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Chapter 13

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Frank goes looking for Adie.

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Frank trudged silently through the dark forest.
Going into woods you barely know when it's almost dark isn't anything Einstein would have done.
Though he needn't have worried about Adie, she knew this place like the back of her hand.
It still bothered him that he hadn't come across her yet.
The full moon shone through the trees giving an eerie, empty affect.
Frank shivered.
He'd never liked being alone.
Especially in places he didn't know.
After about ten more minutes he came to a large clearing.
A silver, moonlit lake sat in the center.
At the edge of the lake, just infront of Frank, stood Adie.
Her back was to him as she gazed into the water before her.
Frank almost stepped into the clearing, but Adies singing stopped him.

Cobwebs cloud my mind
Taking thier time
Losing the memories
Its almost sublime

Adie was a very good song writer.
What she sang was the first stanza of her newest song, 'Cobwebs'.
Frank asked walking towards her.
She said.
"Adie, are you okay?"
Frank asked slipping his arms around her.
She nodded and leaned into his embrace.
"I'm sorry I was such a bitch earlier."
She said quietly.
"It's okay, you were right."
Frank answered.
"No, it's not."
She sighed turning to face him.
"It was wrong. If I had a problem I should've just talked to you, not called you out as I did. How can we teach a child to communicate if we can't?"
Then she broke down and started crying.
Frank was startled.
"Adie, we can do this. I know you'll be a great mother and I'll do my best as a father. If anyone can raise a child, you can."
Frank said kissing Adies forehead and stroking her hair.
She pulled back looking at him.
He wiped the tears falling from her beautiful hazel eyes.
"I love you, and I know we can do this, somehow, we can do this."
Adie smiled and kissed Frank lightly on the lips.
"I love you, too."
She sighed.
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