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Last Of The Maginess

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Lisbeth will protect the new queen with her life. But she also has to protect her heart, from the queen's older brother Warrick

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Long ago there was a kingdom that had an unusual custom. Every other generation, a woman would be crowned. This way the wisdom of men and women were intertwined into one. But Vartan second prince of the house of Bolthor was not content, he wanted to be king and he cursed the gods for making him a mere second son. So he hastened his brother Herr's death, poisoning him slowly to make it look natural. Now the only thing that stood between him and the throne was Herr's seven year old daughter Kyla. Vartan knew that the order of the Maginess, strong women warriors, protectors of the king or queen, would fight to the death for Kyla. He hired trained assassins to rid him of them. But Freya high warrior of the Maginess learned of Vartan's evil plan, and smuggled one of her most trusted warriors out to warn, Kyla and her brother.
Lisbeth, first warrior of the Maginess ran as if a group of evil genies were on her heels. Behind her she could hear the battle and knew that her sister's in arms were being slaughtered. But she couldn't think of that, she had a mission. Freya depended on her, and Lisbeth was determined on caring out her last wish, no matter what.
Lisbeth put on a hood and walked quickly through the market place. She knew that Vartan had spies everywhere, and there were very few people she could trust. She had just walked through the gate, when she heard "halt." She drew her sword and crouched down in a defensive position. "I am here to see Lord Warrick, and I don't mind taking a few heads off of those who try to stop me." Suddenly there was a commotion at the door of the house, "my lord be careful, it's not safe," Warrick's man in arms said. Lisbeth sheathed her sword and ran to the door, "My Lord Warrick, I bring sad tidings." She said as she bowed at his feet. Warrick looked down in alarm, this was no common messenger girl. He knelt beside her, "Lisbeth is that you? What's the matter?" Lisbeth looked at him, "I will tell you My Lord, but away from prying ears and eyes." He helped her up and led her into the solar. "Leave us," he said to the occupants of the room, "except for you Pieter." Once they were alone, Lisbeth asked"were is Queen Kyla?" "My sister is with her nursemaid..." suddenly Warrick turned "did you say Queen?" Lisbeth looked at Warrick with tears in her eyes.
"Yes my Lord, the King is dead and your uncle is trying to usurp the throne. He is sending assassins here as we speak." Suddenly a huge thump came from the entrance. A frantic servant ran into the room "My Lord, there is a horde at the door, their trying to get in." Warrick drew his sword" where are my men?" The servant cowered in fear"all gone my Lord, everyone ran away." Lisbeth touched Warrick on the arm, "we will have to fight them off ourselves." She turned to the servant, "go find all whose left and get them to safety." The servant ran off, just as the door crashed open. Lisbeth drew her sword and turned ready, the first man ran in and laughed as he saw she was a woman. "Come on my pretty", he said "whatcha gonna do with that sword?" "Oh I don't know, Lisbeth said than stabbed him in the stomach, "maybe that." She scanned the room and saw both Warrick and Pieter engaged in battle. She fought her way to where Warrick was, beheading a man just as he was going to stab Warrick in the back. "My lord, we must get the queen out quickly. There are to many of them." Warrick whistled to Pieter and they slowly backed up to Kyla's rooms. Once in they barred the door and turned to Kyla and her frightened nursemaid. "What's happening brother?" Kyla asked with fear in her eyes. Warrick knelt to comfort his sister. "Papa is dead poppet. Now we must find a way to get U to Askabar to sit on the ivory throne, it is the only way to legally declare U queen." Pieter yelled "My Lord their coming through the door." He pushed them to the door of the secret passageway. "Go my queen, quickly." But Pieter, what about you." Warrick asked as Pieter drew his sword and headed back to the main doors. Pieter stopped and smiled, "you have been one of my best friends, your sister was my sister, your family the one I never had. Now I have a chance to repay you for years of kindness." He knelt and hugged Kyla, "go little sister, sit on the throne and take your rightful place with the other kings and queens. It is your destiny." Warrick hugged his friend, "go with the god's my brother." Than they quickly got into the passageway and shut the door, just as the main doors crashed open. Warrick closed his eyes with pain as he heard Pieter get quickly cut down. Lisbeth tugged on his arm" we must go My Lord or his sacrifice will be in vain."
Warrick led the others out of the secret passage, into the glade of Inon. "We need some horses, if we are to get to the throne." Lisbeth said to Warrick "Your uncle will have people watching the stables." Warrick thought for a moment and than said"come this way, I know where we can go." He led them quickly through the forest until they came to a clearing. A little house, sat in the middle of the clearing and Warrick whistled quietly. The door opened and a old man stepped out, his sharp eyes scanning the clearing. "Whose there?"he asked in a surprisingly strong voice for someone so old. Warrick stepped out of the trees. "Galen my old friend how are you?" The old man's eyes widened in surprise. "Warrick young lord, what brings you here to my home?" Warrick's eyes misted up "father is dead, Galen and my uncle is trying to murder Kyla. We need some horses and a wagon. We must get to Askabar quickly." Galen lead them into his house, "if you plan on eluding Vartan and his men, you must have disguises. They will be looking for a prince, a queen and their entourage." He went to a wooden chest and opened it up. "They won't be expecting a group of peasants traveling back home from selling their produce in the city." After they changed and the horses where hitched to the wagon, Galen drew Warrick aside. "I'm sure you know there is much danger ahead my son." He reached into a pouch and drew out a whistle. "If you ever need me, just blow on this and I will come." Warrick nodded at him and hopped into the wagon seat, "my the god's be with you my friends, and may you have a safe journey." Than Warrick slapped the reins and the horses trotted away.
They traveled until nightfall, than Warrick said to Lisbeth"we need to find shelter, there are more things to fear once darkness falls in these woods than my uncle's men." They found a cave high up in the hills, where they could hear anyone long before the came. Warrick built a fire at the entrance of the cave as the twilight deepened and the snarls and howls became louder. He turned to Lisbeth, "we need to take turns watching the fire, if it dies than those beasts can come in." Lisbeth nodded her head, and turned to Kyla and her nursemaid Linette. "Time to get some sleep, the sun rises early and we must be gone as soon as it does."
Later Lisbeth roused from where she was sleeping next to Linette. She got up and sat next to Warrick, he stared in the flames for awhile before he spoke. "Do you think Freya knew about our history, when she sent you to warn us?" Lisbeth looked at him startled,"I know not if she did, what was between us has nothing to do with me being a warrior." Warrick looked at Lisbeth, "how could it not? You and were supposed to wed. Than you left me a month before our wedding and became a Maginess." He stood up and began to pace around the cave. He stopped at looked down at Lisbeth, "why did you do that? When you knew I loved you, when you loved me." Lisbeth stood up and faced him "yes Warrick, I did love you, but it was never my destiny to marry you. I was meant to be a Maginess." Warrick looked at her,"do you love me now?"He softly placed his hands on her shoulders, then, after staring into her eyes, kissed her. As he pulled away, she stood stunned for a moment, then slapped him. Than they heard the neighing of a horse outside. Warrick quickly ran and woke Linette, "quickly take the horses and go to the back of the cave. There is a way out, if we don't come for you soon, take Kyla and get to Askabar. My sister must sit on the ivory throne." Linette looked at him with fear in her eyes and nodded. Than quickly she took Kyla and the horses, and ran to the back with a lit torch. Warrick quickly doused the flames and crouched next to Lisbeth by the cave's entrance. Soon the heard the scraping of a boot against the stone entrance and the shadow of a man came into view. Warrick gave a warrior cry and tackled the man, they wrestled for a bit until Warrick landed on top with his sword at the man's throat. The man gasped out "Warrick wait." Than Lisbeth shone the torch on his face, both Warrick gasped out the man's name in surprise, "Pieter".
Warrick and Pieter sat down next to the newly lit fire as Lisbeth went to retrieve Kyla and Linette. Warrick looked at Pieter with confusion, "we thought you were dead. What happened?" Pieter stared into the flames," they stabbed me and thought I was dead. They were more interested in finding Kyla than making sure. I escaped out the secret entrance after they went after you." Warrick stood and looked out the cave entrance. "What did you do after you escaped?" Pieter stood up and went to stand next to Warrick. " I made my way to Galen's cottage, he healed me and told me which way you had gone." He turned and looked at Warrick , "Galen told me that your uncle is already at the ivory throne, the full moon is soon. If you don't get there soon he will sit on the throne and all will be lost." At that moment Lisbeth came back with Kyla and Linette. "I heard" she said "we must act quickly." They packed the wagon and started on their way. Lisbeth turned to Warrick " how far is it to Askabar?" "About a days ride" Warrick answered without looking at Lisbeth."I fear for Kyla, if my uncle sits on the throne. Her life is forfeit."
Two days later they arrived at Askabar, Lisbeth, Warrick, and Pieter hid behind some boulders at the base of the mountain and watched the activity. "It seems my uncle has arrived." Warrick said as the slowly and carefully made their way back to the wagon. "But he hasn't set on the throne yet, we still have time." "How are we going to get down there Warrick?" Lisbeth asked, "we are greatly outnumbered." Warrick turned to her and smiled,"Leave it to me. We're going to have to make a run for it as soon as we see the entrance is clear, and when the try to attack. I have a ace up my sleeve." As night fell they saw the soldiers begin to disperse, soon there was only two guards at the entrance. Warrick whistled softly and than said "lets go."
As quickly and quietly as they could they snuck to the boulders marking the beginning of Askabar. Than Warrick yelled "Now!" They ran to the entrance, Pieter carrying Kyla, shielding her with his body. Behind her Lisbeth could hear the yells as the soldiers ran out of their makeshift barracks, pursuing them. Suddenly the sound of wings filled the air and Galen landed on the ground. He spread his cloak and yelled at the approaching soldiers, "Thou shall not pass!" As if made of stone the soldiers stopped in their tracks. Galen yelled to Warrick "Quickly, my son get her to the throne." Warrick dispatched of the guards and they ran into the cool darkness of the Askabar. Behind them they heard the roar as the soldiers unfroze and ran toward the entrance. Galen appeared magically next to Warrick and said"this way." He lead them through the maze until the finally came to the throne. Warrick grabbed Kyla from Pieter and ran up the steps, as Vartan ran into the room shouting "NO!" Ignoring him Warrick put Kyla on the throne, and a strange light filled the room. Warrick stepped back, as Kyla was covered with the strange glow. Than he turned and said to the soldiers that crowded in the throne room. "This is your queen, honor her." Everyone in the room bowed to one knee except for Vartan who yelled madly "no, I won't allow it!" He took a knife out of his robes, "I killed once to get this throne, I don't mind killing again." Than he ran at Kyla with knife raised. Lisbeth screamed "NO!" and threw herself in front of Vartan. She gasped as she was stabbed by the knife and fell on the floor. Pieter quickly threw his sword and stabbed Vartan through the heart. Warrick rushed to where Lisbeth lay on the floor and gathered her up in his arms, he looked up at Galen and Galen shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry my friend, it's a mortal wound. Best you say your goodbyes now." Than he shuffled away. Warrick gently kissed Lisbeth on the forehead, tears streaming down his cheeks "I should have told you this sooner" he whispered "I still love you and I probably always will." Lisbeth opened her eyes and smiled"I love you too Warrick, I join my sisters in the heavens today, but I will always be with you." Than she closed her eyes and died. As the kingdom celebrated the reign of a new queen, five people mourned the passing of a great warrior, Lisbeth first warrior, last of the Maginess.
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