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Chapter 2

"What? What's true?!" Torren shouted, confused.

Godfrey pulled away the stone, cancelling the light. The entire room was staring at Torren, and Godfrey for that matter.
An elderly man exclaimed, "They have come! Twenty years of peice will soon fall! The Dragoons are needed!"

Torren looked at the man as if he were insane. He was the only one who did.

"Torren," started Albert, " the Dragoon stones can only resonate that way if they are needed. In times of peace they will only appear as rounded, colored, stones."

Lacking comprehension, Torren asked why this was happening now.

"Twenty years ago, me and six others inherited the Dragoon spirits. There was a great threat, and the seven dragoons were destined to meet and destroy this threat. For the next twenty years, however, the stones were useless. and now thay have been called upon again." Albert said.
Torren was shocked. "How come I have a Spirit? Was I 'destined' for something?"

"Only time will tell."

Torren looked at Godfrey, who had either already known this, or was good at concealing his emotions. Albert turned away to discuss something with an advisor, but the talking was inaudible.

"Torren, Godfrey," Announced Albert, " I have a mission for you."

"A mission? I just got here!" Torren exclaimed.

"Knowing your father, I have confidence in you."

"My father-" Torren started, but was interrupted by Albert.

"You will find answers to all on your journey. Now please, do not interrupt. You are to go to Lohan, and seek out a girl."

Torren thought of so many jokes, he couldn't get to actaully saying them, so he just snickered. Albert ignored him and continued.

"Word has reached my ear that she has been flashing around a blue stone. We do not mean to recruit forcefully, but there is definately something stirring over there. You will leave when you are ready."

Torren was kind of reluctant, but he just followed Godfrey to the bunk.

Godfrey just stayed silent and packed, but Torren couldn't take it.

"So you're just going to do whatever they say?"

Godfrey looked up.

"He's my father. I have to obey." he simply responded.

Torren scowled and donned his armor and sheathed his sword. He turned around and saw Godfrey pick up a gigantic sword at least a foot wide and three feet long with a slanted edge.

"Holy crap! How do you do that?"

Godfrey chuckled. "It's made of a lighter metal. I'm not super strong."

there was an akward silence until Godfrey asked, "You ready?" Torren nodded.

They left the bunker and back to the throne room, where they were escorted by a tall guard to the gate. Torren had no idea why he was doing this. Traveling with a man he just met. But hey, it was something to do.

When the men had left, the streets were cleared to let them by, and citizens looked in awe at the two. Obviously, the word had got out. Some people smiled, whil others waved. When they arrived at the gate, two horses were waiting.

"Lohan is this way." said Godfrey as he road off. Torren followed him, still questioning why he kept going. They rode into the night, where they had to stop to feed the poor horses. They built a fire and set a camp.

"We're about half way there already. We've made good time." Godfrey said, staring into the fire.

Torren did too, contemplating what just happened. In less than a day, he had been recruited in an army and was sent on a journey for some girl. What an achievement.

The two had unpacked some food, eaten, and decided to turn in. They would have to ride all day before they reached Lohan.

Torren was always confortable sleeping in the open forest; it had been his home for years, but for some reason he just couldn't fall asleep. After about an hour of lying awake, he decided to take a walk.

He sat down on a rock and just listened. He heard a rustling coming towards him. He instantly sprung up and reached for his sword, but it was not there. He left it.

So here he was, a violent sound coming at him, and all he could do was stand. He braced himself as the thing came out of the bushes.

It stopped right in front of him. It was a girl.

She was torren's age, had chin- length black hair, brown eyes, and was about an inch shorter than him. Before he could akwardly greet her, she blurted, "Help! There coming!"

She took cover behind Torren. More rustling came. and out came a fat man with a club.

"Come here!" he bellowed. Torren got in his way.

"You got guts! Now move! This is none of your business!"

Torren didn't move.

The man suddenly knocked him down and charged at the girl. He let out a satisfied laugh, and the girl screamed.

Torren sprung up, and mustered a wierd rage, and held out his hand. A magnificent burst of flame erupted from it, engulfing the fat man. He cried in agony, running away.

The girl ran to Torren and hugged him.

"Thank you so much! He would have forced me to.. you know..."

"No problem." Torren said modestly. The girl's expression changed.

"How did you do that!?... Are you a..." she finished her sentence by holding out a blue stone.

"No way! You too!?" Torren exclaimed as he held it out, the light shining.

"This is like fate!" she said.

"Talk about it! We were sent to find you!" Torren said.

"We?" she said.

"Oh, there's another. He's a dragoon too."

"Show me."

Torren led her to Godfrey, who was awoken by the sound.

"Torren, what the-" he started, but Torren interrupted.

"I found her!"

"What? Where?" Godfrey said.

Torren presented her. She stepped forward.

"I'm Runa. Your friend saved me." she said happily.

"Show me the Spirit." Godfrey tested. Runa presented it, as did Torren, the light coming yet again.

"So now what?" Godfrey asked as they pulled the stones away.

"I guess we can wait till morning." Runa said.

Godfrey shrugged and layed down.

"Thanks again, Torren." Runa said.

"No problem."

"There are so many things ahead of us, Torren. But we have to sleep tonight. Good night."

Torren said good night and thought about what she meant.

Oh well. It can wait till morning.


Sorry if it seems rushed. I couldn't think of anything else. I promise it will get better!"

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