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Our Beautiful Hazel Eyed Boy

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The random musings of a saved fan

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Gerard Arthur Way

On seeing him for the first time most endearing My Chemical Romance fans will spurt 'Isn't he gorgeous?' Or gush his praise like the teenies they are the time.
In case you don't know Gerard Way happens to be the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, their former booze and pills pumped front man who still chain smokes to this day. But it is possible to admit that on seeing him for the first time you will gush. Inherited good looks that run in the family and can be seen in a completely different light with his younger brother, Mikey Way. His hair may have been long and natural brown the first time you saw him, long and died black, short and still black, scarily short and bleached blonde or even now, if you're a recent fan - black and still very short. But what ever his hair colour you may have been enthralled by his gothic pale skin, or by the eyeliner - or possibly by his beautiful hazel eyes.
But that's just Gerard outside. Read a bit deeper in, listen a little bit more carefully to the songs and you'll find a man far more beautiful than you ever saw outside. A man who started a band to save people, not to become famous, not to make money but to save the kids with no purpose, the kids with the knives to their wrists, to the kids who do drugs. Because he got over it himself - and that makes him reliable. Dig a little deeper and you'll see a man broken by loss, a little boy lost when his grandma died. And past the venom and the rifts and the stadium filling choruses is a little boy singing his heart out to his grandma - now that really is beautiful.
Now we see an older man, who still can pull off his amazingly cocky grin and can still sing for America. But this time he's telling us not to be pissed off, not to be angry but to learn to cope. Because he's grown up to and he's not afraid to admit it. Not afraid to trap himself in a corner just to take his message to a new level when he tries to get out. Not afraid to be persecuted for 'joining' the ranks of popular music - not afraid to be disowned for going mainstream as long as he gets his message out.

This beautiful little boy saved my life

Maybe he can save yours too...
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