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March 6th, 2007

by prettypoizon 3 reviews

Just a blog-type thingy for when I can't bring myself to write anything else. Updates, spoilers and random thoughts. Short and sweet.

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So last night I cut my bangs a bit and changed my part and everything to make my hair look better.
First thing Susie says to me this morning?
"Whoa, emo bangs."
I could have slapped her.
I mean, they don't look remotely 'emo'.
And then people were getting on my ass about my clothes.
Okay, so a navy-and-white stripped tank top under a dive-neck black baby doll top with gray SMILING skulls all over it. So pushing the emo label a bit =/ But from the waist down (That is NOT meant to be dirty in any way, in case there are any sick internet pervs reading this =P) I was totally preppy. My parents have this rule that I have to have at least one pair of jeans that aren't ripped, torn, snagged, covered in Sharpie or in any other manner 'destroyed'. -_-
Be proud of me, I have this very nice pair of Jordache jeans, they are neat and crisp, faded bit in the knees, light wash and not a single stain. They aren't too tight or too baggy or ripped and there isn't a trace of Sharpie anywhere. They fit in that perfect, preppy way. And I wore them with these black boots I have that I bought for a Christmas party; they are high heeled and incredibly preppy, maybe even a bit sluty. But they didn't look sluty with my preppy jeans =P

So the jeans and the boots evened out the shirts.
And then people started commenting on my black eye liner, which apparently is 'sooo emo' AND my glasses. I can't just go BUY new glasses whenever I feel like it 'cause they're 'emo'. -___-
They have thick, black frames BUT the BACK of the frames are pink! Baby pink. And there are tiny rhinestones on the frames, four of them, two on each side. Black, yes, but PINK too. The brand is BONGO. Preppy, right? I don't know. Why can't clothes just be clothes.

Plus, I can't be emo because of my personality. I am incredibly preppy in the way that I am a neat freak, and I take some subjects in school waaay too seriously, not counting math xD And I am very articulate, my English is pretty good, I have a wide vocabulary, Tara says you can tell I'm a writer 'cause of the way I talk. But my words are sometimes slurred because I get to talking so fast that I forget if I'm speaking English or French o_O I've been learning it from my family in little bits since I was born, and then I started studying it in school when I was five. Like, I am pretty good at Science, but only in French. If you ask me a question to do with Science in English, you'll think I'm stupid 'cause I only know the terms in French xD

And then on the bus home, my playlist was a mix of Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Kill Hannah. The girl next to me kept glancing at the screen of my iPod and sneering, then whispering to her friend in the next seat, "Emo music, pssh."

So now I'm getting into stereotypes, which I hate.
Someone told me I am 'borderline emo'.
This world is sad. Very, very sad. Borderline emo?
Why can't I just dress the way I want to and act like myself, WITHOUT being labeled.
'Borderline emo'. I almost threw up.

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