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Ch. 1

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A race of beast men called the Brawl, fight against a pompous diminutive race called the Ramin

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-Gullna carefully watched from his concealed perch in the tree, waiting for his prey. He could hear the blood dripping from the carcass he had strung up below him, the smell was intoxicating. He would need that adrenaline when the time came but for now it was a waiting game. He knew that was part of the test, to control ones basic urges.
-The sound of a twig snapping close by made every muscle in Gullna's body tense up. He watched as his prey come out from the shadows. The Numrek beast was easily nine feet tall at the shoulder and over twelve feet long with the tail. Gullna was amazed that such a large creature could simply appear out of nowhere. The beast made no noise as it approached its meal, right under Gullna's perch.
-The Numrek cautiously sniffed the carcass, Gullna smiled to him self knowing the beast wouldn't detect his scent. The masking sap he had put on earlier would see to that. As far as any nearby beast was concerned he was just another tree in the woods. The only downside was that it made his fur so damned sticky.
-He watched as the beast began to tear off pieces of flesh to consume. Gullna slowly moved his strong, fur covered arm and placed it on a branch in front of him. He rose up and positioned himself to attack. Every move he made every breath was slow and deliberate, any sound now and it would be over. Gullna's strong hand gripped the bark of the tree with his claws as he reached back with the other to unsheathe his knife.
-He held the blade upside down and waited for his moment. The adrenalin set his blood on fire as he watched his victim below unaware of the danger. Gullna's eyes changed to a light blue, as he focused on his target, if he could get the Numrek at the top of the neck he would have his trophy, and keep his life.
-The beast pulled its meal down to the ground and Gullna saw his chance. He released his grip and let gravity bring him to his prey. He readied his blade in both hands to stab down into the beast's neck just past the skull. But as he struck at his target, the Numrek moved just enough to make its silent attacker miss the fatal blow.
-Gullna's blade bounced off the back of the animal's skull and he slammed into the beast's backside. The Numrek let out a cry in protest to the sudden pain and shrugged Gullna off as if he were an insect. The young Brawl warrior tumbled to the ground and rolled back up to his feet. He looked up and met the gaze of the Numrek towering over him. The beast looked a lot smaller when Gullna had been up in the tree.
-Gullna had on a split second to asses his options; he knew getting to that spot at the back of the neck would be nearly impossible now. His best option would be to go for the throat or the heart. He tried to work on a battle plan but his train of thought was broken when the Numrek opened its mouth and he got a look at its very large teeth.
-The beast let out a ferocious roar as it charged for its new meal. Gullna waited until it was a barely a foot away before he spun out of the way, slashing at its neck as it passed. His blade sliced through the green scales and into the beasts flesh. The animal screamed in pain and turned to make a second pass. Gullna could see the blood oozing out of the wound he had made and he knew it wasn't a fatal blow.
-Gullna readied himself as the Numrek charged again. It extended its large claws and made a swipe for him but he nimbly leapt over it, this time slicing into its shoulder. He tumbled to the ground and quickly got back to his feet to face his foe. The Numrek seemed reluctant to rush in again. Gullna could see the gash in its shoulder was pretty deep, the beast knew he could hurt it.
-The two squared off trying to size each other up. The Numrek's four eyes focused on Gullna before it moved in on him again. It bit at him with its huge snapping jaws but Gullna easily avoided them, he had to pick his moment. The beast made a large swipe with its claw but missed and Gullna saw an opening. He rushed in and drove his knife into its side. The Numrek screamed in pain and slammed into Gullna with all its weight. Gullna was knocked hard to the ground. He got to his feet again only to be met with the Numrek's tail as it struck the side of his face.
-Gullna went flying back and slammed into a tree. He felt blood dripping down his face, the sharp scales on the Numrek's tail had sliced open his cheek. Gullna looked up in time to see a large claw coming straight for him, he rolled out of the way and the tree that had been behind him exploded into splinters under the might of the creatures blow.
-Gullna got to his feet and the Numrek was upon him once again with its massive jaws. Gullna desperately grabbed the beast's mouth before it could bite down on him and it pushed his back against a tree. The muscles in the Brawl's massive arms bulged with effort as he struggled to avoid being eaten. The giant reptile's sharp teeth dripped in anticipation of its intended meal as its foul breath washed over the stubborn warrior.
-Gullna all his might to force the beast's mouth open as far as it would go. The Numrek tried to pull away from the discomfort but it was too late. Gullna's eyes shifted to red with anger and he growled as he heard the beasts jaw bones crack. A final roar of effort from Gullna and a scream of pain from the Numrek and the animal's lower jaw was ripped off. Blood spattered Gullna as the beast fell to the ground convulsing in death.
-Gullna caught his breath as he stood over the quivering corps of the Numrek. He kneeled before the great beast in reverence as it breathed its last breath. Gullna rose to his feet and retrieved his knife, he had passed the test and now it was time to clean his kill and claim his trophy.
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