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Love That Transcends Time

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For some reason, Cho Hakkai had felt as if he'd been in this same position before with Sha Gojyo, and how was he to know that he had been? Shonenai

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Love That Transcends Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki or anything of the characters...but that doesn't stop me from wishing...

"Tenpou...Tenpou, damnit! Where the hell are ya?!" A look of irritation appeared upon Kenren's face as he looked around for his adjutant. Grumbling to himself, the General pushed open the doors that led to Tenpou's study as he called out for the Field Marshal. The sound of books crashing to the floor was heard as Kenren let out another curse. Laughter precede the form of Field Marshal Tenpou as he walked around the pile of books to a seething General.

"Sorry, Kenren. I wasn't expecting you." Tenpou apologized with one of his unfailing smiles as he helped up his friend. Kenren scoffed at the apology as he looked around the crowded, and cluttered, study.

"I just helped you organize and clean up this place not even a month ago!"

Tenpou just couldn't help but laugh at the look on Kenren's face. A glower was placed there, most likely from almost being crushed by so many books. Suddenly he was struck by the idea of how sexy Kenren looked when he was angry. His red eyes flared to life with a fire that he only had upon the battlefield. The Field Marshal greatly wished that Kenren would turn that look upon him once again...but they had no time for such things at the moment.

"It gets unorganized with all the work I do. Anyways, what are you doing here?"

"I came for you,'s been awhile ya know."

A look of utter surprise appeared upon Kenren's adjutant's face. The General smirked as he walked over to Tenpou and kissed him passionately.

Hakkai sat up quickly at the memory. Looking around he was able to see that Gojyo wasn't in his bed. Sanzo shifted onto his side as Goku's snoring continued without fail. Hakkai sighed as he got out of his bed and started outside. He was pretty sure that's where he would find the water-sprite.

"Hey..." he spoke softly as he closed the door behind him. Gojyo was standing in front of the inn, smoking as usual. The moonlight highlighted his features as he turned to look back at Hakkai. A smirk was on his lips, his usual cocky one. For once Hakkai could remember exactly why he had been attracted to Gojyo, and why he still was.

"Heya Hakkai, shouldn't you be in bed?" the question was simple enough...but the under current was only able to be picked up by Hakkai. A two sided question...shouldn't you be in bed?/shouldn't you be in my bed?/ All he could do was offer a smile as he stepped out to stand beside Gojyo. Their relationship was even more delicate than that of Sanzo and Goku. If one false step was taken...then the whole thing would fall apart at their feet.

"I couldn't sleep." I couldn't sleep without you...

The underlying questions also had underlying answers. Subtle and hard to pick up, yet so blatantly asked it was almost surprising. A deafening silence ensued, the kind that wasn't awkward...but considered pleasant enough.

"What are you doing out here Hakkai?"

Silence...and then...

"I came for you,'s been awhile you know."

The line seemed so casual and foreign...yet familiar as well. The look of utter surprise on Gojyo's face was a score in Hakkai's book. Yet soon the look was replaced with one of lust as the water-sprite quickly turned and lept at Hakkai. The feeling on the cabin wall against his back wasn't unpleasant as Gojyo kissed him passionately. For some reason, Cho Hakkai had felt as if he'd been in this same position before with Sha Gojyo, and how was he to know that he had been?

Author: My first Saiyuki fic using my favorite pairing of Gojyo/Hakkai or Kenren/Tenpou. Anyways, I hope to get some reviews for this!
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