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Animal Insincts

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A series of unrelated KibaNaruKiba drabbles which follow no particular timeline - some mention specific events, most you can make up your own time for. They are, generally, all fluff.

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Kiba, Naruto - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-09-24 - Updated: 2005-09-24 - 473 words

Type: Drabble

Drabble One - Word Count: 467

Inuzuka Kiba was not a particularly observant person, but he had always noticed one Uzumaki Naruto, even when he wasn't supposed to. And he wasn't supposed to notice Naruto unless Naruto had played some stupid prank (which Kiba had always secretly thought were hilarious) and was getting yelled at for his trouble. He wasn't supposed to notice Naruto unless Naruto was standing at the front of the classroom, glaring at his classmates and proclaiming loudly how he was going to be the next Hokage, so they had better look out. Then it was all right to notice the blonde, to laugh at him, because the rest of his classmates were - and a whole classroom couldn't be wrong.

But Kiba noticed Naruto even when he wasn't supposed to. He noticed Naruto as he sat in the back of the classroom, sometimes next to Shikamaru, sometimes next to Chouji, never anyone else. He noticed Naruto's snores as he slept alongside Shikamaru and heard him eat noisily during class in tandem with Chouji. Kiba noticed how, when Naruto was awake he paid rapt attention to whatever the teacher was saying, scribbling down everything in chicken-scratches - even if he didn't always understand the class-work assigned. Sometimes that made Kiba's head hurt and he wished he could shut off his ears. Kiba noticed how only Iruka would bother to answer Naruto's questions or explain problems to him. Kiba noticed how Naruto never complained about being ignored by his teachers, or tried very hard to get them to see him, and was silent during their classes. Kiba looked up without fail when he noticed Naruto's silence.

Strangely, Kiba most noticed the sadness in the otherwise manic grin that Naruto would always flash at him when he caught Kiba staring at him during those moments. And something about that grin made Kiba sad, though he could never say exactly why.

Now they were going on a mission together, to bring back Naruto's wayward teammate, and he was becoming aware of something entirely different. He'd smelled it when he first fought against Naruto in the Chuunin preliminaries, but had passed it off as something he was imagining. Now he knew better.

"Oi, Uzumaki."

"What d'you want, Inuzuka?"

Standing this close to Naruto, it was all too clear. "Why d'you smell like fox?"

Naruto stiffened. Kiba might not have noticed, had it been anyone else. "What's it to you, Dog Breath?"

Akamaru barked angrily.

"Akamaru resents that," Kiba translated.

"Good for him."

"He can smell it too, ya know."

"Good for him."

Suddenly Kiba leaned in very close to Naruto, sniffing lightly. Naruto's eyes widened. Kiba had never noticed anyone's eyes before, but he was aware of how blue these eyes were. He moved back and flashed an easy smile. "It's a good smell on you."
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