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Save Your Generation.

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They like each other?

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Chapter 4

Save Your Generation

Pete's POV:

After we played in the sprinklers Andy, Joe, and Patrick went home so we could all take actual showers. Once I was finished in the shower I went to Molly's room to do some snooping.

"Hey Molly," I said drawing out the end of her name.

"What do you want Peter?" She asked from her desk.

"So what do you think of Patrick?" I asked smiling.

"I already told you. He's a great singer and you guys are lucky you found him." She said not looking up from her notebook.

"I know that but last night, I was having an insomniac moment and couldn't sleep especially when you and Joe wouldn't shut up-"

"Pete, you were eavesdropping on me and Joe's conversation?" She snapped her head up and glared at me.

"Well you weren't very secretive about it. I mean you didn't even check to see if I was awake." I stated matter-of-factly.

"Peter you better not tell him a word! I don't even plan on doing anything about these feelings. Sonny and I just broke up and I don't even think Patrick likes me like that." She said looking desperate.

"Oh, I can find out for you." I said smiling evilly and walking out of her room. She screamed my name and told me not to say anything but there was no way that was happening. I want to know it Patrick likes her.

A few hours later...

"Hey Pete, you ready to work on some lyrics?" Patrick asked when I let him inside.

"Yeah, lets head downstairs." I said walking through the kitchen towards the basement.

"Hey Molly," Patrick said when we passed her.

"Hey Patrick," She said smiling at him.

We got downstairs and set out the papers with lyrics and rhythms on it.

"So, here are some finished songs I have and here are just some phrases I have." I said pointing out the pages in my notebook.

"Where is your boy? I think I can make something out of that. Can I use it? I mean I don't write that much, but sometimes I just get inspired ya know?" He said taking a blank piece of paper. He sat there for a few minutes scribbling downs verses and choruses while I went over some of my material.

"It's not done yet but I've got most of it done." He said setting the paper down on the table.

When I wake up, I'm willing to take my chances on the hope I forget
that you hate him more than you notice I wrote this for you.

You need him. I could be him...
I could be an accident but I'm still trying.
That's more than I can say for him.

Where is your boy tonight?
I hope he is a gentleman.
Maybe he won't find out what I know.
You were the last good thing about this part of town.

"Patrick these are damn good! This is defiantly going to be a good one!" Oh man I wish I could have come up with that!

"Really? You think so?" He asked hopeful.

"Yeah man of course! Do you have any ideas for the melody?" I asked getting excited.

"Yeah, I was thinking of something like this." He said picking up the guitar and playing a tune.

"That's awesome! We defiantly have to get Molly to hear this one once it's all good and done!"

"Um...Yeah." Patrick said looking down. Wait. Was this song about her? No it couldn't be.

"So Trick, who's the song about?" I asked after a few minutes of just sitting there.

"Oh uh no one. You don't know her." He stuttered.

"Patrick, I know just about every girl that's 'in'. I most likely know her." I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"No, I don't think you do." He said looking away.

"Come on, just tell me. It's not like I'm going to tell her and embarrass you. I'm not like that. That's Molly's job." At the mention of Molly's name his cheeks flared red. "Hot damn! It's about Molly isn't it! I knew it! You have the hots for my sister!"

"Pete shut up! She might here you, you ass!" Patrick said punching my arm.

"So its true then. Man I defiantly need to hook you two up! This is going to be fun!" I said with an evil smile.

"Pete you said you wouldn't tell, so you better not!" He said warning me.

"Oh, I don't plan on it. I'll have my way though. Just wait and see." We worked on lyrics for a couple more hours and then went upstairs for a snack.

"Peter! Where are you?" Molly yelled coming in the house.

"I'm in the kitchen! Where have you been?" I asked as she walked in.

"Oh just out shopping. I got these really cute jeans and you better not steal them either! Where's Patrick?" She's beaming, something happened.

"Bathroom. What's up? You're beaming." I said.

"Well I was in Hot Topic and you know that guy that I think is like gorgeous? Well I kind of ran into him, literally. And he asked me out on a date! Ahh!! Peter I'm so excited! He's taking me to the movies tonight. And then were just going to hang out." Well so much for her and Patrick.

"Hey Mol." Patrick said walking in with a solemn look on his face. I guess he heard her talking about the date. Poor kid.

"Hey Patty-cakes." She smiled at him.

"Eww, I told you not to call me that." He said making a face.

"Well, then I shall call you Hat rack because you own so many different hats and you always wear a different one! And you shall be my new best friend! How does that sound Hat rack?" She asked smiling.

"I guess you could." He sighed playfully.

"Yay!" She yelled and ran over and gave him a hug.

"Well I've got to go get ready for my date!" She said running upstairs.

"Sorry man. I didn't see that one coming. That guy she's going on a date with is a douche bag." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Then why didn't you say anything?" He asked.

"Because, you don't interfere with Molly's love life. She gets really pissed off when you do. I hated Sonny too and they dated for two years! I knew he was going to end up breaking her heart." I explained.

Patrick's POV:

Pete and I gave up on writing songs and decided to park it in front of the TV upstairs. We were in the middle of an episode of Friends when Molly came downstairs all dressed up for her date.

She looked amazing in her tight straight leg pants and tight shirt. The shirt was short sleeved with a hood and had rainbow designs on it. She looked absolutely stunning with her hair curled and just the right amount of make-up. God, these next few months were going to be hell if she gets a boyfriend...

"So, what do you guys think? Do I look ok?" She asked apprehensively.

"You look amazing." Did I just say that out loud? Oh god.

"Thanks Hat rack." She said blushing. There was a knock at the door and Molly opened it to reveal her date. Well that makes me feel so much better. He's like the scene king, perfect hair and tight clothes. The complete opposite of me. She'd never choose me over him. Great.

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