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Chapter 2: Answers

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What happens when Sarah has lost all memory of the Labyrinth & all of its inhabitants? More importantly, what happens when shes forced to remember? Will Jareth be forgiving or will it be the bog ...

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these characters...I am merely borrowing from the immense supernova glow of Jim Henson's mind to add a little flicker to my story! (A/N: Thank you to the people that reviewed and gave me the courage to move on with this story! This is going to be a rather short chapter...mostly cause this is just Sarah looking for the answers to her big question of "Why cant I remember?" More adventure and fun stuff to come, but you always have to start with semi-boring crap to get to that! LOL)

She was sure that sleep would never find her that night. Sarah was nearly out of breath as she took all her things from the attic and placed them back in all their rightful places. How could her father do this to her? How could he lock away memories? Or perhaps that was exactly the problem. He was afraid that these things weren't part of her memories, but part of her delusion.

'Oh could you?" The last thing she pulled out of the box was the music doll. The doll that she had been dressed up like at the Crystal Fae Ball. She cranked the lever a bit and watched as the miniature her twirled to the lilting melody that Jareth had weaved into a song that night.

Suddenly, Sarah returned to that night in her memory. The twirling, masked figures were blurring around in a morbid masquerade. Looking around for Jareth and only catching glimpses of him as he used that annoying Fae ability of popping around the room at will. Oh, but that moment she had seen him and he had taken her up into his arms...she had been ready to surrender.

She was pretty damn sure that she would have given everything up to be with that glimmering, chivalrous version of Jareth. He was charming and debonair, what more could a girl ask for, but sadly, that was not the true Jareth. He was the villain, not the knight in shinning armor come to save her.

The song had stopped. She looked back at the now at that unmoving figurine and she felt the warm tears come running down her cheeks. What the hell was this? Did she miss the Underground? All her friends there? Or...dare she think it...Jareth? She cranked the music doll up again and rested her head down on the table top of her vanity, letting that magical night wash over her again and damning herself for not accepting all that he had to offer.

A hand on her shoulder woke her up.

"Mmmm...Jareth..." She purred. The hand snapped back and she heard the door to her room close. Being too tired to get up and investigate she went back to sleep and her wonderful dream of Jareth. Getting her hands tangled in all that wild hair would be so much fun.

"Sarah...Sarah, darling wake up." Her eyes snapped open. She could feel the slight dribble of drool on her arm where her head had lain. 'Damn saliva...what the hell good is it anyways? All it does is embarrass you when it's most important. Damn that shit!'

She turned to meet the gaze of her father and was slightly peeved when she saw the grin on his face. Making sure that her face was the epitome of pissiness, she turned on him. He should know by now that she was NOT a morning person.

"What!?" His grin never faltered.

"You have a red streak across your face. It's very becoming." That sarcastic bastard, but she couldn't help but laugh. She turned to the mirror and saw that she indeed had a red streak from her right temple across her nose and down her left cheek.

"Well, I guess I need a shower huh?"

"Yeah, you're pretty rank."

"Dad!?!" He just laughed and started to head out the door when he noticed a few things in the room that shouldn't have been there. Her father turned back around and glanced over the room. Everything that had been stored away in the attic was back. Somehow she had remembered that things were missing and she had found everything and put it back.


"Yes Dad?"

"Where did you find all your things?"

"The attic, where you shoved them." It was said so nonchalant, but he knew the venom that was insinuated in those words. He tried to walk up to her and explain.

"Sarah, I..." A slender hand went up to signal him to stop talking.

"I really don't want to talk about this right now dad. Right now all I want to do is take a shower and try to calm myself down and wake up a little. As you can imagine I didn't get much sleep last night." His head just hung low and defeated. He knew he had no chance of trying to explain himself to Sarah.

"Ok, I will be downstairs when you are ready to talk." She nodded and he left the room. Down to the breakfast that she could smell. Down to that bacon and eggs way of life. Her life wasn't going to be that simple. It wasn't going to be bacon and eggs. The way she was feeling right now it was more along the lines of liver and onions.

She took her shower and then headed down herself. The bacon and eggs were cold, of course, but Toby was sitting there waiting for her. He wasn't quite as annoying these days.

"Hello Sawah." Toby still couldn't get his r's down. She walked over to the six year old and ruffled his dirty blonde hair.

"Hello there Toby. How are you doing this morning?" His blue eyes twinkled with delight at her being home. He had always hated it when they had to leave her there at her apartment, always wanting to stay with her.
"I'm doin' pwetty good Sawah. How have you been?"

"I have been doing pretty good myself little one, but I have had some problems with my memory lately. Some of it seems to have been erased." His little face twisted up in confusion.

"How could it be ewased? You can't take an ewaseah to a bwain...can you?" He looked terrified at the thought.
"Oh no, no Toby. No erasers. There were just people that made me forget a few things that I didn't want to." His head titled with the need for knowledge.

"Like what Sawah?" She leaned in closer to Toby.

"Toby, do you remember the Goblin King? Do you remember being in his castle with all the goblins and I was trying to find you?" His eyes filled with terror.

"They awen't comin' back are they!?! I don't wanna go back thewe. It wasn't a fun place." Sarah was joyous with the news. She thought for sure he was too young to remember that.

"No Toby they won't come back for you. I just wanted verification that I wasn't crazy." He laughed.

"You awen't cwazy!" She didn't have time to continue the conversation with her little brother cause her father walked into the kitchen with 'evil bitch' in tow. She groaned and rolled her eyes, mentally preparing herself for the moronic onslaught that was about to be dished out on her.

"So I guess it's not going to be when I'm ready?" It was her step-mother's turn to scoff and roll her eyes. She always managed to look like a retarded bird of some sort when she did that. Her father came and sat down by her.
"I am sorry dear, but these things need to be said and Karen--I, want to get it out of the way." So this was step-mother dearest's idea? Surprise, surprise.

"Ok, I have one question and one question only. It's really simple so it won't be too hard for you." She directed that last part at the witch bitch to the left of her father. "Why the HELL did you send me to that psyche ward of a high school?" Her step- mother took her chance to answer.

"Because you were spouting off idiocy about some mythical place called the Underground and talking about how you fought a Goblin King and made friends with a dwarf and a giant monster with horns! What did you expect us to do? We couldn't very well keep you around to scare off our friends!" Sarah eyed her coldly.

"You mean YOUR friends!? You MADE dad send me to that place didn't you?" Her smug smirk and upturned chin was all she needed as a reply. Sarah burst out of her seat and sent a blazing open palm right against her step-mother's cheek. There was a gasp and the sound of her father calling her, but she was storming to her room.
She ran in and slammed the door shut, locking it. Then she threw herself on the bed and covered her head with the nearest pillow. Then she shot up.

"Woah...déjà vu." There was pounding on her door. It was her father and he sounded furious.

"Sarah Williams! You open this door right now!"


"I can't believe you hit Claire like that!" Disbelief covered her face...well damn, some things never changed.
"Wow, you really care about ME! You could care less about sending your child away for five years, but a little slap to the Bitch Whore from Hell and your fucking panties are in a twist!" The pounding stopped.

"Sarah..." He sounded exasperated. That just made her snap even more.

"Don't worry, you won't have to worry about me anymore!" She turned to the mirror on her vanity and said the words that could either doom her to a fate she didn't even want to think of or the only place where she would ever truly be free.

"I wish..." The pounding started on her door again at the sound of those words.

"Sarah, don't do this! You know that was all a dream! It was a delusion created by you when you were a child!" Her focus went back to the mirror.

"I wish..."


"I wish the goblins would come and take me away..." She looked back at the door one last time. One last look at her life here in the Aboveground. "Right now."

Her window was thrown open and the owl swooped in. The curtains hid it for a moment and when they fell back there he was. It was Jareth. He looked exactly the same. He was wearing his regal armored, formal ware. Just like that first night they had met.

She walked up to him and looked up into his mismatched eyes and he smiled. She couldn't tell if it was sinister or sincere. Sarah could only guess that was a perk of being the Goblin King, keeping people on their toes.

"Hello Sarah."

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