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Old Enemies

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Hermione and Ron get a surprise at their new Defense teacher...

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Chapter II-Old Enemies

The Great Hall was just as vast as it has always been. Tables were covered with long, white cloths, empty seats occupying them. Candles were hovering many feet above them, giving the room a mysterious, eerie look as it always did when it welcomed the old and new students. Even higher above those candles were more candles, blotted like stars across the ceiling in a midnight sky. Hermione found herself transfixed by this and stared up into the abyss for a while, not noticing where she was walking until she bumped into Ron.

"Come on, Hermione," he said to her. "Before our seats are taken."

Hermione gladly followed him over. She wasn't attracting many people now, because she had gotten rid of the makeup, but people were still staring at her.

"Damn, Hermione!" Seamus Finnigan whistled at her. Hermione grinned at him. She had left the lipgloss and her hair curly. "I wish I had asked you out now!"

"No you don't," Ron muttered, glaring at the boy he usually got along with.

Hermione laughed again as she stuffed her hands into her robe pockets, sitting down next to Ron. She pulled out one of her hands and her fingers brushed against something round and hard. She pulled out the object and discovered that it was the fake D.A. Galleon used to inform members of the meetings. She stared at it in wonder. "Ron?"

Ron, who was staring suspiciously at the whispered conversation of Seamus and Dean, turned to look at her, then looked at what she was looking at. "A Galleon?" he shrugged. "So?"

"It's not just any Galleon!" Hermione hissed to him, bringing it closer to his eye. Ron stared at it, then smiled.

"The D.A. coin!"

"Yes," Hermione said, smiling back as she glanced down at the coin. Memories of the previous meetings began to flurish through her mind, especially her lesson involving close contact with a certain scar-faced boy...


"Expecto Patronum!" Hermione cried out, pointing her wand away from everyone else. A thin, whispy smoke emerged from the end of her wand and nothing else. Hermione groaned in exasperation as Ron laughed. "What's so funny?" she snapped at him.

"You finally can't do a spell." Ron crossed his arms. "I beat you."

"What?" Hermione stared suspiciously at him. "Do it!"

Ron looked at her a few moments before turning away, pointing his wand away from her. A few moments later, he cried, "Expecto Patronum!" Soon enough, a large, furry creature erupted from his wand and dashed across the room, leaving everyone else who was attempting to stop and stare as it approached the wall and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Great job Ron!" Harry clapped for him, and a few other people while Ginny whooped for him. Fred and George Weasley looked enviously at their younger brother. Harry came over to Ron and patted him on the back. He grinned at Hermione. "Mad?"

"No!...never!" Hermione said hastily. "I'm just learning something that's higher than my level, that's all! It's just taking a bit more time." Truth was, she really was jealous Ron had beat her to the spell, and Harry and Ron seemed to see right through it.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Hermione?" Harry said a little quietly as everyone set off to try. He glanced around and came closer to the brown-haired girl. "Think of something happy. Think of something that you would love to have more than anything in the world, and you could do it." He put his hands on her shoulders, sending chills crawling down her spine as his hot breath hit her neck. Hermione knew exactly what she wanted, as she stared up into his now matured, handsome face. She wanted him. The-Boy-Who-Lived. The boy who stared death in the face for six years now. The boy she could never get her mind off of. Taking a breath, Hermione pointed her wand away from everyone again and shouted, "Expecto Patronum!"

The room went semi-silent as they watched Hermione's wand erupt with the same wispy smoke but this time, a small furry creature wiggled its way from her wand tip.

"It's an otter!" Seamus yelled happily, as though trying to figure out the mystery answer to a question. The otter wobbled across the room and disappeared after several seconds. There was another small round of applause as Hermione's face lit with happiness. "I did it Harry!" she shrieked as everyone went back to work again. "I made an otter!" she giggled at Ron's disgusted face. "It's okay, Ron."

"I got a weasel," Ron grumpled, crossing his arms.

Hermione and Harry laughed, and they looked at each other. "See? I knew you could do it!" Harry said happily, patting her on the shoulder and giving her more chills. "What'd you think of?" He looked at her strangely.

"Oh,'s not important," Hermione said quickly, her face flushing and her eyes staring at the floor. Harry, still smiling, put his fingers underneath her chin and raised it so that she was forced to look up at him.

"Really?" He asked her, raising his eyebrows. Hermione nodded quickly, her face progressing even redder. He was smiling mysteriously as he began his patrol around the room to watch others, and Hermione had the nagging feeling he knew what she had thought of. Another hand went to her shoulder, and looking up, she saw Ron looking worriedly at her. As she smiled out of appreciation, a sudden question popped in her head.

"What did you think about?" she asked him. "When you...did your Patronus?"

"Oh, nothing," Ron's ears went flaming red as he moved quickly from her. Hermione giggled as she decided to attempt another Patronus....

End Flashback

Hermione smiled to herself. She remembered how badly she wanted him to kiss her, and now she had it. She missed his warm presence so much. She wished he had returned for his final year now.


The brown-haired girl jumped, staring at her friend. He had yelled in her ear even though he was sitting right next to her. He was staring up in horror at the Teacher's Table. "What the bloody hell is she doing back?" Ron nearly yelled again, looking angry while Ginny, Seamus, Dean, Parvati and Lavender looked in horror over his shoulder. Hermione turned her head to drop her jaw, seeing a toady looking woman in a black shimmery cardigan matching her sleek, wide, black dress. Her hair was a curly mess as it wildly came around her fat, pouchy face. Her red lips glimmered as the light hit it, her little sneaky smile all too familiar.

Dolores Umbridge has returned to teach again.
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