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Change in Quarters

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Tseng/Vincent Will eventually be yaoi, plot is getting in the way "Five days later the doctor decided that it was better for Tseng to recuperate at home rather than hear the constant stream of ...

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Now or Never - Ch 3/?
Written for Lilymoon and Fireun who somehow encourage me to write ^-^.Unbetaed as it was written when sane people were asleep

Five days later the doctor decided that it was better for Tseng to recuperate at home rather than hear the constant stream of security problems. The doctor did comment that it was odd that he kept chuckling when the night security video feed was continually faulty, but after one glare he kept his comments to himself. Another reason the doctor had actually signed the paperwork for his release was that another Turk had been injured and they needed the private room. Reno had landed himself in the hospital wing. Again. At least he was doing his job this time, though the assignment had been a simple one and just the thought of reading the report was making Tseng's eye twitch.

The attacks against Turks and ShinRa employees were increasing, and Rufus had stated in a recent press conference that any ShinRa employee hurt in an attack would be cared for at company expense. Which meant that a couple of the 'attacks' had been staged by the lazier of the employees in an attempt to gain disability benefits, which had led to the second of the press conferences, covering the fact that if it was found that any of the attacks were being staged by employees, they would not only be prosecuted, but their families would not receive any benefits for their time off work. Rufus, while trying to fix the mess that his father had left after the Genoa incident, didn't pull any punches when it came to protecting the company's stability.

So the hospital wing was full, and Tseng went home. Well, as much of a home as his apartment was. He looked out the window of the transport, letting his mind wander a bit as the shops and the pedestrians passed by . At least now when Vincent visited, there would be more than 5 minutes.

This time there was no attempt at concern or gifting. Vincent simply slipped out of the shadows and up Tseng's blanketed body to seal his mouth over Tseng's. Tseng, for his part had watched Vincent stalk up the bed, skin prickling in anticipation, a growl on his lips as they kissed open mouthed, Tseng's hands already working on the buckles to Vincent's cloak, stopping only when he felt teeth on his throat, arching his head back and groaning. Just as he had buried his hands in Vincent's hair and had begun pulling Vincent back up to his mouth, he had pulled away, leaving Tseng to stare at his slightly regretful-but-THERE smile as he faded back into the shadows. Not 10 seconds later, a squad of Turks ran in, looking for the intruder.

A line appeared in Tseng's forehead as he remembered the previous night visit. He was impressed with his Turk's vigilance, but they had damn bad timing. He smiled slightly; if Reno knew that he had ever thought that, he'd never hear the end of it. Then he frowned, wondering what in Vincent's past gave him the abilities he had. The transport slowed, and he looked out the window again, his apartment building looming. The attendant helped him walk from the transport to the elevator, reluctantly leaving him there as Tseng assured him his apartment was near the elevator and there was no need to follow him up.

Te almost sagged with relief as the elevator door slid closed; dealing with constant observation for the last week made him empathize a bit with the people that he had surveillance on currently. The door slid open, and he stepped out, one hand on the wall as he walked to his door a short distance from the elevator. He palmed the lock on the door and it slid aside, finally letting his shoulders sag as the door slid closed behind him. The walk had taken more out of him than he had thought and he moved to sit on the couch, the wound in his belly stinging.

He never made it, someone picked him up from behind and laid him on the couch as if he were a child. He stiffened then immediately relaxed, seeing the flash of red swirl out of the corner of his eye, and hearing the clink of glasses in his kitchen and liquid being poured. "This is a much nicer homecoming than I expected."

He let his eyes slide closed, smiling at the 'huh' that counted as Vincent's laugh, then opened his eyes again as he felt the other end of the couch dip. Tseng took the glass and drained it gladly, tossing back the medication that the doctors had sent home with him as well. The juice made a welcome change from the watered down instant mix that the hospital used. He set the glass down on the coffee table and reached, touching Vincent's shoulder then cupping his head as he sat farther up. "Thank you." Unfortunately at that moment his body decided to betray him, his eyes unfocusing as the wound twinged hard, his face paling slightly.

"You try too hard." was all the admonishment that Vincent had for him as Tseng was once again scooped up and redeposited into his bed. "Rest." Vincent turned to go, and Tseng reached out.

"Stay." He grimaced both at the pain of the wound and the soft plea in his voice. He tried to explain. "I..." He trailed off as Vincent returned to the room a moment later with a chair from the dining table.

"I am," Tseng smiled, and sank into slumber

Definitely a better way to convalesce.
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