." I said with much confidence. The guard in the corner got tense and yelled
"You can't talk to lord Hokage like that you little brat."
"Iruka calm down she has an excellent point." Said the Hokage sternly but still soft.
"Lord Hokage sir I could take brye I mean Sakurochi and let her stay with me until you find other wise a suitable home for her and also may I suggest since she is staying for a while take the rookie course at the academy." Said Kakashi
"Well good idea Kakashi you don't mind of course." Kakashi shook his head "well then "Sakurochi" you are to gather your stuff and go with Kakashi and start your classes tomorrow iruka you said you had room for a few more students in your class well you have one more "Sakurochi" your to report 15 minuets early to be filled in on what the class has already learned not that you need to learn it you probably already know a lot of jutsu so you just need to know what they already did and didn't do ok it's getting rather late and you have to settle in Kakashi good luck." When the Hokage finished he left the room and then iruka and finally Kakashi turned to me and said
"Are you ready you will stay with me and stay inside unless I am with you I am sure that Orochimaru's goons are after you and I am also sure he is not happy you ran away so let us go?" Then we walked through the streets and saw many people many staring at me why I don't know maybe because they can tell I am not from there village maybe because they knew who I was I am one of the most wanted ninja in all the lands besides the many faced orochimaru. But why did they think I was some girl named brye I never even heard of her.
I ran into a poll and fell on the ground. "Watch out." Kakashi said.
"That hurrrt Ouch." I said rubbing my head
"I warned you." Said Kakashi smiling holding out his hand for mine
"Yea right before I hit it I had no time to react!" I said frowning and refusing his hand getting up and brushing my self off and continuing to walk on now concentrating on where I was walking I didn't really like this Kakashi dude he seemed weird. Finally we made it to Kakashi's house it was a small 4-room apartment a living room/ dinning room, a kitchen, a small bedroom, and a bathroom that was a little dirty and very small. In the living room was a table with 2 chairs and a couch that pulled out to a bed. In the bedroom there was only a bed, a dresser, and a mirror. Finally in the kitchen were only a microwave, a stove, a sink, and a full sized refrigerator.

the begining is crappy but i tried to edit it but don't worry it will get more interesting who is who in my story. i will update soon please rate and reveiw I LOVE YOU ALL
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