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Five Minutes to Midnight

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She's the best at being stubborn.

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Author's Note: Nope, I didn't die. Sorry about lack of updates, but my schedule's been really busy lately. Homework is eating me alive.

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concert alert to Chicago kids:
Plain White T's @ the Metro. 5/2
Hellogoodbye @ the Congress. 5/13


Chapter Seven: Five Minutes to Midnight

I've got the sickness, you've got the cure. You've got the spunk I've been looking for and I've got a plan: we walk out the door.
-Boys Like Girls

Jasper's POV

I made my way up the stairs and sensed stubbornness in the air. May sound strange, but it's just one of those things I had developed after more than a decade of knowing Emi. Reincarnation isn't something that I believe in, but I could swear that she was a mule in a past life.

I knocked on her door, anticipating a debate.

"Who is it?"
"Jasper. Liv was wondering if you wanted to come to Excalibur with us tonight."
"No thanks. You can go now," she called from behind the door.
"Emi, don't make me come in there," I said.
"You can't...I'm doing yoga...naked!"
"You fail to remember that I watched that episode of The OC with you."

I opened the door without bothering to cover my eyes. As expected, Emi was fully clothed. She was laying on her bed, tossing a ball in the air.

"Hey!" She said as I intercepted the pass to herself. "Give it!"
"Only if you come to the club with me and Liv."
"But I already told you, I don't want to go anywhere." She tried swiping for it, but I held the ball just out of reach. It wasn't too hard since Emi was only 5'4".
"Do you honestly want to bring in the new year sulking in your room?"
"Maybe I do."
"You can't be serious."
"Shows what you know."
"Are you practicing for a future life as a hermit?"
"As a matter of fact I am. I already made a down payment on a house in the hinterlands."

Sarcasm was definitely on of her favorite weapons. I sighed and took a seat at the foot of her bed.

"Yes, Jasper?"
"Why do you have to make everything into an argument?"
"Because I'm good at it. You're talking to the captain of the debate team, remember?"

And it's no wonder. During sophomore year, she wrote a 5-page paper that convinced our trig teacher into letting us watch a season of "The Simpsons." Relating Homer Simpson to quadratic formulas, now that was skill.

"This is almost too easy, Jasp. You're focusing solely on pathos-appealing to emotions- while I'm more of a logical thinker. Give me quotations, literal analogies...something other than your anti-loner let's-have-fun reasoning."

Damn. Now she's really in debate mode...

"C'mon, New Years Eve without a party? Even your mom and Ben are going out tonight."
"It's possible to celebrate New Year's without going out."
"But not very fun...Just give me one reason that you don't want to go."
"Two words: third wheel."
"But Pete's band will be playing."
"What makes you think I care?" she said, sharply.
"Woah, I'm just saying." I held up my hands up in defense. She sighed and began picking at her nail polish. "The kid likes you, Em..."
"I know...You need to tell him to stop wasting his time. I'm not worth the trouble."
"I don't think he'd agree."
"Well...then you can go to the club with Liv and make him agree."
"You and I both know that's not going to work...C'mon, please?" Emi didn't so much as acknowledge my plea. "It won't be as fun without you."

She still wasn't budging.

"We don't even have to watch his set..." Give me quotations, literal analogies...something other than your anti-loner let's-have-fun reasoning. "I just want you to end this year with some fun, instead of moping around in your room, watching Dick Clark and the ball drop." She cracked a smile.
"You stole that line from Seth Cohen."
"It got you to smile, didn't it?" She sighed. "C'mon. That was a witty quotation."

Faltering. She's faltering. Time to for the kill.

"Drinks. Music. Dancing. You know it sounds appealing." She sat, contemplating for a few minutes.
"What time?"
"Liv and I will be here around 9." I tossed her ball back.
"Okay, I'll be ready."

Emi's POV

"C'mon, Emi! Hurry up!" Jasper called from the bottom of the stairs.
"Yeah, coming!"

I stood in the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair. "Here goes nothing."

We piled into Jasper's shiny black Mitsubishi Lancer. After strapping my seatbelt into place, I rested my head against the cool glass of the window. It fogged up with the contact of my breath. I absentmindedly drew a heart with my finger then watched as everything but its outline became a blurred mix of neon signs and city streets.

It was past 10, and the place was packed. Still, we were able to get in. It's funny what you can get with a smile and the right shade of pink lipgloss.

Jasper and Liv quickly paired off, dancing with each other. As expected, I was left to fend for myself. But third-wheeldom didn't last for long. Making my way toward the bar, a guy pushed past, causing me to trip. Luckily, someone caught me.

"Sorr-Nick, hey!"
"Em, long time no see," he said, flashing his pearly whites. He wrapped me in a hug then joined me on my quest to the bar.
"One screwdriver on the rocks," I said, sitting down.
"Coming right up."

"The last time I checked, you were a senior in high school," Nick commented.
"Last time you checked, you were still making out with girls."
"Since we're on the topic of making out, how are you and Danny doing?"
"Pretty good," he said, happiness apparent in his features. "He's going to stop by later. We should hang out."
"Sounds like a plan."

Matt set the drink in front of me and I pulled a $5 from my purse.
"Don't worry about it, Em. This one's on the house."
"Thanks, Matt." I tucked my money into my pocket. Nick raised an eyebrow as I took a sip.
"Since when are you on a first name basis with the bartender?"
"My friend, we have a lot of catching up to do." I quickly finished my drink and got up.
"Mind if we catch up on the dance floor?"
"It would be my pleasure." He took my hand and we were off.

We danced the night away, getting a few drinks in between songs. He may have been gay, but he kept creeps from approaching me and he definitely knew how to dance.

It was about half an hour until midnight when the DJ cut the music. "Hey, party people!" Various groans came from the crowd. "Yeah, I know, I know. You guys want some music, right?" HELL YEAH!
I love you Randy!

"I love you too, baby...Today we have some of my friends performing, so please show them some Chicago love. I give you Fall Out Boy!"

Applause filled the room as they hit the stage. Even though Jasper said that I didn't have to stay for their set, I was curious to how they sounded. Liv was our resident music critic, and according to her, they were "pretty damn good." There were a lot of people in the club, so it's not like Pete would notice me anyways.

As they strapped on their guitars, Nick wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. "The lead singer is cute." I smiled and looked up at him.
"Patrick is adorable."

After they played a few songs, I agreed with Liv's opinion. They were really good. It was around the fifth or sixth song that Pete stepped up to the mic.

"I wrote this next song for a girl in the crowd tonight. She's the Andie to my Duckie...You know who you are."

Patrick reclaimed his place at center stage and they started playing.

"Walking off that stage tonight
I know what you're thinking:
'He stands alone because he's high on himself'
But if you only knew
I was terrified and would you mind if I sat next to you
And watched you smile?
So many kids but I only see you
And I don't think you notice me."

"The guy on bass is staring at you, Em," Nick whispered.
"What?" I looked up and saw his chocolate eyes piercing mine.

"I'm not the way you think I am
I'm not the way you think I am

The only girl who ever gave me the time
Was the one who only wanted five minutes of mine
Knocking boots in the back
How degrading is that?
I decline."

I couldn't believe my ears. For one thing, Patrick's vocal range was /amazing/. Second, he was singing about me.

When I looked up at Pete, running and jumping around on stage, I couldn't comprehend how or why he would write a song about a girl who treated him like dirt.

"That was 'Pretty In Punk.' Randy tells us that there's about one minute until the new year begins, so grab your significant others and get ready to lock lips," Patrick said.

"Speaking of which, I see Daniel over there," Nick said. "Mind if I leave?"
"Go ahead," I smiled. "Thanks for an awesome night."
"No problem." He kissed my cheek and made his way across the room. I made my way toward the bar. I wasn't going to ring in the New Year alone. Vodka and orange juice would keep me company.

"Ten!" Another year flew by...
"Nine!" Another year wasted...
"Eight!" I'm going to college this year...
"Seven!" Do I have any resolutions?
"Six!" Will Charlotte will give me a raise?
"Five!" Daniel and Nick look adorable...
"Four!" God, I hope Liv and Jasper aren't drunk...
"Three!" Shit. Everyone is paired up...
"Two!" Tonight was fun while it lasted...
"One!" All of a sudden I felt someone pulling on my arm. "P-" Before I could get a word out, his lips were on mine. Arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer. Caught up in the moment, I couldn't help but kiss back.

My feet were like lead. His lips were like velvet.

Pulling away, he looked into my eyes. I looked at the floor.
"Do you want this?" he asked, taking my hands into his. I glanced up and saw that he was sincere.

"I..." I paused and looked up at him. "I can't do this."

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