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Sirius in Reikai

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We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A Yu Yu Hakusho Harry Potter Crossover

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Reikai Arc
Sirius in Reikai
A Fanfiction by: Sheya
Disclaimer:: I own not Yu Yu Hakusho or HP... YYH belongs to a Japanese man who thought it would be interesting to kill off his hero before the story even got properly started. HP belongs to an English woman who killed of a character with a lot of potential before the one person who needs him really go to know him... Well these two people have something in common they both killed off a great character, however, the Japanese man had the idea of brining the character back to life greater then before, I shall be experimenting with that idea... in my own way .
Summary:: We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A YYH / HP Crossover
Notes:: I have not seen all of Yu Yu Hakusho. I have seen what CN shows I've also seen both the movies. I will be blending YYH cannon and other myths as well as my own imagination into this. Che... I haven't even started and I'm on the second page in word and I have three pages because of the glossary of words that I will and might use.


The young blue haired woman, dressed in a pink kimono, dragged the man she found near the communication portal, out of the area of interference. She had been waiting at the portal because her boss told her that something unusual would happen, and he was right. She was surprised however that a stunning spell and a wand created such an unusual occurrence. As she waited for the man to wake up she wondered how her boss would handle this. Nothing like it had happened before... no, that wasn't right something like this had happened just not in the same way.

The black haired man finally groaned and sat up holding his head. "Wha... where am I?" He looked at the blue haired girl next to him. "Am I dead...? I should be I remember what I was standing in front of..."

"Well technically you are and you aren't." The girl smiled at him. "I'm Botan." She held out her hand.

He took her hand then looked around. "Sirius Black. Where are we?"

"Well we are in an area of the Reikai that is extremely close to the Ningenkai-."

"Reikai? Ningenkai? What...?" He scratched his head in confusion.

"Sorry, I forgot that you are English. Reikai is Spirit World; Ningenkai is Human or Living World. However, as you can see this area is turbulent because of their close proximity... I believe that ancient Wizards created the Veil on your side to calm the turbulence in the Ningenkai."

"Right so now what? And if I'm not dead but not alive what happens to me?"

"We need to talk to Koenma-sama. He told me to bring you as soon as you woke up." She held you her hand and an oar appeared in a flash of golden light. They both got on and they flew off to the Gates of Judgement.


As they were flying Sirius saw a great river. "What is that?" He pointed at the river.

"Oh, that is the Senzu River; I believe you call it the River Styx. Ahead are the palace and the Gates of Judgment."

Sirius saw a giant Japanese style Palace with a set of enormous Gates for front doors. "Amazing..." Sirius looked on in awe.

The two flew through the open Gates and landed in a room that looked like that NY stock exchange on a very big day, only instead of businessmen, there were giant Oni in business suit jackets and tiger striped loincloths.

"Ummm..." Sirius stopped dead. "What is this?"

"Oh don't worry these Oni don't eat humans; they work for Koenma-sama. Come on."

"Eat humans?" Sirius whispered to himself. "I didn't know that there were some that did."

Botan continued walking through the mayhem until she came to a set of large office doors. "In here is the great Koenma-sama, prince of the dead. Be respectful." She opened the doors.

Sirius walked inside and looked around. "Where...?"

"Hello." A squeaky voice came from the vicinity of the floor. "I'm Koenma."

"Uhhhh... Hello." Sirius looked down at the- what looked like a toddler but he did not act like one.

"Well at least you have better manners then Yusuke. But you are before me because of A) the way you got to Spirit World and B) how you were treated in the Human World." Koenma walked around his desk and sat down in his chair.

"What do you mean?"

"You were sent to a place that is almost worse then the lowest level of hell. You were wrongfully sent there. And the ones who sent you knew it, they just needed a scapegoat and someone to blame and since the ones to blame either escaped or were beyond the reach of the authorities you took the fall."

"But they..."

"They knew you were innocent they did not care, because of who and what you were you were a threat to them. However, I can either send you on to you next life or you can become my liaison to the newest team of Reikai Tantei... In that instance you will have power, and immunity to their laws."

"I... can go... back...?"


"But what will I be? Surely I won't be a human anymore?"

"Well, you will have all the abilities you had before coming here as well as extra abilities and you could become as human as you want."

"What would I be then?"

"A Reikai Michibikite- A Spirit Guide like Botan, but there hasn't been a male Sprit Guide since my father was betrayed by the last one. He then instated the Ferry Girls. You would work with the girls, occasionally, other then that I actually have two immediate jobs for you- first is liaison in the fight against Voldemort, I want him in the lowest levels of hell as much as the Living World wants to send him there. The second is, probably something you would want to do anyway, guardian, guide, and ally to the one fate has chosen to defeat Voldemort... I will give three Ningen extra abilities to make killing Voldemort easier."


"Yes he will be getting one set of abilities."

"I want to go back, but wouldn't I still be a fugitive?"

"No- everyone now knows that you went through the Veil, Albus Dumbledore made sure of that, he also made sure everyone knows why you went through. By the end of summer the Ministry will have no choice but to pardon you, I have sent to the Ministry a signed confession from Barty Crouch I have also sent it to every news paper making it seem like he set it up to happen sometime after his death. I also had one of my Ferry Girls posses a clerk and uncover the documents that prove you were wrongfully convicted."

"But that all takes time..."

"It took over a week for you to come through the portal completely." Botan spoke up for the first time since entering the office.


"It will take the rest of the summer for your training to be complete."

"Fine. When do we start?"

"Soon- right now," Botan grabbed his arm dragging him out of the office; "there are some people who wish to see you. After all you are in Spirit World."


After Sirius spent a week with his long dead friends, he got down to some serious training.

Botan taught him the history of the four worlds: Reikai, Ningenkai, Makai, and Meikai. She also taught him about how the judgment system works and told him that his friends were also given a choice when they died, go on to the next life or wait for those they cared about to join them and then go on to the next life. They chose the latter.

She taught him the duties of a spirit guide; she also told him that there were about fifty Ferry Girls. He was given the tools he would need to be a spirit guide, luckily he already knew how to use a broom so he only needed a little practice on his oar. He learned his new powers, including hands on healing.

Botan told him one day when she caught him remembering Azkaban that Dementors could no longer affect him, in fact they would be destroyed by contact with him, he was much father up on the power scale that them.

Anyone could see and touch him if he wanted them to. Since he did not quite die, the power of his wand preserved his body and the fact that he was stunned and unconscious preserved his spirit in his body when he went through the veil, he wasn't quite a spirit himself; he was somewhere in between spirit and living. His wand was now a part of him he could call it when he needed it.

When his training ended, Koenma gave him three artifacts for the newest Reikai Tantei; these artifacts would give them the new abilities. He spent the next day, again, with his friends and the day after preparing to leave, he was returning to the Ningenkai that evening... the day also coincided with the day that Harry was going back to Hogwarts, he would re-enter the Living World at Hogwarts during the opening feast.

James and Lily came to see him off, Koenma was also there... Koenma also had a gift from some youkai for a certain Werewolf.... Sirius took a deep breath opened the portal and stepped through, with Botan following.
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