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Love Lost

by IcedHope 3 reviews

A man, enters a theatre to see a play, but a unexpected accident occurs.

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As, I walked into the theatre, I could not explained what I witnessed. The theatre was full; the commotion

was filling my head, with such pain, and discomfort. I approached my seat, and looked upon the stage.

The stage-crew was busy setting the scene for the opening of the play, I watched them put the scene

together, with such accuracy and detail, it was quite the sight to see. I watched the crew for what seemed

like hours, but it had only been twenty minutes. The lights went down, and the theatre was shrouded in

darkness. The spot-light came on, and it was if, they sun was floating in space, and the dust and debris

were the planets orbiting. It was a beautiful sight to behold, but not as beautiful, as the actress who

stepped out of the blood red curtain, her eyes were shining like the jewels shining around her neck,

her skin was like a beautiful and soft as velvet, he hair was as black as the night sky, she was a angel

cast down from the heavens. It never hurt my eyes to look at, and my heart favored it, she soothed my

heart just by looking at her. She glanced in my direction, he soul nearly jumped, as my heart began to

beat faster and faster, as though, I was running the mile dash. She smiled, her ivory teeth sending

a blinding glare. Her white dressed, had sequins that danced, and she was beautiful. I did not hear her

monologue, I stared at the angel, wanting her to be mine, I didn't hear it when the stage hand called out.

"Look out below!" Neither did she, as the sand bag came down, crashing down on her beautiful figure.

The rest of the patrons gasped, and tears came from my eyes. Her now beautiful body laid pale, and broken.

her white dress now stained with blood, and her hair was mess, blood and brains intertwined. My eyes

were filled with the water that were tears, I cried out to her. I knew she could not hear my words.

The rest of the theatre, rushing her now cold body, and looking at each other with awe. I approached her

I looked down to see the broken angel that laid before me, my tears hitting her forehead, and my felt broke,

shattered in my chest. The women on the stage, were crying; burying their heads in their spouses chest.

My mind could not register what had happened. She lied there, an angle struck down on. Was this

Gods doing or some other sort of doing? I looked at the woman once more, and headed for the exit.

Why would fate do this? To punish me for being a good man, never indulging in lust, never swearing, never

never cursing his name. Now I began to wonder if he really did exist or maybe this was his way of telling me

that I was never to love, and be on this earth alone, and tormented, I could not deal with this kind of stress.

What on earth did I do wrong? Did I murder innocence? Did I ever favor evil, I can not understand why?
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