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Family Unit

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The Charmed Ones and Leo deal with their shock. Chris finally goes home.

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Chris and Piper started coughing almost immediately after orbing into their home. Waving his free hand in front of them in an attempt to dissipate some of the smoke Chris made his way over to the end with the bedrooms. He telekinetically opened doors and windows and turned on a few ceiling fans along the way, the smoke getting thinner the closer he got. Thankfully it was totally gone by the time he made it to his daughter's room, it being the farthest away from the kitchen. A precaution Chris subtly arrange after moving in.

Placing his little girl down Chris kissed the top of her head. "I'll be right back."

Getting up Chris left the room, making his way towards the kitchen. The smoke wasn't quite as bad as before but it was still getting fairly thick the closer he got to his destination. When he was just about there he noticed that the nearby walls had a few scorch marks. No doubt from a stray energy ball hurled in frustration.

Chris sighed at the sight. "This is why we can't have neighbours."

Indeed they didn't. Their home consisted of the entire top floor of their building. Much bigger than they actually needed in Chris' opinion. Various people had been trying to get him to take a large place for awhile now. After the hospitalizations involved in Bianca's last attempt at cooking he finally agreed. Well, he never really like those neighbours anyways. And that poodle, poor bastard never saw it coming...

Finally he arrived in the kitchen. It was remarkably well lit, and not just from the fluorescent bulbs. The huge spires of flame coming from the frying pans helped a fair bit. The light from the fire danced across Bianca's features as she tried frantically to beat them out with a washcloth in one hand while knocking the fallen smoke detector out of her face with the other. It was dangling from the ceiling by a single wire. He'd thought it was weird that it wasn't going off. All the while Bianca was cursing up a storm in a multitude of languages. Some human, some demon, some neither.

Under normal circumstance Chris would never have had a chance in hell at sneaking up on the trained assassin. Right now, however, she was... well, distracted. Perhaps he would have been able to remain undetected longer if he had been able to stifle his chuckle at the sight. We will never know because there was no way in hell he could manage it.

She turned around at the sudden noise, hand raised and energy ball formed.

"Hi honey, I'm home!" He managed to ground out between laughs.

"Chris!" Bianca exclaimed as she dropped the energy ball and practically jumped into his arms.

As he returned the embrace he subtly used his telekinesis to snuff out the flames and turned off all the burners, just in case.

Chris smirked at her. "I think we should get take out."

Bianca smacked him playfully before smirking herself and pulling him down for a passionate kiss. They didn't know how long exactly they stay locked in their embrace, but by the time they were startled out they were both out of breath.

"Yuck." Came a little voice from behind them.

They turned to see their daughter standing behind them. The smoke was completely gone as well.

"So my Little Miracle." Chris said as he picked his daughter up with one arm and placed the other around his wife. "What do you say we go out for pizza?"


The group stared on in shock as the last of the orb lights dissipated. Of all the things they imagined when they first met the young Piper Hope Halliwell this was definitely not on the list.

"Did... Did that just... really...?" Phoebe couldn't even get the whole sentence out.

"So we were right." Paige said wearing a stunned expression. "Chris must have married into the family."

Piper nodded her agreement, not taking her eyes off the spot where the father and daughter disappeared. "Makes sense. After everything he's done... going to the past. Who would risk so much unless it was for family?"

"Does that mean Chris is a Phoenix? I never saw a tattoo." Paige asked.

Phoebe shrugged and pointed out. "He could have hidden it."


The quiet reply may as well have been a fierce yell. For a moment the sisters had been so distracted with the new revelation and Leo had been so quiet that they had nearly forgotten he was there. The single hushed word filled with so much pain and guilt brought their attention like a thunderclap.

"No what?" Piper asked as she came up and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder seeing the emotions in his voice doubly so on his face. That disturbing mix of pain, guilt and sorrow that appears on the face of one who has just realized they have done something they may never be able to take back, or make up for.

"He can't be a Phoenix"

"Why not?"

"Because there are no male Phoenix witches."

"But then the only other explanation is-" Paige started.

Phoebe finished for her. "That he's a Halliwell!"

"Yes, and he's my son." Leo told them as he looked into Piper's eyes. "Our son."

"No, no, no, no and a hell no!"

"It can't be Paige. She's a Mathews not a Halliwell." He risked a brief glance to her. "No offence."

"None taken."

"Phoebe!" Piper pointed out.

Leo shook his head. "It's obvious now that he is half whitelighter. I don't see Phoebe getting together with a whitelighter any time soon and... Oh god he looks so much like you Piper! How could I have not seen it!"

He collapsed, fortunately onto the fountain edge behind him but very nearly crumbled to the ground. Leo brought his hands to his face. "He left so many hints and I never saw it. I never caught on."

"None of us did." Phoebe said as she sat next to him and placed a reassuring hand on his arm.

Taking a cue from her sister Paige went up to where Piper was standing stock still, a myriad of emotions warring on her features. Anger. Disbelief. Frustration. Hurt. Joy. And finally, a great deal of the one that everybody else was also feeling, guilt.

"Are you alright sweetie?" She asked even though she already knew the answer was no.

"He's my... He's my son!" Piper cried out as it finally settled in. Tears started flowing as she spoke. "He's going to hate me!"

"Why would he do that?"

"Ever since he arrived in the past we've been nothing but suspicious, insulting and down right mean! How could he not!"

"His brother is the new Source and rules the world. Yet he still came back to save him. If he can't hate Wyatt after all he's done I'm sure he can forgive us."

"Can he?" Piper asked her sister with hopeful eyes.

"It will take time, but ya, I'm sure he will."

"And we'll be here." Said a voice from behind her and Piper turned to find a teary eyed Leo behind her. He took her in his arms as she buried her face in his chest. "No matter how long it takes or what we have to do we'll be here."

Phoebe went up to Paige taking some reassures for her own worries in her sister's presence as she watched her other sister and, former and possibly current again, brother in law comfort each other. They didn't know how long they stayed like that. It wasn't until Paige spoke that they moved.

Noticing that they were garnering quite a few looks breaking down in the middle of a park Paige made a suggestion. "Maybe we should figure out what we're going to do somewhere a little more private.

Leo glanced up, taking in the confused, concerned and disinterested glances of passers by. On instinct he waved his hand and suddenly the group of them were surrounded by orb lights and deposited in the apartment he and Piper were sharing. If anyone was stunned by this development they didn't show it. The fact that Leo's powers worked again was of little solace to anyone.

"So now what?" Paige asked the question on everybody's mind.

They remained quiet. Nobody really knew what to say.
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