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Sweat & Lust

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Sitting in a corner what will he do next??

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William was sitting in the room complaining because people someone said that he was ugly. On and on he went about that. Finally Fergi, Bored out of her mind, She walked up behind william and drippin a lil sweat put her hand down his pants. The room was silent. Then they started to undress in will's locker room. After a few seconds of undressing the hopped onto the coach in the locker room.

" what was that," exclaimed Fergie.

" nothin just keep going," will said

Then the door opened silently, it was taboo, He didn't say a word just started to undress himself. Finally without Will or Fergi noticing he walked over. He smiled as Will looked at him wierd.

" Wanna join," Will asked

" sure," said Taboo

Then they all started to get it on. The first twenty minutes Will was eating Fergi like shrimp fried rice. Taboo was having her suck him like a baby on a lollipop. Finally after both men came inside of her the switched positions and taboo got to eat out Fergi as Will had her suck him. Then Fergi got up and went and took a shower. Taboo then, still laying in the bed with Will asked him if he wanted to but he said no, After Fergi got out of the shower and left Will's locker room, Will went below the blankets and Taboo felt something jerkin him off. Then they started to get freaky. Now Taboo and Will have a great relationship and have a few circle jerks every month with some friends from the bars or the night clubs they go to.

(to be continued maybe)

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