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The description of a fantastic world and the events that occur there.

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This information about the world of Trachia might be slightly boring, but it will make the whole story easier and more fun to read. I hope.

The world of Trachia is a planet approximately the size of Earth. However, the planet is covered in an ocean even vaster than the Earth's. The main landmass of Trachia is one large, long sliver of land running from pole to pole. This landmass is referred to as 'Kor'. Also, several small islands dot the surface of the planet's ocean. The poles are barren wastelands with very little life or scenery. Many kilometers south of the North Pole, the Griffith Mountain Range begins. It is large and long, and dominates most of the northern part of Kor. The Griffith Mountains are old, however, and therefore well-rounded. Just south of the Griffith Mountains, the Great Forest begins. The Great Forest is the single largest feature of Kor. It encompasses the rest of Northern Kor, and extends well into the south. The trees of the Great Forest are amazing, most of them at least a kilometer in height. Some trees in the deepest parts of the forest are well over five kilometers. South of the Great Forest, many plains and rolling hills are present, finally melding with the southern mountain range of Kor: the Draconian Mountains. Unlike the Griffith Mountains, these mountains are new and sharp. Also, they aren't quite as vast as the Griffith Mountains. South of the Draconian Mountains is the southern pole, which is alike to the northern.
There are four main, sentient species which populate Kor. Starting with the most northern is the Griffins. These are creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Despite their animal-like appearance, Griffins are quite intelligent, and intolerant of those who might think otherwise. The most notable thing about their general, collective personality is their loyalty. No Griffin to pledge its loyalty to a person will allow them to fall. Griffins are native to the Griffith Mountains, and tend not to venture from there. The next species is the Wolfmen. Wolfmen tend to be savage and impatient, although this isn't true of all of them. They can take the body of a man or a woman, although the change isn't perfect. A diligent observer will notice a certain roughness to them, a certain ruggedness that most people would not possess. When in wolf form, they look just like large wolves. While on all fours, an adult tends to be about half a meter at the shoulder, and about a meter and a half in length. When in two-legged wolf form, and they can stand, they are almost two and a half meters in height. Wolfmen are native to the Great Forest, and live slightly deeper in it than the next species I shall describe. The Giants. Giants are also fully sentient and are not the brutes that they might appear to be. Adult Giants are around 7 meters in height, and are perhaps the strongest beings that you'll ever meet. They tend to be peaceful, but are truly awesome warriors when the time presents itself. The Giants tend to live on the fringes of the Great Forest. Finally, there are the humans. I'll just assume that you know most about them. Humans live in the plains south of the forest, for the most part. However, humans known as the Woodsfolk live in the forest amongst the Giants. All of these species can and do speak the language we know as English. However, there are a few other species worth noting. The dragons are the most important ones, even though they are unintelligent. They are massive, when full grown, and have large fangs and talons. A few can breathe fire almost 20 meters! They are native to the Draconian Mountains, and are tamed and bred by the humans. Normal herding and riding beasts are commonly seen on the plains. Other, unnamed beasts populate the Great Forest. Terrible creatures they are, those that live in the Forest even deeper than the Wolfmen. They are the reason that few would venture there.
In Kor, though, a war is being fought. The Human Empire, the empire of the plains, is fighting to put the Woodsfolk and Giants into submission. However, a few of the Wolfmen and Griffins are willing to fight against the Human Empire as well. There are two armies fighting against the Human Empire. General Phil is the leading General of the Rogues, and has the largest human army of the rebellion. He has enough that most of his attacks are brute force strikes against the Empire's soldiers, the Imperial Guard. However, whenever the Empire's Draconian Warriors appear with their dragons, Phil's armies will flee. The other army is the Alliance, commanded by Generals Sean and Jackson. The Alliance is a group of Woodsfolk, Giants, Griffins, and even the occasional Wolfmen or Plainsfolk. Their attacks consist mostly of guerilla strikes. Jack and Sean plan brilliant attacks, and Sean then goes to fight. Jack, however, does not possess skill in that area. And one more thing: the leader of the Empire goes by the name of Emperor John.

Well, now you're educated. Hope you enjoyed it. The prologue of my story should be out soon.
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