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Five - A Change of View

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When supports crumble with distrust..

Category: Soul Calibur - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Ivy, Siegfried, Talim, Yunsung - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2005-09-19 - Updated: 2005-09-20 - 2025 words

Chapter Five - A Change of View

Playing pool in Raphael's basement, the morning had wasted away for Ivy and the guys. No point in going to school, Ivy had said. Nothing new there, she had explained, along with many other pleadings to get them all to just skip it, which wasn't really that hard in the first place. But Siegfried was suspicious- They usually skipped on exam days, sports meets, performances... not on regular days. Just the high-pressure days, and Ivy hadn't ever made them ditch for no real reason- Something was going down, and Siegfried had the impression that it had to do with Talim.

Prior to the first day back, Ivy had told him that there was going to be a new girl in homeroom, and she was to be taken down. For what reason? She never said. So when they arrived at school that first day, he was curious. What made Ivy hold such contempt for this girl? From across the field, he really couldn't see anything. So he talked to her, and even then he couldn't find anything- The girl was likeable. Whatever Ivy had against her, Siegfried couldn't find out. So he stayed observant, and found that the girl wasn't like he thought she would be against Ivy's crew. The girl not only insulted Taki, but left her unanswered- He knew how much Taki hated to be left hanging. But that wasn't what shocked him- What shocked him was that the girl, who looked like such an introvert, chose to pick a fight with the head of the heads- Of the female student body, at least. And on top of all that, he hadn't heard anything about a revenge plot from Ivy- Sure, she asked him about what he asked Talim, but that wasn't very useful, was it? Art wasn't going to hurt anybody. And everyone who had ever taken art while Talim was enrolled already knew what she was known for using...

Siegfried froze, mid-drag. That was it. That was the revenge. It was so obvious, yet he hadn't seen it coming. He was always calculating, and stealthy at the same time; He had been digging for what Ivy planned to do about Talim, yet he never found it. Ivy had out-smarted him. For some reason, she didn't want him to know that. For some reason, she didn't want him to find out. For some reason, she didn't want him to know... Didn't want him to know...

Didn't want him to know that he was being manipulated.

He narrowed his eyes and immediatly made his way out, leaving a trail of tobacco smoke in his wake.


Ivy darted across the street, down the lane, and around the corner, heedless of the traffic and passers-by. She had to get to Regelus before him- She just had to. She could easily think up an effective excuse for why he should go back, but he had had too much of a head start already- If he reached the school before her, it would be too late.

The wind whipped back her silvery locks as she ran, her eyes scanning the streets for Siegfried, her lips curled into a frown, silently cursing her boyfriend. Why couldn't he just listen to her, like everyone else? Even if he did figure things out, why did he have to help Talim instead of herself, Ivy, his lover? She was absolutely positive that he was going to persuade Hitoshi to see Talim as an innocent- One hundred percent sure. But why? Why couldn't he just be a good boy for a change? Why was he so intent on defying her!?

It was then she saw him, his retreating figure walking just ahead of her. Ivy smirked, pushing herself to run faster, but was forced to halt by an elderly lady and a child coming out from the lawn beside her. Ivy swore, causing the lady and the child to freeze and stare at her, wide-eyed.

"Get out of my way!" growled Ivy, shoving them apart and pressing on down the street.


Siegfried looked back again, to check if anyone was following him, and this time, he caught her- Ivy had be tracing his steps the entire time, he knew, but he hadn't expected her to retrace the detours and shortcuts he had taken as well. There she was, running his way, eyes narrowed. She hadn't seen him yet. Siegfried then turned forward, and began to walk faster, slowly quickening his pace. He had to give Ivy some credit; She was good.

He heard a scuffle behind him, and Ivy's voice swearing rather loudly at someone. It was at that moment he ducked into an alleyway, and minutes later, Ivy rushed by, noticing nothing.

Siegfried smirked, took a drag from his cancer stick, and started down his alternate route.


"Just what do you think you're doing, student!?" shrieked Ms. Hitoshi- She was a hair's breadth from having snapped.

"I'd like to ask the same question...!" Talim narrowed her eyes. Everything had clicked then. All her questions, answered; the puzzle, finished... The reason why the questions were asked at such a convenient time, with no witnesses. "You've played your part in this sick little game of yours!"

Siegfried looked rather taken aback, shocked at how angry Talim had become upon seeing him. Sure, he knew she'd be pissed, but he wasn't really expecting it. "Talim..." he started, before coming to his senses and directing his attention to Ms. Hitoshi, "... she's innocent!"

"Hn? Innocent? Why, Siegfried, I'm disappointed in you... You always showed such promise in the academics! How in the world could you think the tagger be someone other than she?" replied Ms. Hitoshi, hissing the word 'she' and jabbing her finger at Talim.

"Yes, Sieg', I'd like to know as well."

The three in the office looked at the doorway, which was blocked by Ivy. She wore a smirk on her face, and the look in her eyes was triumphant. "Well," said she, "we're waiting."

All attention was back at Siegfried, and for the first time in his life, he didn't know what to say.

"Hmph! I knew it! Siegfried, I suggest you discontinue your gallavanting with this... This... Despicable child, and get back to your senses!" Ms Hitoshi said, a haughty air among her words.

Talim winced, not used to having such disdainful words directed at herself.

"Give me a day." Siegfried commanded.

"A day? A day for what!? An escape plan? Set up for a framing? I think not!"

"A day... A day to get the vandal to confess," he replied, his rubicund eyes narrowing, "the real vandal."

Ms. Hitoshi hesitated, eyeing Siegfried wearily. "... Fine. But you only have until the last bell. If you haven't gotten a confession by then, you two are to be expelled."

Siegfried took a puff from his cigarette, glancing at Talim (who watched him with wide, worried eyes), and Ivy (whose smirk had faded), before nodding.

At this point, Talim and Ivy gasped inaudibly. Ivy sure as hell didn't intend on giving Siegfried an easy way out from the start, but expelled? Damn it, why couldn't Siegfried ever follow her for a change!?

Talim was confused with why he wanted to help her, after he had almost destroyed her- Or maybe this was part of his plan, to sacrifice himself just to take her down. He didn't really seem like the type to care about education, but getting into Regelus wasn't done by those who planned on dropping out- Regelus was very prestigious, and bordered on the line to becoming a private school- Even now, it was hard to get in without a good elementary school record, and entrance interview. Surely Siegfried wouldn't give all that up so easily! Talim had worked so hard to get where she was now- Two years early, she was almost at graduation- every student at Regelus knew that, and Siegfried was gambling it all!

"Now, all of you, get to your classes!" screeched Ms. Hitoshi, eager to get rid of the stress with a few asprin. The trio walked out of the office, one after the other, in total silence, but as soon as the doors to the office closed, Ivy spoke.

"Siegfried, you idiot!" she yelled. "You complete, and total, numbskull! You ignorant prat! What is wrong with you!?"

"With me? With me!? What about you? What the hell's your damage!?" he yelled back.

The bell rang, and students spilled out of the classroom, but all them froze as soon as they saw Ivy, Siegfried, and the girl who pissed off Taki outside of the office. Talim, the only one not oblivious of the growing crowd, attempted to make her way back to the comfort of the shadows, but Ivy noticed this. The silver-haired woman yanked Talim back by the hair.

"Don't even try to walk out on this, you little concubine, or you'll be in for a series of not-so-good surprises," she snarled.

"I'm surprised you know that word, Ivy," Talim fiercely replied, "but maybe I shouldn't be, since that is your area of expertise!"

"Why, you little-!"

Siegfried stepped forward and pulled Talim from Ivy, moving Talim behind him with a gentle, but firm grip on her shoulder. "Lay off, Ivy, I wasn't finished!"

"Having a little lover's tiff, are we?" snickered a voice. Maxi stepped forward from the crowd, followed by Mitsurugi, and Raphael. He grinned at Siegfried, his raven eyes brimming with amusement.

"How can you have a lover's tiff," Ivy announced, making sure everybody could hear her, "when you aren't even lovers?"

There was a collective gasp from the crowd while Ivy strutted over to Maxi, and draped her arms over his shoulders. He smirked, and walked away, Ivy and Mitsurugi following. The silver-haired woman winked at someone in the crowd, someone Siegfried wasn't able to see. Only Raphael remained, watching Siegfried with a frown on his face. Talim didn't dare look at Raphael; she settled for some point on the floor, maybe at her ever-so-interesting shoes again.

"Clear out," ordered Raphael, and the crowd scattered like cockroaches. As soon as the last student had left, Raphael spoke, keeping his icy azure eyes on Siegfried. "Maxi told Ivy everything- Your suspicions about her, Talim, and the confrontation with Taki."

Talim blinked, and looked up at Raphael, surprised that he had actually used her name- She hadn't heard it in so long, she felt that she had lost it altogether.

Siegfried swore, removed his hand from Talim's shoulder, and leaned against the wall behind him. He took a long drag from his cigarette, closing his eyes as he let the wispy trail of smoke escape from his lips. "We have three and a half hours, 'Phael."

"For what?"

"To find out who that whore of mine slept with to do the tagging."

"And the penalty for failing to find the culprit?"

"... Goodbye, Regelus, for Talim and I."

Silence followed their short-lived conversation. Talim stood near the centre of the hall, staring one of the high-polished tiles down. Frantic thoughts ran through her mind, crashing into each other, or slipping out of her brain forever.

She'd be expelled. She'd lose everything she had worked so hard for.

She'd lose the game. She'd lose to Taki.

She'd lose.

"No," she whispered, breaking the silence. Raphael and Siegfried looked up at her, curious.

"So she speaks..." murmured Raphael. "What did you say?"

Talim replied, her eyes fierce, "No. I'll not lose. I refuse to lose to... To... /Them/!"

She had yelled the last word; Siegfried blinked, before smirking. "Well, then, this may get fun after all," he chuckled, standing straight and taking another puff.

Raphael smirked as well, "Every cloud has a silver lining, eh, Sieg'?"

The youngest of the three watched the two, angry, and confused. How could they be taking this so easily? Just a minute ago, they were more solemn than people attending a funural!

As if reading Talim's thoughts, Siegfried reached over and gave her head a reassuring pat. "No worries, Talim, we aren't going to leave Regelus- Not today, at least."
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