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Voldemort's Last Stand

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We all know that the book says that you can hear the voices of the dead in the veil. What if there was more to it? A Yu Yu Hakusho Harry Potter Crossover

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Reikai Arc
A fanfic by Sheya
Chapter 06
Voldemort's Last Stand

One of the totally out classed Dark Lord's first mistakes after the defeat of his Minions was to tell them they were all useless and he was going to give them time to say good bye to their families; then he was going to slaughter the lot, families and all. Not the smartest thing he could've done because the former Death Eaters took their families and went underground.

But to Voldemort all was not lost he could afford to wait; after all he was un-killable. Little did he know that the spirit guides were all finding his little soul piece vessels and bringing them to Hogwarts. Dumbledore had suspected Horocrox's but to be confirmed and handed them, except Nagini, well that was the whole cake and the snake was the icing.

The vessels were carefully destroyed and then Harry started flaunting his continued well being just to piss of a certain dark moron, he pissed off some other people to but they really were incidental. All he wanted was for Voldemort to get madder and attack him.

Voldemort did plan an attack he felt that he could use the forbidden forest and the dark creatures therein, as well as the werewolves, to attack. The rub was that most of the werewolves had heard about the cure and knew only the lightside had it so there goes most of that army. The Dark Moron did get a few that only cared about hurting the people that hurt them after they had become werewolves; he also got the ones who enjoyed killing. However, definitely not the army he was looking for.

'Course that didn't stop him, he still went to the forbidden forest and tried to talk to the creatures there. Problem was a certain Taiyoukai called Toushin got to them first and they made themselves very scarce. Needless to say, Mister "I'm so great I need to add Lord to my name even though I have no right to it" was not a happy camper. He did however get the Dementors and Giants on his side...

Harry meanwhile was boasting in the Daily Prophet about how he and his friends were stopping "Moldywart's" every move. When the Wanna Be World Conquering Megalomaniac got back from his fruitless search of the Forbidden Forest he saw the Prophet and practically blew a gasket, even though he barely knew what a gasket was.

So, he decided to go with it, after all he was the most powerful wizard in the world... umm famous last thoughts anyone? Up there with "no man can defeat me". Now attacking was all well and good he may even have gotten away with it with the forces that he had unfortunately he forgot a few things, the first I suppose he never really knew, you do NOT attack Death's own champions on Deaths own day. Voldemort decided to attack on Halloween, dia de morte, the day when the sprit world and the human world were closest... Now I suppose that it had worked for him in the past and he did really want to correct the mistake he made Halloween 15 years before but really it didn't work then why should it work now.

'Course we knew he was stupid when he tried to take over the world after all any fool knows that you just can't take over the world. It has been said that Cosmic Law won't let you take over the world, for there is ALWAYS someone or someones born to stop the conquer. I suppose you could assume that Voldy never read the book of Cosmic Law but that would be pushing it. He thought he was above Cosmic Law. The only smart thing he did was try to get rid of the one who would stop him, but 13 years of being bodiless showed how well that worked.

Halloween came and Hogwarts was ready for anything, i.e. the students were hiding in the dining hall with the teachers using all their power to ward it... but our heroes were all waiting for the moron of the century to show. When he did half of our defenders were "Rolling On The Floor Laughing Their Arses Off". That would be the Japanese contingent, the others were trying not to laugh. Then they all pulled themselves together and got serious. The two groups attacked the Urameshi Team going after the "army" and the Potter team heading for Voldemort.

Team Urameshi was devastating to the army- no one had to worry about being attacked from behind. But then again what do you expect with Black Flame and Rei Guns and Rei Kens and Rose whips, flying all over the place. A few would even wonder why the Dementors were running in terror from the harmless looking girl with the oar, that is until she caught one, bashed it over the head with her oar and it vanished in a puff of black smoke and an agonized scream. They also vanished the same way when a Rei Gun or Ken hit them... they went out with a whimper when Black Flame hit them.

The Golden Trio, the Prince of Slytherin and the Last Marauders, approached Voldemort occasionally taking out a minion or two, but mostly focused on the 'Big Bad'. Harry took point with Ron and Hermione slightly behind and to either side; Draco and Remus flanked Ron and Hermione respectively and Sirius flew above them all on his Oar; they walked in of course a wedge formation.

"Well, well well the "boy-who-is-a-pain-in-my-arse' has come to confront me, the greatest Dark Lord ever. He has stolen the loyalty of one of my promised children and destroyed all my forces. Before I kill you how did you get the creatures of the Forbidden Forest on your side?" He was of course referring to the fact that all the creatures form Acumantulas to Unicorns and beyond had joined in the fight while Team Potter was approaching him. Said creatures were doing nearly as good a job at taking out the army as team Urameshi.

"Oh, that- well... we have a Demon Lord on our side. He convinced them to help."

"Harry we're not here to converse, we are here to pummel." Draco stated in exasperation.

"Too true. But I have a question for Moron Man over there," Harry pointed to the Dark Moron, "Why did you choose to attack on Deaths own day? I mean we are the champions of Life and Death."

"You are the champions of Light not Dark."

"But Death is neither Light nor Dark it just is, and you've been pissing them off since you started you rein of terror, I mean all that extra WORK alone must have made them cranky. They are mad enough that they sent their own forces to help us... that is the girl with the oar and the other Team that started the battle with us."

"SHUT UP AND DIE! Avadera Kedvera!" Voldemort would have won then and there, except for a few things that happened the first was the his snake stopped the first spell when a certain Fox dropped her in front of it, instant dead snake. The second Killing curse was stopped by Harry's shield; and a golden oar that continued on to hit Voldemort in the face stopped the third.

Our Villain stared from his now prone on his arse position.

"If you ever attack my godson again I will personally come to torment you when he sends you to hell. Better yet I'll do it anyway since you've attacked him so many times." Sirius stood back smirking.

"Well that will be the last time. Good Bye, stupid wanna be Dark Lord." Harry then threw his ki Shuriken at Voldemort he was joined by his friends former enemy and his fathers friends. Although Harry's attack was the first and last to hit, He-who- was-stupid-enough-to-try-and-take-over-the-world found out he did not like being 'wholy' but he did not have time to complain for Botan snatched up his soul in a specially made container and brought him to sprit world.

"You know that was wholly anticlimactic." commented Ron.

"Tue but lots of wanna be world conquers go out with whimpers rather than bangs." Harry responded.

"Yeah but that wasn't even a whimper." Hermione looked over the battlefield. "Looks like the others are done too, no casualties on our side either."

"Yup and we have a feast to get to. Hiei could you take care of the bodies?" Harry looked towards the Fire Demon.

"Hn" the bodies all vanished in a burst of Black Fire.

"He should have been more prepared. What kind of stupidity does this world teach its children?" Kurama returned to human form.

"He could never have been prepared for all of you." Koenma floated in front of the group. "The Dark Moron is taken care of. Harry do you want to keep protecting this side of the world against supernatural bullies?"

"Ummm." Harry thought about it. "Sure just let me finish School."



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