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A Performance to Remember

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This is just a little one-shot I wrote a while ago, back when I hadn't even put up the second chapter of "Against All Odds." I figured I'd put it up, since I'm still working on chapters for my othe...

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I'm currently working on the next chapters for Dead on Arrival, Moving On, and, surprisingly, Lost and Found.

Alicia stood at the microphone, the fan's yells dieing down. She sighed as she got ready to
tell the fans her story. They were famous for telling a little story about their day when they got
on stage. She, Angelica, Patrick, and Bryan were glad that Ice Hearted Lovers had taken off, but
they still loved to be personal with the fans, and the fans seemed to love it. Their name came from
a joke that they had yet to share with the crowd and tabloids.

As they stood on stage next to Panic! at the Disco, she could feel her heart beating faster.
Panic! was going to be playing after them, but they had come onto the stage beside them, since it
was so big, and they were going to introduce them. She readied herself for the story of what had
happened in the dressing room and she could hear Angelica snickering as she thought about it too.
Ali mock-glared at her. "Behave Geli." Angelica stuck her tongue out, still grinning. As Brendon
stepped up to the mike, Ali got excited. "Well, we all know that your ready to hear not only their
music, but their wonderful story of the day, those never fail to make us laugh by the way," Brendon
said, looking over at them as Ryan, Spencer, and Jon joined him, "Here they are, Ice Hearted
Lovers." Ali grinnned as we all switched on our mikes.

~Ali's P.O.V~

"Okay, today's story is exciting." I clapped my hands and I heard Bryan say "Yeah, it was
exciting all right, you nearly killing yourself." He laughed and I stuck my tongue out. "Oh, shut up
Bry, I'm fine aren't I? Anyhow, on to how I nearly killed myself. See, it was all Panic!'s fault!" I
pointed to them and Brendon raised an eyebrow at me, while the others just grinned. "For those of
you who don't know, I'm a total fangirl when it comes to Panic! , so naturally, I was excited at the
prospect of meeting them. I was almost hyperventillating right before we came on because I was so
nervous. That, though, was the highlight of my day."

I saw some of the crowd lean forward and I gave a dramatic sigh when Geli told me to get on
with it. "When I had caught my breath, it was almost time to get ready, and since we had a few extra
minutes, Geli and I were sitting on the couch talking. We were chattering excitedly about Panic! and
naturally, we were boring the boys. Since I'm short, and I was sittng down, when Patrick turned to
tell me to shut up, He hit me in the eye with his elbow." At this, I saw some people in the crowd
laugh, while others winced. Bryan and Jon cracked up, so I turned to them. "Bry, shut up, I could
totally beat you up after the gig, and Jon, don't think I don't see you." I pointed accusingly at
him and he gave me a look of mock shock. "You, beat me up?" I heard Bryan ask. "Okay, maybe I
couldn't beat you up, but I could have someone do it for me." I answered as the crowd laughed at my

"Anyway, after he hit me in the eye, I stood up and stumbled a little, half jokingly, half not,
and of course, I trip. There's a cord I didn't see, and I trip right over it and land flat on my
back. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath again. By the time I had, I was rushing to get
ready. I got dressed, then figured, I'll put on my make-up. By this point, my eye has a dark
half-ring under it. I figure it won't hurt to badly, so I go ahead and try to put the eye-liner on
anyway. It hurts, I jerk my hand away and poke myself in the eye with the liner. Moral of the story
kids: Panic! fandom is bad for your eye site." I sighed, walking over to Panic!'s side of the stage
and slinging my arm around him.

"Just kidding, we all know I love these guys." Brendon put his arm around me too, grinning. I
heard someone in the crowd yell, 'kiss him', so I immediately scanned the crowd. "Who just gave me
an excuse to kiss Brendon Urie?" I asked, watching as a group of girls pushed one of their own
forward, laughing. I jumped of the stage, giving a few high-fives as I walked over to her. "You, my
dear, are my new best friend." I announced, hugging her. She laughed and hugged me back, glad I
wasn't offended or something. I hopped back on stage and looked at Brendon for a second before
pulling Brendon in for the kiss. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back. As we realeased
each other, I noticed he kept an arm around my waist. 'You make a cute couple!' A few people shouted
and Brendon's grin gave away what he was going to ask. "So, what do you think?" He asked the
question without actually stating it. I laughed and nodded, "Sure, I'll go out with you." He pulled
me in this time, kissing me again. The crowd was going wild and to think, we hadn't even played

Well, I should probably get back to working on my other chapters now.
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