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Drinking Partners

by LightSpinner 3 reviews

x-over w/Angel. Sometimes a hangover can clear things up. double drabble

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Title: Drinking Partners
Author: Light Spinner
Disclaimer: I don't own Ats or ABVH.
When Richard woke up the following morning, he fell off the couch, where he had apparently been sleeping. Trying to think through the searing pain of his hangover, Richard attempting to recall the night prior.

Eventually he started to remember. In an effort to forget that he was Ulfric, in a triumvirate with Anita and Jean-Claude, the two of which had slept together, he had gone driving. Ending up at a true dive, he had started drinking.

Shortly after he started, Richard was joined by a vampire. They then began comparing how much their lives sucked.

Remembering the vampire's problems, he muttered to himself, "That guy's life is worse than mine." Then he winced at the pain the sound caused.

Richard's drinking partner had walked in on his ex-girlfriend sleeping with his son, not twenty-four hours after she'd claimed that she loved him. Not to mention that he'd been stabbed through the throat by an unkillable rock monster.

Richard shook his head and got up unsteadily in search of aspirin.

That poor bastard would have better luck being hit by a nuclear bomb.

Richard looked back at the past few days, and wondered if he should call Anita.

Aspirin first.
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