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The Bad Guys Cometh

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Gideon plots with a demon to removed Wyatt Halliwell from the picture.

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Gideon was frowning as he orbed into the underworld. This particular area of it looked more like a museum than the cave motif that made up its majority. Relics from every time period and civilization were neatly organized and displayed throughout the large room. There were even many from the various magical realms. Statues of people were placed next to the displays of the civilization they were from. The detail was amazing, so life like that to look in their eyes one would be overcome with the emotion locked within the gaze. Fear.

All of the relics were one of a kind and most would have been frozen in place from awe. Gideon didn't even break stride as he move towards a small doorway in the back. Without knocking he walked into the room. The only furnishings inside were a large black table with a half dozen chairs around it. Only one was occupied by a large man in an impeccable black suit. He took a seat across from him.

Looking at the demon Gideon couldn't help but think of when one of his students pulled a prank a few weeks back. The student had cast a rather creative spell that used a dvd as a conduit and broadcast the movie on every reflective surface in the school. Given the amount of marble and polished surfaces they have that was pretty much everything. He'd promptly found the culprit and confiscated the offending disc.

Gideon had to suppress a chuckle as he realized the demon looked almost exactly like the lead actor. /What was his name again? Vic... Van... Vin! Yes that's it, Vin Diesel/. He didn't think the demon would appreciate the comparison to an actor.

"You're late." The demon growled gravely.

"And you're incompetent." Gideon shot back.

The demon glared. "You should feel lucky that I was willing to lend you my tempus discus. The Collector isn't known for his generosity.

"Must you speak of yourself in the third person?" Gideon asked before fixing him with a glare of his own. "And we were fortunate enough to have Leo and the Charmed Ones be sent with the Whitelighter giving us this opportunity. But they will be back! You've had nearly a day already and done nothing!"

"Patience, my... friend. All is being taken care of. Stheno!"

At Collectors call Gideon heard the door behind him open and a figure walk in. Out of his peripheral vision he caught the beings shadow on the wall. It would have appeared to be that of a human woman had it not been for the snake like shadows dancing across the head. A Gorgon? Interesting.

"If you were going for this race, Collector, it's a pity you couldn't have gotten Medusa." Gideon said, not taking his gaze off the man across from him.

Stheno tsked indignantly behind him. "Medusa? Medusa! One of my sisters gets famous and the rest of us are what? Chop liver? She's only famous for getting killed by that putz Perseus anyways."

"Enough Stheno, you know your target. And remember to bring me the child's statue." The Collector grinned balefully. "The Twice Blessed will make an excellent addition to my collection."

He turned to Gideon. "Will this be satisfactory?"

The elder merely nodded before orbing out.


The adult Wyatt sat in a darkened room. The only light came from the screen on the wall before him. It showed Chris as he slammed to probes together before orbing out.

With a wave of his hand Wyatt started the recording again, as he had many times since receiving it, form the point where the first probe scanned Chris only to be knocked away by an unseen force. One that obviously wasn't Chris' power.

Wyatt didn't pay that fact any mind, however, as he stood from his seat and walked over to the screen. He placed his hand gently on the screen over the image of his brother.

"Welcome home Christopher." He told the image. "You're just in time for the party."

With that he sent a surge of energy into the screen causing it to explode in a shower of sparks and glass.
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