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Final Confrontation

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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 12: Final Confrontation


The energy around the pyramid of Apocalypse was thickening with each passing second. The sky above was growing darker as the clock ticked closer to final moments when the demon mutant would unleash his full power.

Outside near the hole where the team had entered, a lone aircraft touched down on the rugged terrain. It was the X-copter, otherwise known as the Velocity. It had followed the X-jet from a distance and it contained a single occupant. As the engines died down, the thunder and howling wind around the pyramid soon overtook all sound within the area. As the lone figure from the craft stepped out on to the hard, rocky surface of the mountainous plateau, he soon found himself at the opening where the X-men and Slayer had entered. Feeling unafraid in the face of such a horrid place, he prepared to enter the dark cavern that would ultimately lead to the demon mutant, Apocalypse...

"It's time to finish this...Once and for all."


Jean Grey-Summers was consumed with a great anger unlike anything she had felt before. In fighting Apocalypse's horsemen and hearing his sinister taunts towards both her and her friends, she had been instilled with a rage that she wanted the ancient madman to fully feel once she was done with him. So much time and so much pain had plagued Jean's life since that fateful day when she fought Apocalypse...And she wanted it to end. And the only way to do that was to end the demon mutant himself...

"APOCALYPSE!" yelled Jean as she flew through the narrow passages leading to the core.

She knew he was close...She could sense all the energy he was amassing. Using that as her guide, she soon found herself in the biggest room yet. It was the core in which Apocalypse was planning to unleash his final assault upon the world.

Standing in the blinding light of the shining energy core was a tall, powerful figure. He looked calm...Collected...And undaunted by her presence. As he turned around, Jean's eyes finally met that of the being that had caused so much pain to her and her family. Apocalypse only shot her a sickening grin as he descended the metallic stairway leading up to the core. Jean saw that he looked different since the last time she saw him after his illusion was broken. Now, the demon mutant's was covered with strange machinery and his body looked a great deal stronger than it had been earlier. However, Jean remained unafraid as her anger towards him overshadowed all feelings of inner doubt. Finally...She felt her path was clear, and it was time for her to finish what she started over a year ago.

"Mrs. Jean Grey-Summers...I'm glad you could be here to witness this momentous event..." said the demon mutant as he stood before the enraged young woman.

"SHUT UP! Whatever you're planning is NOT going to happen!" yelled Jean in response, "I won't let you cause any more pain!"

Apocalypse simply let out a sickening, evil laugh that only made Jean madder.

"You really are pathetic. I have lived beside you for a year...And I know how weak you truly are!" taunted the demon mutant, "Look at yourself...You're nothing. Even with all the power that lies within you, you're still just a scared little girl crying like a baby because you're so insecure about your pitiful life! You stand before me with so much anger, yet I know you better than that...I know you're still scared. Scared of yourself...Scared of others...Scared of your own thoughts and feelings! It's really sad..."

Jean felt the sting of those words as she continued to let her rage consume her.

"It's funny...If you weren't so pathetic...I might actually feel sorry for you. That foolish husband of yours was the same way...You really are pitiful, and don't deserve the power you wield!"

"You don't deserve any of you're power either Apocalypse!" yelled Jean in response, "YOU STOLE IT!"

"No...You gave it to me," said Apocalypse, who couldn't help but smirk upon saying those words, "You gave me more power than I ever could have hoped for. You and you're pathetic friend were so easy to trick! It was almost humorous to watch you destroy yourselves! The enslavement of Emma Frost and Magneto...The 'death' of Colossus and Psylock...And let's not forget that little thing between you and Wolverine! Why...Just think of how you're dear husband would feel if you said you cheated on him with that laughable animal! Controlling him and the others was just too easy! What greater punishment for my enemies than to have them hurt themselves while I simply watched from afar! The only bad thing about it was that I had to parade around you as that insolent speck of flesh you call Scott Summers, and flirt with that insidious woman, Emma Frost! You were so quick to accept what you saw that it was like a game! A game which I knew I could always win!"

Jean struggled to hold her emotions back as Apocalypse bought back all the negative feelings she imposed upon herself because she failed Scott...And she failed her friends. The things she had done...The people she had hurt because she surrendered to Apocalypse's deception. It was getting all the more hard to set those terrible memories aside...And it was getting too hard to filter these emotions out as Apocalypse continued to assault her with his venomous words.

"Face it Jean...YOU'RE NOTHING! AND YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!" yelled the demon mutant as he saw the effect of his words upon the young woman, "I have already won...And there is nothing you can do to stop me. You're too weak and simple minded! Even with the Phoenix, you're efforts will be in vain...And it will only destroy you in the end. Then...I shall take the power of the holy bird...And I shall wield it to end this filthy, corrupted world!"

Jean's eyes were full of an unspeakable anger that was consuming her mind with each passing moment. But it was still nothing more than a charade to Apocalypse. He knew her too well...And he knew he could win this time around with all the power he has. Jean knew this...She knew that even though she didn't want to listen to this madman's words, he was right in some ways. He truly did know her...In some ways even better than she knew herself. But unlike all the times before...She was unwilling to accept that. Slayer had told her earlier that she had the power...And how she used it was up to her...Not this heinous incarnation.

Suddenly, the anger and rage that permeated in Jean's eyes faded...And soon, Jean finally felt in control of herself once again...As she focused on the evil menace before her.

"No...I won't let you use me this time..." said Jean in a strangely stoic voice, "I'm sick of being used...I'm sick of being a slave to your illusions! You hurt me...You tried to take away everything that meant something in my life. You tried to make me destroy myself. Well I'm not gonna let you use me ANYMORE! I'm not gonna be used to hurt the people I love! I was weak...Because I believed in your lies Apocalypse! And now, I know the truth...And I won't let you win!"

Jean's words were strong...They were the first hint of inner strength in what seemed like forever. However, Apocalypse wasn't overly phased by this...Instead, he simply looked overly annoyed.

"Like I have said before Mrs. Summers...I have already won!"

"NO!" yelled Jean as the symbol on her head from the containment spell began to glow again.

Suddenly, Jean lashed out at the demon mutant with a massive burst of telekinetic force. Her emotions fed her power as the energy from the core grew more intense as the moment grew near.

However...Despite this massive force, Apocalypse was able to avoid it with the immense power he wielded. And before Jean could try anything more...She was hit with a powerful glowing blast of energy that sent her flying against the hard, metal wall on the far side of the room. This act left her knocked out...But even though she was unconscious...The symbol that had been keeping the Phoenix at bay was beginning to glow ever brighter with each passing second.

"That was too easy...I almost pity you," said Apocalypse with a sinister grin as he looked over at the unconscious woman, "But it won't matter soon...Once my machines unleash their power across the globe, I will finally have the capability to separate that incessant bird from your body and wield it myself as the once and future keeper of the Phoenix!"

The demon mutant was so close to absolute victory. Jean was still unconscious and the power of his technology and magic seemed all but unstoppable as the final moments drew near. But as Apocalypse relished in this feeling of dominance...One last figure appeared before him...Ready to make his stand.

"It's not over demon..." said the mutant warrior known as Slayer. "You haven't won yet..."

"You!" bellowed the demon mutant as the young warrior stood before him, unafraid and undaunted, "You are quickly becoming a major thorn in my side warrior!"

"If only I had a nickel for every time I heard that..." quipped Slayer as he approached the ancient mutant, "The power you wield...The strength you boast...Is still nothing compared to the power of purity and light. The X-men may not be strong enough to stop you...But I am!"

"Ha!" laughed Apocalypse upon hearing Slayer's words, "You think you can stop the likes of me? I may have underestimated your skill last time 'Slayer,' but rest assured...I will not make that mistake again!"

"Overconfident as always I see..." replied Slayer as both he and Apocalypse now stood a mere 10 feet away from each other.

"Say what you will warrior! In the end, my plan will succeed! You're fighting me to save a species that does nothing but hate, fight, and destroy everything it touches! I am only speeding up the inevitable fate of all human-kind! And all that will be left is us...The mutants of the world shall finally inherent and control the Earth...And I shall be their lord and master! You say you're fighting to protect the innocent...Well ask yourself this question warrior...Even if you did somehow manage to stop me, would that mean anything to the unwashed masses of the Earth? Do you believe they'll stop hating you because of what you've done to help them?"

Apocalypse's words were trying to break the spirits of this young man in the same way they had broken those of the X-men. However, the look on Slayer's face didn't change. The intent of these words were not having their desired effect...Instead, Slayer began talk back with words of his own.

"You're preaching to the wrong choir Apocalypse! I don't give a damn about how the human race sees mutants. They could hate us forever and treat us like scum for all I care...But that still wouldn't matter to me. I don't fight for gratitude and I don't fight for peace. Do you see and X-men uniform on me? No...I fight for something else...Something that you can NEVER touch! I fight for honor..."

"Honor...Bah!" scoffed the demon mutant as he listened to the young warrior's words, "If you fight for something so bland, than you're an even bigger fool than I thought!"

"You're the only fool here Apocalypse!" replied Slayer as the tone in his voice grew more determined, "You think you can justify your actions with such words? You think that just because mankind is imperfect that you have to destroy it?"

Apocalypse just shook his head and laughed at his words.

"It's only a matter of evolution...I don't expect a simple-minded fool like you to understand it," taunted the demon mutant.

The core in the background began to hum with energy as the time drew near for it to unleash its full power...But the mutant warrior remained unafraid. His whole focus was now upon the ancient mutant that stood before him.

"Wrong again tyrant...I understand perfectly..." said the mutant warrior with a grin, "I understand that you're a madman...I understand that your mind is sick from centuries of darkness. And every time you fight your enemies and lose...Every time you defeated in battle or stopped before you can complete whatever heinous acts you intend to commit...You come back again wanting the same goal. You survive...Simply because all that hatred and rage inside of you survives. Every time you come back...Wanting to get more and more power until there is no more power left to have..."

Just then...Something dawned on the mutant warrior as he said those words. And suddenly...His expression changed and he now seemed somewhat...Humored.

"Oh...I see. I see now..." said the mutant warrior as he looked in to the sinister red glowing eyes of the demon mutant, "It's finally clear to me...Why you want so much power. I know why you're so hell-bent on ruling anything and everything. You're afraid...Aren't you?"

"WHAT?!" yelled Apocalypse upon hearing this nonsensical babble, "How dare you state something so hideously moronic in my presence! I fear nothing!"

"You're wrong...There is something you fear. Something that scares you so much...You're willing to destroy everything in order to avoid it. Like every other human on the face of this planet...You are controlled by fear."

"NOTHING CONTROLS APOCALYPSE! I CONTROL EVERYTHING!" bellowed the demon mutant who was growing increasingly enraged by the young man's words.

"No...There is still one thing you don't control...Because it's something you can't control. Death...Is that it Apocalypse? Are you afraid to die?"


"It's true isn't it? You're afraid to die..." said Slayer who couldn't help but laugh slightly at this revelation, "You fear the inevitability of all life. That's why you try to amass so much power...That's why you want to become the new host for the Phoenix. You were born mortal...But you just can't accept that, can you? You just keep on trying to find ways to hold off the grim reaper a little bit longer in hopes of one day never having to walk that path. Now look at you...Nothing is left of the mortal that once was and now all that stands in its place...Is evil."

Apocalypse's eyes were full of a rage now as Slayer spoke with full confidence in what he observed. The madder the demon mutant got...The surer Slayer was that he was right in believing his perceptions.

"YOU...LITTLE...SHIT!" yelled the demon mutant in a voice that echoed over that of the hum of the core, "I WILL KILL YOU FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!"

This only made the mutant warrior smile in triumph, for he knew he was striking a chord. He was hitting Apocalypse in the same way he hit the X-men...Where it hurt.

"I have no fear of death..." said Slayer in a somewhat calm tone, "In fact...Should I die in this battle, I would be grateful that I died with honor...Fighting against the forces of darkness. Death doesn't scare me...It never has. But it does scare you...And that fear is what will do you in!"


Slayer responded by drawing his long, shining sword and soon his body became engulfed in a pure, glowing light.

"Bad choice of words Apocalypse...I don't believe in fate! Only those who live by fate...Suffer under its illusion. The past and the future are up to those who believe that they can make a difference. And I shall make a difference on this day...I shall use the power of light and purity to shatter your veil of darkness now and forever! The place is here...The time is now...Let's end this!"

The anger within the demon mutant was now at a fevered level as he unleashed a massive blast of energy similar to the one he used on Jean. Slayer countered with a blast of his own...But they were both equally matched in power. This only made Apocalypse madder as they both stopped and prepared for another attack.

"Is that all you got, tyrant!" yelled Slayer, "Take this!"

The symbols on the back of his hands began to glow again as a mysterious surge of blue lightning erupted from his hands, but unlike last time he used this...Apocalypse was ready and he countered with a lightning blast of his own. Again they were equaled, but neither combatant was shaken by this.

"That cheap trick won't work on me this time warrior! I still have a few tricks of my own!" bellowed the demon mutant, still consumed with rage.

"Bring it on!" yelled Slayer as he lunged forth with his powerful sword in hand.

Behind the two fighters the core continued to glow with an ominous hum. But this did not register in the mind of Slayer, or Apocalypse for that matter. They just continued to fight. A brilliant glowing light surrounded the both of them as steel clashed with evil...And darkness clashed with light. Slayer was using every bit of skill he had to dodge the punches and blows delivered by the demon mutant with immense force. However, Apocalypse's enhanced features made him a lot harder this time around. The rage of the demon mutant allowed him to land several powerful blows upon the body of the mutant warrior. Each one of them was felt even through his armor. The rage that was unleashed within the demon mutant was almost too great to fathom as he fought against the tenacious young warrior.

"YOU'RE POWER IS TOO WEAK WARRIOR! YOU CAN NOT DEFEAT ME!" yelled Apocalypse as he landed a single, powerful punch that sent the mutant warrior flying.

But this did little to dissuade Slayer. He just wiped the blood off of his face and prepared for another attack.

"I can defeat you Apocalypse...And I will!" yelled Slayer as he let out a battle cry and charged the demon mutant.

Apocalypse prepared to counter his charge with an energy punch, but Slayer saw it coming and quickly used a swiftly executed spin move to dodge the blow and land a hit with his sword. Immediately, the ancient mutant let out an angry roar of pain.


Apocalypse hadn't expected that sword to do the damage it did. With all his power and all this technology, that sword still hurt him. It was as if the power of that blade permeated through every defense he had and hit the core of his sinister essence. While this was unexpected, it only further enraged the ancient mutant as he unleashed another barrage of attacks.

Using his newfound rage, Apocalypse unleashed countless bursts of energy that zoomed towards the mutant warrior like bullets. But through the use of agility he dodged the powerful bursts and with the use of his magic he made himself invisible for brief periods to avoid most of the blasts. However, there were a few that did hit...But they only slowed the mutant warrior and did not stop him.

With the noises of the fight echoing the room, Slayer launched a blast of his own from his glowing hands. However, Apocalypse was able to block off these beams with a powerful shield that helped fane off the attack. Upon blocking his blasts, Slayer and Apocalypse were forced to stop to catch their breath.

"You can't keep this up forever, Slayer!" said Apocalypse as he did his best to hide his own fatigue.

"No..." replied Slayer as he returned to his feet and prepared for another attack with his sword, "I have only begun to fight!"

Both combatants let out an angry war cry as another intense fight erupted. They were forced to pull out all the stops and fight to the limits of their strength. The closer the core got to finally erupting...The more powerful Apocalypse seemed to become. However, this didn't stop the sword that Slayer wielded from doing more damage as the epic melee went on. But with every blow Slayer landed, he was hit with several others from Apocalypse. The mark over his eye began to glow brighter with each passing second as both fighters began to shed blood with each hit they suffered. Angry grunts of frustration echoed throughout the room as the fighting intensified. The power of their magic...The vastness of their strength...Was making the air around them sizzle with energy as time was quickly running out.

With another heavy punch, Apocalypse was able to knock Slayer away once again after suffering another hit from his sword. Now, the two opponents simply stood before each other in a tired, bloody heap. Both of them had scars from the battle. It was the first time Apocalypse had never been in a fight like this with an opponent who could not be beaten with technology or power alone...This was an opponent who could only be stopped by using one's bare hands. He was no X-man...He was something else.

"You're a very skilled fighter Slayer..." said Apocalypse as he struggled to hide the pain from the mutant warrior's blows, "You're a far greater match than any of those measly X-men. It's a shame that I have to destroy you..."

"I've fought meaner purse snatchers than you Apocalypse!" replied Slayer through the pain in his body, "My old foster parents use to beat me worse than you! I will succeed...I will not fail!"

"As powerful as you are Slayer, you still can't win...Because the time for victory has already passed for both you and the rest of the world! My machine can't be stopped by anything now! Face it warrior...You have lost!"

The mutant warrior was about to respond, when suddenly...A burst of light shot out of the glowing energy core and hit Apocalypse. In a mysterious aura of energy, the light from the core actually merged with the ancient mutant...And he became even bigger than before. Slayer took his fighting stance as he prepared to face off against this madman once more...But then, another light shot out of the core, this time hitting him. Immediately, he yelled out in pain.


The force of the blow knocked his sword from his hands and sent it flying over towards the entrance. The mutant warrior then fell to his knees as the light faded and he struggled to fight off the pain of the blow. However, Apocalypse wasn't done just yet. As the light around his body faded, his fingers grew in to strange, tentacle-like extensions. And before Slayer could do anything else, these powerful appendages shot forth and wrapped him in a powerful confinement. With his arms bound, the mutant warrior tried to break free...But to no avail. The look on Apocalypse's face was one of true madness as he used the great power within to squeeze the life out of Slayer.



Slayer felt his strength waning with each passing second as Apocalypse's powerful grip continued to squeeze the life from his body. He felt his head begin to spin as he struggled to concentrate. The mutant warrior knew he had to break free, or else the core would go off and all would be lost. However, there seemed to be little he could do as kept trying not to blackout. But no matter what he tried...It still wasn't enough. The glowing mark on his eye began to dim as he continued to fall in to the void of unconsciousness.

Apocalypse was reveling in his triumph now...For he felt that he had truly won now. With Slayer gone, nobody could stop him. He knew he was close...He could feel it as the darkness within began to ache with anticipation to see this powerful threat die before him. But as the demon mutant continued to squeeze the life out of the young warrior before him...He failed to notice a new presence enter the room.

With the glowing core growing brighter by the second...With time ticking by ever faster towards Apocalypse's ultimate victory...There stood one more opponent to stop this heinous event from coming to pass. Looking over towards the unconscious Jean and seeing the glowing sword lying on the ground...He picked it up and turned towards the evil madman. He felt the power from this sword surge through his body as his goal became clear now in the face of this sinister mutant, Apocalypse.

"IT'S OVER SLAYER!" yelled Apocalypse as he remained oblivious to the new situation, "TRY AS YOU MIGHT, YOU WILL STILL FAIL! MY POWER IS SO GREAT NOW THAT I CAN TAKE ANYTHING YOU THROW AT ME!"

"Hey Apocalypse!" said the new presence, "TAKE THIS!"

And with one swift motion, he heaved the glowing sword towards the ancient mutant. And as Apocalypse turned to face this new threat...The sword made contact with the center of his face...Completely piercing it's way all the way through the demon mutant's head. The body of the ancient madman then stiffened as he then dropped the mutant warrior from his confinement. Then...As the purity of the sword began to permeate through his entire body...Apocalypse let out one last gasp as he saw the face of the one who had just succeeded in breaking through all his power. It was none other than the one he had worked so hard to punish...It was Scott "Cyclops" Summers.

"No...It can't be...I KILLED YOU!" yelled Apocalypse as he felt the light consume him.

"When are people like you going to learn Apocalypse...Things aren't always as they seem," said Scott as he stood before the man that had bought so much pain and suffering to him and his family.



AN: Well, that's it for now! What do you think is going to happen? Is this going to stop the future Slayer warned everyone about? Find out in the next chapter entitled "Endgame!" You won't want to miss it! So what do you think of this story? Do you like it? What about my character, Slayer? What do you think of him? Please tell me what you think! Send your feedback to me at my email address or post it on the fanfiction website. Thank you so much for reading my story thus far, and rest assured it's not done just yet! I wish you all the best and thanks again for taking the time to read my story!

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