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Harry, the Godfather?

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One-shot, behind-the-scenes from "Fixing Broken Glass," by YamiPaladinofChaos!

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter, etc.; J.K. Rowling and a lot of other people do.

SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: This story was inspired by "Fixing Broken Glass," by YamiPaladinofChaos, who gave me permission to do it. (Speaking of which, you should probably read that first; the chapters in the story are not all that long.)

SUMMARY: This is one of my usual "Behind-the-scenes" (B-t-S) stories. In this case, Ron and Hermione discover they will be parents in several months, and at the same time, they've been trying to make amends with Harry for betraying him. How did they go about making their decisions?

A/N: I had this shelved for months, and so I only got back to it and finished it just recently.

/"Harry, the Godfather?"/

By Quillian

He turned his gaze to Hermione, and something about her seemed strange. Something about her seemed to glow. Harry thought for a moment, and used the sight to scan her aura. What he found shocked him considerably.

"You're pregnant?" Harry blurted out, looking at Hermione in surprise. Her eyes widened in shock, and then she looked at him with a contemplative expression.

"Yes, Harry. I am." Hermione stated, smiling at him. "I was hoping you would be the godfather?" She asked, her contemplative expression now fearful.

Harry looked at her now with surprise and shock. This completely threw the normally guarded and closed Harry Potter off. He almost said yes immediately, but knew that being a godfather to Hermione's child was an act of forgiveness, something he still couldn't let happen just yet.

"I'll... think about it." Harry finally said, and Hermione sighed. It wasn't what she wanted, but it was better than him telling them to bugger off.

-YamiPaladinofChaos, "Fixing Broken Glass"

It had been a few months since the Second War ended. A few months since Voldemort died. A few months since Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, completed his destiny.

A few months since the best friends of the said Boy Who Lived realized the depths of their mistakes.

Ron Weasley and his new wife, Hermione Weasley (maiden name Granger), were horrified when Voldemort gloated about how they unwittingly carried out his plans to make them help put Harry in Azkaban to rot and suffer for murders of Rubeus Hagrid and Percy Weasley, which he did not commit.

For days, even weeks after the end of the war, they and the rest of their family and the Order of the Phoenix sent tearful apologies to wherever he may have been, begging him for forgiveness and trying to fix as much as they could.

Ron looked positively ill during that time. He berated himself day in and day out for being such a complete fool. His jealousy reared its ugly head, reinventing their entire history together to put him in Azkaban all the faster. In the end, it was not worth the humiliation he suffered at the end of the war for being a traitor. Ron had sunk so low that Snape - Snape//! - had to come to Harry's aid with Veritaserum because the accused person's best friend was too busy being a jackass. The only reason Ron didn't just off himself was because he was too determined to try and fix his mistake.

Hermione seemed to cry nonstop for over a week, cursing herself for letting her emotions for Ron interfere with her logic and not think straight. She, who had often been able to see the flaws of wizarding society, had stooped down to becoming just like them, neglecting the motives or lack thereof. Why would Harry join the wizard who killed his parents and tried to kill him several times? Why would Harry murder Hagrid, the loving person who rescued him from the Dursleys? Since when did Harry use curses on people who turned their backs on him, like Percy did?

Perhaps the most discomforting thought was the fact that they burned his parents' photo album didn't help at all. In their bloodthirsty quest for revenge, they took the law into their own hands when it wasn't their place to decide (not that some lawmakers at the Ministry, namely Fudge, were any better). After Harry's defeat of Voldemort, they half-expected their friend to come charging in through the door of their house and yell and curse at them (both magically and verbally).

Of course, if Harry had done so, they knew that they probably would have deserved it.

The rest of the Weasley clan seemed to be wasting away into shades of their former selves. The twins, once so vibrant and full of energy, were now uncharacteristically somber and unenergetic. Bill, normally so handsome, was now looking worse for wear each day. Their father would often just come home after work without a word and go straight to his shed, only to tinker with Muggle devices for a few minutes before staring into space for hours on end. The matriarch of the family would often just cook and clean for lack of anything better to do, while Ginny, now a young woman who was beautiful for the most part, seemed to be shrinking back into the scared girl as Harry first knew her, with a very dreary and quiet attitude.

Often at night, in their own home, Ron and Hermione would just get into bed together while Hermione cried into Ron's shirt, while the husband would bury his face in his wife's hair, wishing he could give away everything he had if it meant fixing the mistake they all made.

About a month or so after Voldemort's downfall (not to mention Fudge's flight from the Ministry after Harry put him in his place), Hermione staggered into the bathroom one morning, feeling quite sick.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, Hermione quickly analyzed all the different symptoms she was dealing with. Her eyes widened when she figured it out.

'Could I be...?'

There was one way to find out. After using a Pregnancy Detection spell, a small part of her stomach glowed blue under the wand's light.

'I'm /pregnant/.'

Hermione couldn't believe it. She was going to be a mother.

Part of her wanted to jump up and down with joy, and part of her seemed sorrowful that now there was one more thing to worry about in her life (and Ron's life, too).

Composing her thoughts, she walked back to the bedroom where Ron was still in a deep slumber.

"Ron," she said, nudging him. It took a few minutes, but Ron was up.

"What's it?" he asked groggily, rubbing his eyes.

"There's something I just found out, which I need to tell you," Hermione said urgently.

Ron was more awake now, looking at her seriously. While doing so, he could now see that she looked... /different/, somehow, although he couldn't quite put his finger on it...

Making sure that her husband was comfortable, she said those two words guaranteed to scare almost any married man: "I'm pregnant."

Predictably, Ron's blue eyes bulged for a minute. "You are?" he asked hoarsely.

Hermione nodded. Ron stared at her for a moment before a strange sort of grin formed on his face and he hugged his wife, unable to let go for several minutes. Both of them laughed weakly as they realized they were about to have a family.

"I'll tell Mum and Dad at a better hour," Ron announced. "We need to do all sorts of things, like -"

"Choosing a godfather," Hermione said, starting to look somber. Ron's grin disappeared in a flash.

"Good point," Ron said, knowing full well who Hermione would want to be the godfather to their child.

"Harry," they both said in unison.

All the Weasleys and their in-laws were called together for some "special announcement." It turned out that Hermione was pregnant.

Mrs. Weasley gasped and hugged her son and daughter-in-law, tears brimming in her eyes. Ginny gave Hermione an encouraging smile, while her other brothers all congratulated Ron by slapping him on the back.

"So, who are you going to make the godfather?" Mr. Weasley asked.

Both Ron and Hermione looked apprehensive here.

"You want to choose Harry, don't you?" Ginny asked as if she were reading their minds. Everyone turned to look at her with some surprise, and then next moment, Ron and Hermione slowly nodded.

"Why, do you think it's a good idea?" Hermione asked her sister-in-law.

Ginny gave a small shrug. "Well, I don't think he'll take out his feelings on your child, if that's what you're asking. But as for whether or not he'll accept the role as godfather of your child... I honestly can't say myself or speak for him. But then again, you'll never find out if don't ask."

"Thanks for your input, Ginny," Ron said appreciatively.

Hermione took Ron's hand in hers, and as if their holding hands linked their minds together, they both thought the same thing: Hopefully, this will make things better...

A/N: So, how was this story? Not that there was ever much of a real plot to begin with... -Quillian
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