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Chapter One

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It takes place about a year after the book/movie/musical and Christine has left Raoul and gone back to Erik, but now she's starting to rethink her decision. Please R&R

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Author's Note: This is my first POTO chapter fanfic, so if you review, please be gentle. Oh, and this is mostly R/C (if you don't like it, don't read it!) with some E/C and a little bit of E/M thrown in. Enjoy!
P.S. This story is from Christine's POV.

It had been six months since I left Raoul and came back to Erik, but for some reason, I felt empty, as if something was missing. The nights I spend with Erik were wonderful, they really were, but I couldn't help resisting ever so slightly when Erik would come close and wrap me in his warm embrace. Because at times, his embrace felt cold and unwelcoming, and lately, whenever I was around him I would start to feel sick. Today was no different, it was morning and I woke up to a terrible sight! I have no clue what he was doing but he came in half dressed and sopping wet! He must have left his mask in his room, for he didn't have it on, but I didn't mind. "Good morning, mon ange," he said softly as I continued to gape at his appearance. "I'm sorry you have to see me like this, Christine," he said.
As he turned to go, I saw a jagged gash running from his hip to his knee and a few bruises on his face. "What were you doing?" I cried on alarm. He took a deep breath started to tell me his story.

"It all began when I was taking my morning swim in the lake, when all of the sudden I saw a figure up ahead, apparently, he had gotten the same idea to take a swim in this very lake. He didn't notice me at first, until I was practically right next to him, he tried to swim off, but I was too fast for him. I lashed out my lasso and missed, grunting in discouragement, I lashed out again, it tightened on his wrist as he screamed out in pain. When I thought I had him, he swung around and punched me hard in the jaw. I tried hard not to cry out in pain as my leg slammed into the wall as caught onto a rock that stuck out. He apparently must have found a way to escape, for when I turned around he was gone, but unknowingly, he was right behind me and as I turned around he struck again, this time in the shoulder. So I turned around again and pushed him against the wall, bruising his shoulder as he tried to go up for air, I also, went up for air then turned to dunk the boy back into the freezing water..."

"Then what," I asked, trembling.

"Well instead I grabbed the boy by his bruised shoulder, brushing it even more as we both dived under and punched his eye bruising it terribly. Shocked, he tried to swim away again, but had ended up slamming his head and his ankle against the wall and scraping it as he tried to swim to the surface and..."

"Enough!" I cried, and then asked, "Do you know what he looked like?"

"He was kinda pale, I'm guessing he doesn't go outside much or he was just terrified. He also was somewhat tall and I think he had fair colored hair, he looked familiar, but it was too dark to tell..."

My heart seemed to stop when Erik described the man, for I knew at that moment who he was talking about. "Oh no." I thought, "Raoul!" "Is he... is he dead?" I stammered.

"No, just knocked unconscious." Then he asked in a suspicious voice, "Why should it matter to you?"

Then I said in a very irritated voice, trying to hide my fear, "I'm acquiring about someone's health, is that so unnatural?"

"It is when you're acquiring about a stranger before your own lover," he said just as irritated. "You're not my lover!" I screamed impulsively and I immediately regretted my words as he drew up to his full height and roared, "YOU BELONG TO ME!!!" Then he stormed out of the room as I wept bitterly.
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