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The Disc

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Gideon's plan to get rid of Chris takes the sisters and Leo with him. Trapped in the future a child will lead them to the truth about Chris.

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A Child Will Lead Them

I don't own Charmed. If I did I wouldn't be so poor.

Chris orbed into the magic school library trying to keep his face neutral. He was here under extreme protest, but the sisters just assumed that was because of the general mistrust between Leo and himself. Truth was he was afraid he would run into him and that he wouldn't be able to control himself. He didn't come here to murder people who hadn't yet committed their crimes but this one was... different.

"Chris." Leo, in his elder robes, called when he noticed the new arrival. "What are you doing here?"

He looked at Chris strangely when he didn't get an answer. Instead Chris just sent a strong hard gaze to something over his shoulder. Following Chris' gaze he saw a man dressed in dark teachers robes he had previously been talking too. "That's right, you two haven't met yet. Chris this is Gideon, he runs magic school. He was something of a mentor to me when I first became a whitelighter. Gideon this is-"

"He needs no introduction Leo." Gideon said as he stepped forward and offered the young man his hand. "The whitelighter who travelled to the past to save the future. You're quite infamous these days my friend. It's an honour to meet you."

Chris crossed his arms over his chest. "We've met before."

"We have?" Gideon asked confused with a hint of something else. Suspicion?

"We will." Chris corrected with steel in his voice.

Leo decided it would be best to cut in despite his curiosity on what that was all about. "What are you doing here Chris?"

"The girls have been calling you." He said simply.

"I heard them." Leo responded answering the unasked question. "It didn't sound like an emergency and they have a whitelighter. I'm an elder now, I can't just come whenever they call me anymore."

Chris didn't know who Leo was trying to convince, himself or him. Not that he really cared right now. "Well they asked me to get you."

"And you actually came."

"Under protest."

Leo raised an eyebrow.

"Piper threatened to blow me up."

Leo nodded understanding just how his wife... ex-wife... could be. "What do they want?"

"Don't know. Don't care. Let's go."

"It could be important." Leo said turning to Gideon. "I should go."

"Of course. We'll talk more later."

With that the Leo and Chris orbed out leaving Gideon alone in the library. As they left the fake smile on Gideon's face turned into a very real scowl. Without bothering to acknowledge the students who just walked in Gideon stormed out and headed towards his office mumbling to himself.

As he entered the room he found it already occupied. "He knows something."

"Who sir?" Sigmund asked.

"The Charmed Ones whitelighter." Gideon spat as he began to pace. "That boy from the future. Christopher Perry."

"Are you certain?"

"Of course. We can't let him get between us and the boy. We'll have to get rid of him."

"W-wh-what?" Sigmund sputtered out. "I agreed with you about Wyatt being too dangerous, but Chris is a whitelighter. I can't condone killing one of our own."

Gideon stopped pacing and spoke more to himself than Sigmund. "No, not kill. We'll send him back. Yes that will work."

"Back to his time? From what I understand that would be a death sentence!" Sigmund tried to convince the elder.

"He doesn't belong in this time. The boy should never have been aloud to stay in the past. The course of destiny is absolute and his presence affects its natural design."

"Still," Sigmund started, not entirely convinced. "It doesn't seem right somehow."

Gideon ignored him. "I know just how to do it without anybody knowing of our involvement.


Chris stood off to the side faintly amused at Leo's expression where he stood in the family room. The sisters were seated on the couch before him, the Book of Shadows open on the coffee table. They looked at him expectantly. "You brought me here for that."

"We need to know about this demon and he's not in the book." Paige told him.

He looked at them incredulously. "Don't you have a whitelighter for this type of thing?"

The look on their faces told him all he needed. They knew, they just didn't care.

"Not by choice." Piper muttered. Leo ignored it and turned to Chris, somehow doubting that he wouldn't know about a demon.

"I thought you didn't know why they called me?"

"I lied."

"Big surprise." Paige said as Piper snorted. Phoebe put a calming hand on both her sisters. Sure she was suspicious of their whitelighter, but she at least chose to give him the benefit of the doubt. For the moment at least.

Then again she didn't have the same issues with him as her sisters. He came her baring news that Paige was supposed to die when the Titans attacked and despite adverting that fate she became suspicious of him. Though, Phoebe realized, if somebody came back from the future and said she was supposed to die she would be a little sceptical too.

Piper on the other hand blamed the boy for Leo being promoted to elder and where the other two at least try to be civil to him she's down right mean at times. Having him around as their whitelighter is only a constant reminder of what she lost.

"Can we just get back to the matter at hand now that your precious Leo is here?" Chris said breaking into her thoughts.

Before anybody could respond they had to shield their eyes as the room was suddenly filled with a bright light. They all got ready to fight or defend. Just as suddenly as it appeared the light was gone. What they saw was not the demon attack they were expecting. In the middle of the room at about chest height was a spinning golden disk about the size of a cd.

"What the hell is that?" Piper asked the question on everybody's mind.

Suddenly the disk shot towards the doorway. Right where Chris happened to be standing. He grunted in pain as it slammed into his chest. But instead of slicing into him it twisted so that the flat of the disk attached to his front, the force of the blow throwing him back and onto the ground.

The sisters and Leo ran over to him as he began to convulse and bolts of energy began to dance across his body. Paige tried to orb it off him and Piper tried to blow it up and freeze it. Neither sisters powers had any effect. With little choice left Phoebe and Paige each grabbed an arm and shoulder in an attempt to hold him still as Piper tried to pry the object off.

"Oww!" Piper cried out as she pulled her hand back. The thing seemed to object to being removed and gave her a pretty good shock.

Leo knelt down beside her as the tendrils of energy began to leap off Chris' body and create a dome like effect around them. "Together now."

Piper nodded and reached to grab it as Leo did the same. They hissed in pain as their hands made contract but neither let go. They may not particularly like Chris but they didn't want him to die either.

Suddenly Chris' convulsions increased in ferocity and Paige and Phoebe had to struggle to hold him still. The energy coming off increased again encompassing them almost completely. Finally, with one final brilliant strobe of light, they all vanished.


With a flash of light the disc reappeared back in the box where it had originated. With a flick of his wrist Gideon closed the lid, once again sealing the object away.

"This is bad!" Sigmund exclaimed in panic. "Only the whitelighter was supposed to get caught in the temporal field!"

Gideon waved him off dismissively. "They'll find a way back. We need to think of this as an opportunity."

"They'll find a way back! An opportunity! Are you even listening to yourself? Where did you even get a Tempus Discus anyway? They were all destroyed over a thousand years ago!"

"Not all of them." Gideon told him distractedly as his mind was racing through his new plan. "I got it from our new partner."

"What new partner? Gideon it's gone too far. We need to go to the council and work on getting the Charmed Ones back! I'm going." With that Sigmund turned to leave only to scream in pain seconds before blowing apart.

Gideon lowered his hand, the smoking remnants of power still around it. "I'm sorry my friend. It's for the greater good."
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