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RND 2007

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Red Nose Day. Dressing in red. Doing silly stuff. It's all fun.Right??? Darren thinks so. Nobody else agrees foe. R&R!

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Well Yeah So Heres A RND FanFic.

Disclaimer: The Saga of Darren Shan isn't mine. Twas written by Darren Shan. =O Shocker!!! I don't claim to own it.

For Bex. Yhuu Rawk Dawl =D

(Line splitting the AN from the Story =D)

Well Darren had done it again. He got his friends to something humiliating and non-vampirey. Well, they couldn't say no after watching a video on what Comic Relief does in Africa. The weren't human but they were still humane. Vampires used to turn a blind eye to human problems like poverty, world famine, global warming etc. but Darren had shown them that the vampires have to live on the same planet so they should do their part to help.

"Can't we just make a generous donation???" Gavner asked when he found out what his fundraising event was.
"It's Comic Relief. It has to be funny. And it's a fundraiser. So it has to be fun." Darren replied rather pompously.
"Well mine isn't fun or funny." Gavner grumbled.
"Darren isn't it fundraiser. To raise funds not fun." Arra pointed.
"You have something easy to do, Arra, Gavner and I have something that I can only assume to be painful and humiliating." Larten said.
"Painful???" Arra snorted. "Many human women get this done all the time and we do not find it at all painful."
"Well if ours is so easy yours is a breeze." Gavner said. Arra stopped. Hers wasn't easy. She had the worst one out of any of them. She had to die her hair. RED!!!!

(Line splitting up the story from the end authors note =D)

I know its short but whatever. Any ideas wht else I can make the rest do??? At our school theirs a slave auction, a fashion show, a staff quiz (the loser gets gunked), two senior boys are getting their legs waxed, theirs a red day and one modern studies teacher is getting their hair died red (gawn Mr Brown :L). R&R!
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